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What Would you like to know?

Below you will find the questions I am asked most often. I will
add more as we go along as a question becomes more  popular.

One of my favorite quotes: 

"Never look back on yesterdays sorrows, only ahead to the joys of tomorrow."

The Number one question I am asked is while chatting.

Question:  What are you wearing?

Most of time while chatting it's late in the evening.
I am wearing something very comfortable, and it is never very much.
To give you a nice visual view, take a look at a few of my updates,
you will see me in tiny hot little outfits.  A tank top and little matching panties.
It might be blue, pink, red or multi colors, but the style is something skimpy.
Now if it's Monday to Friday 9 to 5, I am at work. I am lucky I can get
on line and do some chatting.
What would I be wearing at work. Business Suits (Short Skirts)pantyhose
and heels.
Dress slacks with a sweater or a sexy top. Most of the outfits I wear
in my updates are the clothing I wear out and about.

Question:   What sizes do I wear?

Answer:  Dress - Small or size 7
                                Jeans - Size 3 or 5
                            Panties - Size 5
                  Bras- 36 B  well a little bigger then B, but  I like to over flow.
                  Shoes -7 1/2, but in pointy boots or shoes size 8

Question: Am I Bi Sexual?

Answer:  Have not had the experience of being with another woman.
So I cannot answer that question to the fullest.

Question:  Will I meet my fans and members?
Answer:  Yes, it is possible, but will only meet Members and after
                  I get to know them very well.

Question:  Can I send you gift?

Answer:  Yes you can.  They must be new and if toys in there
                  original sealed wrappers.

Question:  Do you do Special Request?

Answer:  Yes I do with in reason, and  members requests will
always come first. That's an added bonus for members.

Question: Why do I not show more in the free area?

Answer:  It would not be fare to my members, and there are
                  limitations and rules we must follow . You will see total nudity, hot,
and erotic,  and so much more in My Members club.

Question: Will I send naked pictures in emails?

Answer:  Only to members, that is the only way I can verify the age
requirements to view adult material.

Question:  How old am I?

Answer:  I am probably older then you think,    I am 100% Natural and the
blond hair matches, as they say the roof matches the rug or the
collar and cuff match too.  I am  50 plus,
                  when I get to know you better I will tell you more. For now
                  Sept. 1st. 19_ _

Question: Do you chat on line?

Answer:  Yes I do.  I have  AOL   erotic56sc
                                                 Yahoo  alexuslin
                                                  MSN  alexuslin
I also have a special Inst. Mess ID  for members, so I can spend more time
chatting with my members.

Question:  What kind of pictures are in the members area?

Answer:  There is a wide Varity of photos.  Very close up (Lots of Pink)          
                  pictures of  every part of me.  Clothing of all types. Sexy Lingerie,
Pantyhose, Stockings & Garters, Business Attire, Swim suits, Tight
fitting sweaters, Dresses, Long gowns and more.

Fetish Sets - Smoking, Wet Sets, Leather, Legs, Feet and more.

                  Hubby and I in action, Self Pleasure, Oral, Toys,
                  Facials, Bjs, Masturbation,  Alluring, Erotic, A bit of Kink and more.

Question:  Do you have Videos on your site?

Answer: Yes I do.  There are Videos in some of the updates.
Also more on the AVI's  and MPG  gold bars above.

Question: Do I sell Videos?

Answer: Yes I do.
I  have a Video Sale Page. With original Videos only found there.
Cum check it out. The videos are a large viewing size and all in one
long Video and of  Hi Quality.  Click here to take a look.

Question:  When did I first appear on the internet?
Answer:  My first apperance is right here the end of Sept. 2001, its been
so exciting and more fun then I ever imagined.

Question:  How many pictures are in an update?

Answer:   I try to keep each set
                   at least 100 pictures.  The free side shows a mild sample
to give you an idea of what the set is about. Along with a story
to give you a  better idea. Remember the club side shows it all
and will surely blow your mind. (GRIN & WINK)

Question:  How often do you update?

Answer:   I update three times most  weeks, and on occasions I add a bonus
                   set for members only.

Question:   Where am I from?

Answer:   I am from the USA and  Live in New York

Question:  Am I married?

Answer:  Yes I am married, now over 30 years.

Question:   Do I enjoy Sex?

Answer:   Very much,  and over the years it has gotten better and
                    better.    So Sex after 40 is good but sex over 50 is amazing.

Do you reply personally to your emails?

Yes I sure do, I reply to each and every email I receive. Your emails are
written to me and are meant  for my eyes only. I reply to each one
individually as they are all very special.  So you will receive an email written
for you and only by me. (Sweet Kisses)

Question:  Do you have a Fan Club or Mailing List?

Answer: Yes, I have Alexus-Lins Fun and Fantasy Yahoo Group.
Please feel free to Join. If you want to be on my mailing list, click the box
special notices.  One thing, since its an adult Club, be sure your
age appears on your profile so I can welcome you and approve
your membership.    Click here for More Fun & Fantasy

Cum join me and take a look around.
Click on all the gold bars, each one
goes to a different page.

Tight Hugs & Sweet Wet Kisses,