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"B.B.W.L.:  Big Breasted Wrestling League"

Are you a fan of huge tits, hot sex and women wrestling?  (Who isn't? *wink*)  Then I've got another great reason for you to join my site, an exciting new member benefit - original, x-rated STORIES that I just know will leave a smile on your face and a wet spot in your pants!!! LOL

Several years ago I took my first-ever stab at writing adult fiction, and the result was a series of short stories about the Big Breasted Wrestling League, a backyard bikini wrestling group for naturally busty women.  (Hmm, now that's my kind of sport!)  May have been my first effort but, trust me, you'll be reaching for a towel and some lube as you read about these sexy ladies and their antics on and off the wrestling mat!!!

These B.B.W.L. stories are ONLY available to my members, you won't find them anywhere else on the 'net.  Because of their size the stories can't be posted on my site (they range from 4,800 to 10,200 words in length), so upon request and member verification I e-mail them to you.  There's a total of nine stories that I've divided into three volumes.  Join my site for one month and you'll receive Volume I; re-bill for another month and you'll receive Volume II; re-bill for a third consecutive month of membership and you'll receive Volume III.  ! Or, purchase a 3-month or 6-month membership and get all three volumes at once!!!  You won't have to wait PLUS you'll save lots!

Here's what you get...

B.B.W.L. Volume I, Chapters 1-3

#1.  Wet & Wild  -  The Big Breasted Wrestling League is born in Laura and Rick's backyard after six well-endowed girlfriends discover how fun - and stimulating - wrestling can be.

#2.  Busty Brawlers  -  It's young vs. old as super-busty newcomers Tiffany and Marilyn show if they've got what it takes to wrestle in the Saturday group.

#3.  Dueling D-cups  -  D-cup dynamos Ashley and Erica fight in the first-ever grudge match, and the loser's reward turns out to be better than the winner's.

B.B.W.L. Volume II, Chapters 4-6

#4.  Primed and Ready  -  Sexy F-cupper Rhonda finds out first hand what's been going on every Saturday in her neighbors' backyard.

#5.  J is for Jugs  -  The League needs more mega-titted women for its new Heavyweight Division, so Heather and her boyfriend try to persuade their J-cupper friend Julie to join.

#6.  Clash of the Titans Pt. 1  -  Shy newcomer Julie tangles with resident bitch (and fellow J-cupper) Samantha.

B.B.W.L. Volume III, Chapters 7-9

#7.  Clash of the Titans Pt. 2  -  Heavyweights Julie vs. Samantha in a grueling, topless grudge match.  Can Julie possibly defeat the "queen of the mat"?

#8.  Double Trouble  -  The hunky new ref gets tag teamed by identical twins Brittany and Courtney.

#9.  Slippery When Wet  -  Rhonda conspires with Marilyn to give her husband the ultimate birthday gift.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Want a taste?  Here are some excerpts, one from each Volume:

Marilyn felt exhilarated.  Her blood was pumping and her juices were flowing.  "Anyone else want to take me on?" she asked with a triumphant smile.

"No, we're gonna go have some lunch and relax before we wrestle again," replied Laura as she and the others headed over to the pool house.

"I'll take you on."  Troy was standing in front of his chair.  Marilyn clearly saw the outline of his arousal, and she felt a sudden stab of desire in her pussy.  With his eyes never leaving Marilyn's bare heaving jugs, Troy reached down and removed his cock from his trunks.  It sprang out, stood up and saluted the victor.

To the victor go the spoils, thought Marilyn.  Troy's cock was one of the thickest she'd ever seen, easily over two inches wide.  She knew it would more than fill the job of filling her.  Without saying a word, she walked over to the young man and wrapped her hand around his rigid member.  She stroked it a few times as if to gauge its size before leading him into one of the tents.

Troy could still see his girlfriend's fingerprints on Marilyn's breasts.  He lowered his head and laved and soothed her sore tits with his tongue before gently massaging them with his hands...  from Chapter 2 "Busty Brawlers"

# # #

Rhonda met Sherry in the middle of the large mat and shook her opponent's hand.  Laura yelled out to the spectators that this would be an audition match and introduced Rhonda, who received a round of applause and some whistles.  The referee for the match was Steve, whose wife Diane was one of the League's founding members.  "Were the rules explained to you?" Steve asked Rhonda.

"Uh, huh," she nodded.

"OK, get down on your knees facing each other," he instructed.

Rhonda and her opponent were about the same height and tit size, but Sherry looked to be several years younger.  At the sound of the bell, Sherry grabbed Rhonda's arms before the older woman could move and pulled her down to the mat.  Sherry used her upper body to push Rhonda onto her back and then pinned her arms down.  They lay tit to tit while Steve called out a five-count.

Getting back up on her knees, Rhonda decided she needed to be a whole lot quicker.  The instant Steve said "wrestle," she grabbed Sherry's hands and tried to force her down.  The younger woman was strong, though, and Rhonda ended up on her back again, this time with her hands pinned above her head and Sherry's size 38 G cups in her face.  After the five-count, they squared off again.

OK, that didn't work, thought Rhonda.  Just then, she heard her husband's excited voice call out to her.  "Grab her tits, Rhonda.  Get her in a tit hold!"  As soon as she heard Steve say "wrestle," Rhonda reached into Sherry's top and pulled out both of her firm, generous breasts just like she'd seen Marilyn do to her opponent.  Sherry responded by ripping the fragile lace cups of Rhonda's bra and grabbing her tits when they spilled out.  The two women remained on their knees and squeezed and pulled each other's bare breasts while Steve called out a ten-count...  from Chapter 4 "Primed and Ready"

# # #

A concrete bench long enough to seat four adults was built into the side of the pool, and the twins pressed Dean to sit down on the bench before sitting down on either side of him.  The water came up to Dean's nipples, covering most of his hard, smooth chest but leaving his well-defined pecs exposed to the girls' view.

"So, what did you want to show me?" Dean asked with an excited grin.

"Our breath control," replied Brittany.  She reached underwater, gripped the waistband of Dean's trunks with both hands and wriggled them off his body.  She felt rather than saw his erection, and she wet her lips in anticipation.  Placing his trunks on the overhead ledge, Brittany proudly asserted, "Our breath control is outstanding," before filling her lungs with air and ducking her head under the water.

Dean groaned as Brittany's lips closed around his cock and slowly slid down and up his entire length, the heat of her mouth warming his shaft as she moved over him.  She gripped his base with a circled finger and thumb and firmly massaged the bottom inch of his cock as she sucked the bulbous head...  from Chapter 8 "Double Trouble"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Between these stories and the 16,000+ pics and vid clips inside my Members Area, you should have all the jacking material you'll ever need!!! LOL  Don't wait any longer, join today!

xxx  Sharon  xxx