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Inquiring minds want to know more about me my likes and dislikes. I didnt put my dislikes down but here are my likes.

Panties--contact me per my (weight is fluxuating)
Lingerie-- L or XL
Pants-- contact me for size my (weight fluxuates)
Shoes--size 8.5
Colors--I look good in any color
Extra tidbits I like--Love reading/watching FBI/mystery thrillers, unicorns, body paints, lotions (ID is my favorite) bath goodies and anything that makes me feel pretty.
Perfumes--Fire and Ice, White diamonds, and Ghost (found at Walmart)

I also enjoy getting cards and letters from you all. E-mails is best! but, hey some like to write me letters.
Also I accept paypal or gift cards (amazon, ebay, or any retailer) as long as they can be used here in Texas. (I do not have a po box to send items to so you will have to send me the money via paypal or gift cards and I will then purchase the item)
Anything received as a gift (pre-paid credit card, cash money etc) goes to the site. Either for outfits, jewlery, make me pretty stuff, props etc.

Here are just a few places I shop at:

Feel free to contact me for any other questions.

Love, Cajun