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FAQ Page

Some of the questions I'm asked most often:

Where do you live?

I'm a California Girl.

Are you married or single?

I've been happily married for a long time.  My hubby is my photographer and biggest supporter.

Are you really in your 60's?  You don't look it.

Aww, thank you!!!  Yes, I really am that old, I'm a genuine MILF (and GILF!).  I love where I'm at in life right now, I truly believe I'm at my best stage.  Sexier and hornier than ever!

Are your tits real?

Yep, they're all mine.  I've always been big breasted, I was a size 34 DD in high school.  They grew larger over the years as I gained weight until reaching their current size of 42 HH.  I love having such beautiful big boobs - but then I also love having such a big round juicy butt, too!

Will you send me some free pics before I join your site?

No, that wouldn't be fair to my paying members.  Besides, there are at least 15-25 of them at any given time on the Photo Page.  You can tell from my text what's on the club side.  Members get the real explicit pics - and I DO show it all!

What sort of photos can I expect to see in your Members Area?

All kinds!  In my 30,000-plus photos you'll see panties (including big shiny fullcuts), pantyhose, stockings, girdles, nylon and satin lingerie, bikinis, toys, masturbation, insertion, bath and shower fun, girl-girl, striptease, roleplay, outdoor, feet, spread shots, anal play, close-ups/POV and so much more.  And don't forget about all these curves I'm famous for - you'll get your fill of my huge luscious tits and ass in every set!

If I join your site, will I be able to see all of your full-length videos?

No, sorry.  Charms are limited to having videos no larger than 2.9 MB on our sites, so all of my full-length, full-size videos are on my SC Videos Page rather than on my membership site.  What I do have in my Members Area are many dozens of short vid clips including several of my sexy full-length videos that have been cut into allowable-size clips.

Do you ever meet your fans or members?

Just through e-mails, that's about as close as hubby will let me get to you! LOL  And, no, we don't swing.

Can I find you anywhere else on the internet besides Southern Charms?

Although my photos can only be found at Southern Charms, I do have another website that features different videos of mine.  If you're interested, please e-mail me at for info.

Do you smoke?

Not anymore, though I did do a hot smoking pic set (Update 25) and video ("Smoking Pleasure").  I smoked a total of four 120 cigarettes for the shoots and I didn't fake it, my inhales were real and DEEP.  And that was enough to convince me I didn't want to start smoking again!

Are you ticklish?

Very ticklish, especially on my sides, in my armpits and along the arches of my feet.  I kinda like being tickled, I think a good hard laugh can be as renewing and refreshing as a good hard cry.

Do you like anal sex?

Yes, if I'm horny and have been properly prepped. ;)  I also like to be rimmed - a lot!

Can I order some custom photos or a custom video from you? 

No, I don't do custom work of any kind, sorry. 

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