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Photo Update 684

When you see a hot older lady in the street, do you ever wonder what she is wearing under her dress? Do you have fantasies about her slowly undressing for you and telling you what turns her on? Well, I am that hot lady that may just be your next door neighbor. I just saw you in the hall-way and I invite you in for a glass of wine. After a little chatting I mention how warm I am and start to slowly unbutton my dress. Your eyes perk up and I can see that you are trying to see further down my dress. You jokingly say, "you do not need to stop, I do not mind." So I keep going to your surprise. I mention that I saw you starring at my legs earlier. I tell you that it turns me on to know that I catch you staring at me when you see me in the hallway or how your eyes will linger on my legs when I am wearing pantyhose or stockings. I have fantasized about what you would do if I got you alone and how far you would go if you saw me in just my underthings? So, how far will you go now?