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Bio Page

Tidbits about me. 

If you made it this far, then, YAY! I'm glad you are here.  I hope that I include some of the usual things about me that you may be curious about.  And, if your questions aren't all answered then feel free to drop me a line and I will see what I can do to answer them for you.

Ready?  Here goes.

Age: 52
Birthday: March 9
Height:  5' 9"
Weight: 294 lbs or 21 stones
Measurements: 46DD X 42 X 61
Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color:  This is tricky because I change it to reflect my mood or what holiday is happening.  Could be red, might be black, also could be blue.  Recently I have started looking at different colors like the pale green, purples, pinks, etc.  This could very well happen.

Clothing size:  Oh my.  Again this is one of those things that depends on how clothin! g is made.  I usually wear a size 26 for women's dresses or pants.  Tops might be about 22 or 24. Stockings tend to be about 5/6 X. Panties are a size 12 and depends if it is a regular pantie or thong, etc. 

Shoes: Tennis shoes are usually a 10.5, sandals are a 10 and pumps and boots are a size 11.

Food and Drink: I enjoy Italian, Thai, Chinese, a good steak on the grill and make my drink a "Blue Sky."

Favorite anything else:  CHOCOLATE!  I put that in ca! ps because yeah, chocolate!  Enough said on that.  T! hen, I e njoy makeup, hiking, reading, music, gourmet cooking, hot-tubbing, swimming, restaurants, plays, camping, gambling and gardening.

This list is by no means complete because there is much more about me then a few words on a page.  But, it will give you some insight at least.  And I do love to share so anything you want to know, just ask. Just remember to keep religion and politics out of it and we can have a much better conversation.