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Wishlist Page
Hello sugar and thank you for visiting.  Do you have ideas on something you would like to see me wearing or using during a video or photo shoot?  I would be very pleased to wear something that you have chosen for my next set and I would dedicate it to you.  Now, what I have done here is added two gift listings.  One list is ideas on things I could wear or use such as costumes, jewelry, toys, lingerie, stockings, heels, etc.  These are items I feel would look nice for a video or photo set. And, if you don't care for the ones I have chosen, feel free to find something you really like and have it sent to me or tell me about it.  Some of the items on my list are to dress up my nails and toes because who does't love a manicure or pedi?  I certainly do!  Gift cards are always appreciated because then I can choose the correct size and rea! lly make a nice photo a! ! ! nd video set.  

The other list is just the usual "I would like to have this." and ranges from anything at all such as games, jewelry, perfume, stuff for my home, etc.  Every now and then I will add something I think might help me produce better pictures or cam shows and that might be on the list.  And of course any attention or gifts are greatly appreciated and enjoyed by me.  I admit it, I love baubles especially if they are shiny. Of course, just the fact that you might have or are considering joining my site is awesome enough as it is.  

Do you enjoy pantyhose, wigs, lingerie, swimsuits, panties or shoes?  Send me an email! and tell me about it: 

Some of my interest in dressing up are:  COSTUMES and COSPLAY, STEAMPUNK SUCH AS VINTAGE AND VICTORIAN STYLES, GOTH, GLAM, ETC.  I have a wide range of interests and just because I am 50+ it doesn't diminish my desire to wear pretty much anything at all actually.

So, send me your ideas and if you do order something off of my list, please stop by and tell me about it so I can properly thank you.  



As always, thank you for stopping by and taking a look.  And please come by to see me as often as you can.  I would really love that! 


BBW Brenda Lee