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FAQ Page

1.      How long have you been on Southern-Charms?

I have been on Southern-Charms since 1997. I am having a blast and plan many more years of getting naked and nasty for my fans. 

2.      Do you do Phone Sex?

YES, I love it! It is very hot hearing a man cum on the phone.  I love to hear all the hot new fantasies from all you guys and girls! But I just love to masturbate talking about it! 

Get a membership to my page and call me at 1-877-KAYLA-4-U and we will get off together! 

3.      Do you actually cum during Phone Sex?

Give me a fantasy that turns me on too and of course I can’t help but masturbate! I love to masturbate, phone sex is a great reason to do it. 

4.      What is your video like?

My video is an hour long with six solo masturbation scenes ranging from shaving to insertions.  I do plan another video soon and also do CUSTOM VIDEOS.   Those are so much fun!  E-mail me for more details. 

5.      Do you swing both ways?

I love MEN! But, I find the women’s body very sexy and I love the touch and taste of them. 

6.      When are you available for phone sex? 

I do this from my bedroom.  I am in and out all day and night long, so I don’t have any set hours.   I answer the phone when I’m home and horny.  Please keep trying because I do answer when Im home and ready to have some fun. 

7.      Does your husband care that you talk to other men on the phone?

No, he loves it.   I come to bed with a wet pussy every night and he loves all my new fantasies. 

8.      What is your favorite fantasy?

I love it all.  I love men and woman and just can’t seem to get enough.  I fantasized about being with a few men and woman at the same time and having so much fun!! 

9.      How often do you update?

I have so much fun taking picture sets,  that I update about 3 times a month on average. 

Please keep sending me e-mails telling me what you would like to see…Love Kayla

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