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Photo Page - Issue # 77

Hi, this is my 77th issue here on Southern Charms and I hope that you like them and want to see many more. I had several requests for more panty pics.. so here they are.  Click Here to Order a Pair of Panties :-) Please enjoy the photos and take the time to drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think about them.   Enjoy!!!!  - Kayla

Fan Appreciation
Hi...I want to thank all my online lovers for a great year. I had so much fun and I look forward to meeting new people all the time... I'm now doing hot phonesex if you want to talk to me as you look at my pics. Its really me and it is very hot hehe. Call me at 1- 877- KAYLA-4- U....and we can talk as you look at my pictures. It is only $24.95 for a hot 10 minute call. Thanks  for all the fun times.... Kayla

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