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  Since you have been peeking  at my panties, just stay right there, and listen to your teacher. 

I love panties.   I wear them a lot.  Sometimes, you'll find me in my pantyhose with no panties on underneath.   However, normally I  wear panties.   Well, I do slid my panties down, and off when I masturbate or screw.   However, I have done both with my panties on, and that satin material never slowed me down.     

I love teasing with panties.  I love thinking of my panties against your body, or your lips.  

 My current FAVORITE panty is a satin full back.   I love that retro pin-up look.    If you peeked into my panty drawer, you'd find different styles, and different materials.  If you have a favorite, be sure to let me know.

Your teacher is NOT a mind reader. 

Email me at

Check out  my updates - I love wearing panties.  It won't be long before you are staring at panties clinging to your teachers ass.

Want to see me in a FREE live show.  I often show off my panties, before I masturbate.   Click here, and then check out my live show schedule.


Have questions?  Just want to say HELLO?   Want to tell me your slutty secrets?  Email me at  



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