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FAQ Page

1.What do the tattoos on your feet mean?

The left is trust and the right is beauty. Its loosely based on a poem by Keats.

2. How long have you been on SC?

A. I have been on SC since March of '12.

3. Are you ticklish?

A. Yes I am ticklish! My sides, Feet, neck well amost everywhere!

4. Do you do custom work?

A. Yes I do!! I love to Get you Hot and Wet and what better way than doing just what you like the most? I would be happy to hear all of your requests for any custom work.

5. Are you Bi?

A. Yes I love the ladies as much as my men *wink*

6. Are you married?

A. No I am not married but I am happily dating

7. Do you answer your own e-mails?

A. Yes I answer all of my own e-mails and I love to read all the hot steamy mail you send me so send me a message anytime!


I am sure there are many other questions that I have not answered here, so feel free to send any others you may have to