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Do you email your fans back personally?Yes I do. I love getting to know my fans and members, and what they would like to see. I like getting feedback and am more than happy to take suggestions into consideration.

Do I like anal sex?I love having anal sex. We have never shot a set of my husband having anal intercourse with me, but that idea does excite him and me, and look for it in up-coming sets. We are just trying to get the camera angles right. I am especially fond of double penetration. You can be sure you will see sets with different butt plugs and even an anal hook!

Do I enjoy oral, and do I swallow?I LOVEoral and and I love to swallow all of my hubby's special juices. I am not a fan of 69 though. As my goal is always to please my partner, so it's really hard to reach my own orgasm when I am focused so hard on my husband's orgasm.

How often do I plan to update?I will always update at a minimum of once a week, sometimes twice.

Do you have any Fetishes?I love buying and wearing Shoes and Boots. I also enjoy having my feet massaged and nibbled on during foreplay. My husband does it so well, he makes me cum during foreplay, I also love to wear Stockings and Garterbelt's under my skirts and dresses (with no panties). When I am not wearing Stockings and Garters, with my dresses and skirts, you will find me wearing my sexy pantyhose with them. If you see me wear pants or jeans, I will be wearing sexy socks with them!!

Am I dominate or submissive in the Bedroom?More on the submissive side, but can have a dominate side when the mood strikes me, or if I feel the need to show my husband who is boss!! I feel that a couples relationship needs to be kept spiced up, so neither partner becomes bored. I love to be tied up, blindfolded and flogged. You can be sure you will see lots of sets with corsets and bondage.

What are my biggest turn-ons?My husband, even after all these years turns me on like no other. I find a sense of humor and intelligence incredibly sexy. And you have to have a dirty mind, lol. Physically I love having my neck nibbled on, my nipples pinched and tweaked. Lots of kissing and dry-humping is so sexy to me as well. The things that I find the biggest turn on in men are their shoulders and their chests. I love running my hands over both.

What kind of panties and hosiery do I usually wear?Thongs and G strings, briefs with sheer backs, Pantyhose and stockings, and sexy knee-high and thigh-highsocks. I even have a few pairs of assless and crotchless panties. and sometimes I dont wear any ;)

Do you and your husband really do Strap-on Play?Yes, but it is most frequesntly used for double penetration, or ocassionally I get to use it on a beautiful woman.

What will I see on your site?Guy/Girl, Oral Action, Toy Play( I love my toys), Foot Worship, Role Playing, Strap-on Play. In my site, you will be the Secret Observer, that get's to watch a husband and wife, keep their love and sex life spiced up!!

Thank you for your questions!