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I have been getting some great fantasy stories  about me from some of my fans and wanted to share them.  They are really teasers and I have always loved reading romance novels. 

Do you have a fantasy about me you want to share?  If so send it to me.  I will read and enjoy it first and then add it my fantasy page.

Kisses,   Autumn

Afternoon Romp

Let's start our taboo romp with an afternoon in May. I have the afternoon off and I'm in my backyard when I hear a neighbor cursing. As I walk out into my driveway, I see you struggling to get a box out of the trunk of your car. You're trying to get your new color television out. However, when you bought the television, the people at the department store loaded it for you. You didn't realize how heavy it would be and that it would be impossible for you to get it into your house by yourself.  Seeing this damsel in distress, I walk over and give you a hand. I ask you, "Need a hand?" to which you eagerly say, "Oh yes, thank you." I pick up box, which is indeed heavy. You see me struggling a little so you attempt to help me. However, I say, "I've got it."  I then lowly carry the television up to your door. As I get to the door, the weight of the television starts to get to me.

You quickly unlock your door and I stumbled inside. As I lower the television, I almost drop it. My strength has been sapped. I'm out of breath, and you are still a little winded yourself from your fight with the box. You have a kind of sheepish, embarrassed look as I reassure you with, "Whew, that was heavy." You appreciate the fact that I am tired from lifting it as you say, "Thank you very much. We just moved in a few weeks ago."  I reply, "Well, welcome to the neighborhood. My Name is Mike. I live at 4341. If you ever need any help, just let me know." Not knowing if I am imposing, I start to head for the door.  Then you say, "Can I get you a soda or something?" It's only now when I realize how sexy you are. I was too busy fighting with the box before to really soak in your good looks. Now I start to get a little self-conscious.  I answer with, "Sure. I was doing a little yard work, so I could use a soda." You walk into the kitchen and smile back at me as you catch me checking out your ass. Your wearing tight shorts that show a little cheek. "Is Diet Coke OK?" you ask. "All we have is diet soda" you explain. "Diet Coke is fine" I reply.  You bring me the can of diet Coke and ask me, "So how long have you lived here?" I reply, "I've been here for a little over two years now. This is a pretty nice neighborhood. Everyone I have met so far seems nice. You'll like it here I'm sure."  You are getting turned on by me. Not only was I nice enough to help you, but now you are finding me cute. Likewise, the longer I am around you, the more sexy I realize you are. The sexual tension becomes apparent to both of us. You feel dizzy with horniness that you haven't felt since your high-school days. Your knees feel week and you give me that, "I want you now look."  Feeling emboldened, I make my move as I remark, "You know, you have very captivating eyes." You smile and say, "I like your eyes too." Taking that as a green light, I step forward as I remark "And your skin looks so soft."  

Then I lightly touch your arm. You look into my eyes. You leave me no doubt that you want me. My cock hardens as I put my hands on your hips and start to kiss you.   First we kiss on the lips. Then I kiss your neck. Then your shoulders. I put my hands under your top as we begin deep kissing, getting plenty of tongue. Then I pull your top off and unbutton your bra. I lick and suck your left nipple as you run your fingers through my hair.  Then I pick you up and lay you on your back on your dining table. I take my tang-top off and go back to licking and sucking your nipples. Then I kiss you lower and lower until I get to your navel. I unbutton your shorts and pull then down with your panties. I spread your legs and begin to suck and lick your twat. I suck your clit as you grind on my face. I eat you out for a few minutes. You get close to cumming. In the excitement, you roll over.

Your ass looks incredible and inviting. I kiss your ass cheeks. Then I spread them. Going crazy with desire, I begin to lick the rim of your asshole. You moan in pleasure.  Then I unbutton my shorts and take them off along with my underwear. I see some margarine on your table and reach for it. Immediately you know what I am about to do to you but you feel helpless and weak from your arousal. Our hearts and heads throb knowing that I am about to sodomize you. I smear margarine all over my hard cock and I carefully place some on the rim of your rosebud. Then I place my hands on your soft delicious cheeks and open them for my entry. I place my hard cock against your helpless asshole. I slowly ease my swollen cock into your butt as you moan in a combination of pain and pleasure.

With my hands firmly on your delicious hips I begin to stroke into your ass. It hurts a little but is still delicious. Then I take my right hand and place it in your crotch. With my left-hand still on your delicious hip, I use my right hand to rub your clit. You start to kind of enjoy your butt-screwing a little and you begin to meet my strokes by pushing your scrumptious ass back into me. I pick up the pace a little and soon the room is filled with the incredibly sound of your butt cheeks slapping against my athletic pelvis. I growl as I say "Oh yeah. Give me that ass. Give it to me." Not wanting to cum too soon, I stop the stroking. Keeping myself still inside you, I cupped your breasts from behind as kiss you on your neck. You arch your back and push your beautiful ass back against me to get all of me in your asshole. I go back to rubbing your clit with my right hand as I hold your soft delicious body with my left arm. You begin to grind your beautiful ass on my grateful cock. You grind harder and harder. Soon your incredible ass is twitching back and forth on me and it feels like you're about to rip my cock off. Then you can't take it any longer as you lose yourself and whimper,

"Ooooh! Ooooh shit! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!" as you cum.  Feeling you cum, I go insane with desire. I lean you back over the table as you brace for me. I place a death-grip on those luscious hips of yours and begin to stroke myself into you harder and harder from behind without mercy. In a devilish tone I mutter, "Oh yeah damnit! I'm going to screw the shit out of your ass now!". You whimper as I slam into your asshole over and over again. The power of my strokes moves the dining table a few times. Then I can't take it anymore. My body tenses up as I lose it. I call out, "Oooh!

Ohhh baby! Ohhh!" and spray buckets of my hot cum up your delicious butt-hole.  We try to catch our breath as now we're both exhausted and spent from our incredibly erotic and taboo screwfest. Then we hear the sound of your garage door opener. Your husband is home. In unison we both say, "Oh shit!". I grab my clothes and head out the back as you get dressed. I say, "I'll see you around!" as I leave.   I hope you enjoyed that.



We are sitting at a picnic table in the middle of nowhere. We are having a picnic lunch that you prepared; fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans and iced tea. the food is delicious and we are having a wonderful conversation. It is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the temperature is approaching 80 and there a few big fluffy clouds floating by. As I am eating I can't keep my eyes off of you Autumn. You look so pretty today; beautiful hair and those sexy eyes; dressed in your white top and jean shorts. As we finish off the food you ask me if I am ready for dessert.

I look around, but I don't see anything resembling dessert. We clear off the table putting away the leftovers and throwing away our paper plates and napkins. "It is now time for dessert" you say. "I don't see any pies, cakes or cookies Autumn." "I have a special dessert for you Don." You stand up and begin to pull off your white top, Underneath are those magnificent breasts of yours. You then reach down and unsnap your shorts lowering them slowly down to your ankles before stepping out of them. You are wearing pretty white lacey panties. Your slide a hand inside the waistband and slowly lower them also removing your panties. Standing before me is a very sexy, very naked woman! I am so stunned that I can't say a word. You are gorgeous! You walk over to the picnic table and sit on the edge. "C'mon over Don, it is time for your dessert." Your legs are spread and your hand is slowly beginning to rub your twat. My legs are like rubber, but I manage to walk over to the picnic table. You reach out and pull me close . . we press our lips together in a passionate kiss. Our tongues dancing together. I kiss the nape of your neck . . my tongue licking it's way down to those wonderful breasts of yours.

I reach out and fondle your breasts . . lightly squeezing them in my hands . . gently pinching your nipples. My lips are drawn to your nipples . . licking them, sucking them, lightly nibbling on them. You are running your hands thru my hair. My kisses make their way down to your belly button where I pause a moment or two. My tongue circles your belly button . . teasing you . . my tongue sneaks into your round belly button making you giggle. I fall to my knees in front of you as my tongue makes it's way down. Stopping just short I begin to kiss the backs of your knees. My kisses make the way up your legs . . your thighs . . up to the creamy insides of your thighs. I look up and you have your head back . . a big smile is on your face. I can tell that you are enjoying my dessert as much as I am. My tongue finally reaches your twat . . your lips have begun to swell revealing the sweet pinkness inside. I run my tongue up and down your swollen lips. Your clit has begun to peek out from under it's hood. I slowly flick my tongue at it which makes you moan in pleasure. I begin to ever so gently nibble on it. Your legs are now on my shoulders and beginning to wrap themselves around my neck. I reach up and with one hand I spread those lips even wider and my tongue works it's way inside you.

With my other hand I begin to gently rub your clit with my fingers. I can tell that you are about to cum now. Your legs tighten around me drawing me in closer to you. Your breathing becomes heavy and your body begins to twitch. Your moaning becomes louder and just then your orgasm hits. My face is covered with your delicious juices. My tongue is drinking in all that it can. It seems like minutes before your orgasm begins to subside. I stand back up and our lips meet once again. You can taste your sweet nectar on my lips. You reach down and unbuckle my belt, unzip my jean shorts and drop them to my feet. Your hands slide inside my underwear pulling them down also. My penis is very hard and pointing at you. Taking it in your hands you begin to stroke me up and down, up and down while our lips are still locked together. My penis is rubbing against your twat lips wanting desperately to be inside you. As we break our kiss you hop off the picnic table, turn around and lean over the table with your breasts pressed against the tabletop.

I look down and there is this most fantastic ass staring at me. Oh Autumn, it is so inviting. "C'mon Don, now it's time to finish off your dessert!" I place my hands on those wonderful ass cheeks, squeezing them in my hands, giving them a playful little slap. Spreading your cheeks I can feel your wet twat. I place my hard cock between those cheeks and against your sweet twat lips. My cock slides right in and, oh Autumn, it feels so good! Your twat almost draws me in deeper. Slowly I begin to pump away at your twat . . burying my cock all the way in your twat until my balls are against your ass. Then pulling almost all the way out and pushing back in once again. In and out . . in and out . . in and out . . oh my, this feels so good. We are both moaning and breathing hard. Then just as I am about to cum . . . I hear a noise outside and I am quickly brought back to reality. The sexy Autumn is only a picture on my PC monitor. It was all just a daydream. The only thing that is real is my hard cock. I am left to deal with it alone. I reach down and begin to stroke myself trying to recapture the feeling that I dreamt about only a minute ago. It isn't long before I have an orgasm . . if only I hadn't woken up for another few minutes!!

Your Feet

i slip up behind you except in my fantasy you're not wearing your panties, i begin fingering your nice shaved twat(my favorite). and i sit down behind you and i slide my hard cock up you ass and you begin to move up and down while at the same time the vaccuum cleaner is vibrating your twat and your clit. after several minutes we both cumm at the same time. i shoot my hot load up your ass. i lay you down on the floor and i start licking the soles of your sexy feet. i have a foot fetish and your feet are so beautiful. after i lick them you start giving me a foot job and i shoot my hot load all over your feet. then i do what really turns me on and i lay you down on the bed and tie you down and i tickle your bare feet . you lay there giggling and laughing and sqirming but you can't get away. i'm jacking off while i tickle your feet and i shoot my hot cumm all over your toes again.

A Christmas Fantasy

It had been a very busy few weeks leading up to Christmas. There were parties, shopping, making plans. Finally the holiday had come. I was lying in bed on Christmas Eve exhausted from the last minute running around. I knew sleep would come quickly tonight. Just as I was drifting off I heard a noise coming from my living room. It was brief and then it stopped. A few seconds later I heard it again. It was sort of a rustling noise. I decided to get up and investigate. I quietly and cautiously approached the living room. I could see the soft glow of my Christmas tree lights. I could have sworn that I turned them off before going to bed. I peeked around the corner and there was something or should I say someone under the tree with the unopened presents! It appeared to be a woman. She was dressed in red lingerie. She had on a lacy red bra with matching panties, garters and stockings! She looked so beautiful and sexy lying under my tree. Who was she and why was she here? "Hello Don," she cooed seductively. "Santa decided that since you had been a good boy all year he would bring you a special gift this year." "I . . . I . . . " I stammered. "I haven’t gotten a gift from Santa in years and years." The young woman said, "Then you were way over due. Come on over here and let’s get to know each other." I pinched myself to make sure I was awake. Yes, it was real. I knelt down in my pajamas beside this sexy seductress. "What is your name? I asked. "My name is Autumn" she whispered. She had the quiet soothing voice of a nightingale. As I sat down beside her she took my hands, leaned in and gave me a kiss. Her lips were so sweet. I had never tasted anything quite like them before. She leaned back, tossed her hair to the side, smiled and said, "I am yours for the night Don. I will do anything you ask. There is one stipulation though." My heart skipped a beat. What could it be? "At the crack of dawn,’" she said, "I must return to Santa. Until then I am all yours Don." I couldn’t believe my ears. I hadn’t believed in Santa in many years. But sitting beside me was this beautiful woman. She was so sexy dressed in the red lingerie! I began to feel myself getting aroused even more. I reached out, took her in my arms and kissed her. This time it wasn’t just a quick peck like before. Our lips were drawn together. Our tongues intertwined as we slipped in and out of each other’s mouth. "Oh Autumn, Autumn," I moaned. "What did I ever do to deserve this?" "You have been a good boy Don. Now let me pleasure you this evening. Would you like me to do a strip tease for you?" "Oh, yes Autumn! Please!" I begged. She slowly stood up and unhooked the stockings from her garter belt. She very slowly rolled her stocking down one leg and then the other. I could tell she had done this before because she was very good at it. She was really turning me on. I looked down and there was a growing bulge in my pajama bottoms. Then Autumn removed the garter belt letting it fall to the carpet. She stood before in dressed only in a red bra and panties. Bathed in the glow of the Christmas tree lights she was a vision, a true goddess! "Don, would you like to remove the rest for me?" She didn’t have to ask twice! I reached up a slipped my fingers inside the waistband of her lacey red panties. Slowly I slid them down her shapely legs until I reached her ankles. She stepped out of her panties. I stood up as she turned around. I looked down and she had the most magnificent ass! So round and sweet! I put my hands on her ass massaging her cheeks before slowly making my way up to her bra. I unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor joining the stockings, garter and panties. She turned slowly and she had the most wonderful pair breasts! So sweet and begging to be caressed and suckled. I removed my pajama tops as Autumn slowly slid down the bottoms. My cock was hard by now and it sprang from my pajama bottoms as Autumn removed them. She squealed with delight. I pulled her in to me and held her close. Our lips met once again in a long passionate kiss. Our naked bodies were pressed together tightly. I could feel the warmth and softness of her silky skin. She had her arms around my neck and I had my arms around her waist as we continued kissing. This was too good to be true! Oh thank you Santa! Thank you! Autumn then dropped to her knees before me. She took my hard cock in her delicate hand and began to slowly stroke it up and down. It felt so wonderful and soon I felt that I was about to cum. "Don’t worry Don," said Autumn. "You can cum whenever you want tonight. You will have the capability of multiple orgasms if you wish!" "Wow" I thought. No need conserving myself then. I felt that wonderful feeling welling up deep inside me. Soon I could take it no more and my cock spewed forth its first load of cum all over Autumn’s hand. She giggled and began licking my cum off her hand until she had every drop. She turned her attention back to my cock. Taking it into her mouth she began to suck and lick on the purple head and in no time I was hard again! I don’t know how that happened so fast, but who was I to complain. She licked my cock up one side and down the other. Taking my balls in her hands she paid special attention to them rolling them gently between her fingers before kissing them and giving them a nice tongue bath. Autumn licked her way back up my cock and slowly slid it inside her warm and waiting mouth. Oh my, it felt so good as she sucked on it and ran my cock up and down her tongue! Slowly she sucked my in cock deeper and deeper until her lips were against me. She had deep throated me! I had never had this done before and my gosh it was so terrific! Autumn was correct. It wasn’t long before I came again this time shooting jet after jet of warm cum down her throat! She sucked every drop of cum out of me. "Oh Autumn, let me go down on you now." "No, Don, I am here to pleasure you tonight." "But Autumn, it would give me great pleasure to make you cum." "MMMMMM OK Don. What ever you want." She lay down spread her legs wide as I positioned myself between them. Her twat was already wet with her sweet juices. I began to lick up and down her swelling lips. She was delicious! She began to lowly moan as I licked and sucked on her twat. Her clit began to peek out from under its hood. My tongue went to it as I gently flicked at it . My fingers started to explore her twat. Autumn wrapped her legs around my back as I continued fingering her and nibbling at her clit. I felt her body begin to shake as she was close to cumming. Her legs tightened their grip on me and she began to shake almost uncontrollably. Suddenly she came. Her juices flowed covering my face. Her juices were so delicious. I tried to drink in as much as I could. As her orgasm began to subside I looked up and she had a big smile on her face. "Oh Don. That was so good! What an orgasm! Your are so good at eating twat!" "Thank you Autumn. Are you ready for me to screw you now?" "Oh yes, Don! I want it now! Please!" I repositioned myself with my cock lying against her soaked twat. Slowly I slid my hard cock inside Autumn’s wet tight twat. Her twat almost seemed to draw me in. Oh my, it felt so good! I began to slowly pump in and out of her sweet twat. In and out . . . in and out . . . in and out! I looked up at Autumn. She had a big smile on her face as I screwed her. She reached down and started fingering her clit as we continued. It wasn’t long before I got that feeling again. I began to cum again and almost on cue Autumn had another orgasm. I shot another load of cum deep inside her twat. The walls of her twat were contracting and literally milking my cock of cum. I leaned down and kissed her. I rolled over and held her in my arms with my shrinking cock still inside her. We kissed and just held each other close. Autumn was right. I was able to get hard several more times that night and we screwed in several different positions. She even let me screw her ass and cum all over her ass cheeks! We were exhausted, holding each tight, looking into each other’s eyes, kissing with great passion when I heard the clock in the other room chiming. It was 6:00. Where had the night gone? "I am sorry Don, but it time for me to go now." "Oh Autumn, please stay!" "I wish I could Don, but I have to go. Those are the rules. Close your eyes now." I didn’t want to, but I knew that I had too. I turned my back and closed my eyes . . . wishing with all my heart that Autumn would stay. When I turned around she was gone. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. Had this all been a dream? After all there is no Santa Claus. I started to go back to bed. As I turned I noticed something on the floor. It was a pair of red stockings, a garter belt, panties and a bra!

The Music Plays on

Last night I had an other dream about you. We are both in a room, the music is loud.

As you unbutton your blouse, you watch me.  I am nodding and smiling .  Next your skirt.  Pantyhose.  You fake it by slithering around on your back.  To save time, you pull your panties off at the same time.  Your bare twat is pointing right at me. When your bra is off, you toss it to me.

Your date has my face within reach.  You kiss me, then swing around and, on hands and knees, shove your ass in my face.  I grab your ass cheeks to hold you.I stick my tongue inside your twat.  Ooooooo.  You flip over and bring your knees way back.  I lean over and start licking your clit.  And I stick a finger deep inside your twat. 

I stand up and open my pants.  my cock looks beautiful.  But you don't get to see it for long.  I climb up over you on my hands and knees.  my legs push  yours apart.  I come over and squeezes your tits.My lips start sucking on your tits.  Then, I kiss you thoroughly on the mouth.  you feel my cock push deep inside you. Our hips push and buck and screw.  The music is very loud in my ears, and you start your orgasm just as the music hits its peak.

You feel my hot cum spurt inside you at the same time.  The music stops.