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Age: 60+

Birthday: March 9

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 267 lbs

Measurements app. 46D X 44 X 60

Eyes: Brown

Beaded Silver, but on occasion I dye my hair and wear sexy wigs

This is because I decided on a whim to shave my head on my Birthday in 2018, It felt liberating, and because I am so lazy. No brushing.

UNSHAVEN  - Want to explore a Brazilian one of these days.

I enjoy and indulge in gourmet cooking both eating and the cooking part.

Italian, Thai, Chinese foods are my favorites, however, if there is a good piece of meat on the grill I am so down for that.

Comic Cons!


I do not drink very often. And, if I do drink at all, it may be a wine or a very light drink, with something pretty in it, like fruit, an umbrella, or a crazy straw.

I have never done this, but I want to drink a mixed drink from a coconut, standing on a sandy beach with clear blue and tranquil waves splashing at my feet. I am thinking Thailand.

These things might be on my Bucket List and most definitely on my To-Do List:


         Spend the night in an alleged haunted castle. There are no ghosts, but how exciting for me to be able to say these words,"What was that?" or "Did you just feel that?"

         I want to wave at the camera while standing by the "Sexy Sex Bar" in Thailand.

         Swim along side a whale shark. Not touching it because it is against the law, but desperately wishing I could be Aquaman just for one moment.

         Scuba dive the reefs in Australia. Still wishing I was Aquaman.

         Visit all 50 states, eh, some of the states may be coming off of the list. Oh, Behave!

         I would like to interview a vampire

         I want to wave at the camera during rush hour at Shibuya Crossing, Because this means I would be in Freaking JAPAN! Then, I am going to eat at vending machines and buy strange toys from the vending machines. OMG, I can't wait!

         What is a "Shrimp on the Barbie?" And, can I get in on that?

         I want to explore abandoned towns.

         Be in on a real live sťance.