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Photo Update 91

Update 91 - I'm Back My Delicious Cuddle Boys!

I bet you thought I wouldn't make it bac? Me too. But here I am. And yes, I missed you all. It's been a rough 2020. No doubt for you as well.

Come inside and tell me all about your year. Whew!

I am updating my personal info inside so you can find out more that has taken place and why I have been gone so long.

Let's just say some health tolls were paid in full this year. You may notice I look different?

Well, I put on 25 lbs. No doubt by being secluded at home for the past six months. I love sugar so twinkies and ho's ho's were in abundance.

And, I shaved my head again. I let it grow out with all of it's silver glory.

Also, I am getting ready to shave the sides. Mohawk.

These panties were given to me by a lovely dish of a man last year and you know how I can't resisit my panties. I saved them until I came back to you. They are still brand new and had tags on until this very moment.

Another thing, I apololgize for the photos in advance. I am using that camera that "JC" bought me last year. What a sweet boy. Hardly been used at all even. But, it has been acting contrary the past few times I'veused it. I believe, and this is me talking, that I need more light to give me a crisp shot? What do you think? Same?

I threw in two pictures of the mountains behind my house. This was so you can have an idea where I live up North.

I'm going to be here @ SC for a while. And, if you signed up last time when I left abruptly, let me know so I can make it up to you. I can whip up something special for you.

You also may notice dark spots on my skin on different parts of my body. These were cancerous spots I had removed this year.

I had a tumor pop up, of all the luck, and had surgery for it about 8 weeks ago. Part of the reason I have been gone a bit.

You might even notice my eyebrows are gone? So much going on. So much to say!

I am thrilled to be back. And I really hope some of you will be happy with my return.

I will update you further in the member's area. Until then, stay safe guys. And stay sane.

Love you all!

BBW Brenda Lee SC1