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Q: How Long Have you Been on the internet?
A: Since April 2000!

Q: Do you Enjoy it?
A: Yes! Its been a lot of fun...
more of an adventure! But it has also been a lot of work.

Q: Is it You answering your emails?
A: Yes it is. Every one. Sometimes I may be a bit slow, but you should see my 'inbox' some days. And if i am not home for a day or two....scary! Some Email takes a bit of thought before I answer too. I like hearing your horny thoughts and opinions.

Q: Are you a dancer or stripper?
A: No... too bad. That could be fun too.

Q: Do you enjoy sex?
A: Yes, I do! I am an active one. Because of my websites though sometimes it seems I only get lucky in front of a camera. Therefore, when I have sex on film, it Is for real.

Q: Are you Bi?
A: No. Not even curious.

Q: What do you sleep in?
A: Absolutely nothing.

Q: Do you smoke?
A: I used to, from my late teens but I quit some time ago.

Q: Are you a swinger?
A: No.

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: I like playing tennis. We have a boat and beautiful lakes within a few miles of my home. Many long summer days are spent on the lake. I also LOVE soaking in Hot Pools and Tubs.

Q: Do you have any fetishes?
A: Not really, but I enjoy the Stockings, Pantyhose and High Heel turn on. There are many out there that have told me I have the legs for it and my feet have great arches too. I am not into the sado or bondage stuff.

Q: Are you on other websites?
A: Yes I am. I have two sites of my own. Plus I try to promote myself on many other peoples sites.

Q: What websites?
A: I have my own amateur sites Brandi4u , Footprint4U , plus another free site called.

Q: What else do you like to do?
A: Shop! I love everything from lingerie shops to lumber yards. My biggest weakness is 'High Tech' stuff. Keep me away from computer stores!

Q: What fetishes do you not like?
A: I do not do anal. Nor do I use objects. I do not feel sexy stuffing bottles or cucumbers in myself.
Give me a nice hard man and :0)~

Q: We have noticed change in you from your first photos to your recent ones, tell us more.
A: I made some big changes in my life, starting with my line of work. Then I had the opportunity to take much better care of myself. Eat right, less stress, etc. I even go tanning now.