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Bio Page

          A Little Bit About Me...
Hmmm, now do you really think I’m going to tell you that? How old do you think I am?
A small advice: I fall in that MILF category.

I was born December 13, 19?? !
So that makes me an Sagittarius.

Because I am from Germany you will get my height and other measurements in german sizes:
I am 168cm!
But I usually wear 4 to 5 inch high heels.
So that makes me seem a little bit taller.
For your information: I love tall men!

If you want to donate me a bra please choose one with a 75C-cup.
Donīt forget: German size!!!

Some years ago they wrote "green" into my passport.

I am your sexy redheaded woman fom the neighbourhood!

Sometimes I shave it completely bald.
But at this time, my muff has a small strip.
By the way: I like men that are shaved and trim as well !!!

Have you ever touched a pair of silky ff-stockings?
I love them all and wear them as often as possible!

Something for colder days but also of special interest in combination with thigh-high boots!
On the other hand:
Itīs a damned good feeling to get some very special parts between the legs rubbed through a pantyhose ...

Usually blouses, skirts and jacketts in size 36 do fit best.
Shoes and boots in 37.
And stockings mostly in size 2 or M.

If itīs warm enough I wear nothing at all!
I just hate panty lines so I wear thongs in colder times. Please choose size S.

Favorite Food:
I prefer Chinese and Italian food.
I really don't have a favorite dish.
But if Iīm out for dinner then chicken are in danger.
You wonīt believe: Iīm addicted in chocolate!

Favorite Music:
Itīs difficult to explain my favorite music.
I love to hear what they call "Deutscher Schlager".
You will get further informations in my prefered kind of music in the overnext chapter!

My two favorites to wear are Laura Biagiottiīs "Roma" and Choppardīs "Wish".
I love the smell Santos de Cartier.
Itīs my husbandīs number one since decades ...

Sports & Hobbies:
In my early days I started dancing.
And if you know the difference between Rumba and Cha-Cha you will know what I mean!
Hubby and me do practice two times a week.
On weekends youīll find us on the local dance-floors.
And sometimes when Iīm in the mood you can see me doing a lap- or table-dance.
And last but not least I am a collector in teddy-bears.

Favorite Color:
Blue! What else?

Sexual Orientation:
What do you think about a threesome?
I just love to play with women as much as I do men.
I love having both at the same time if I can.

Sexual Position:
Me on the top or having it doggie style or being spoiled with two cocks.

I would like to thank the Southern Charms for providing me with this web space. - Classy Claire