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Q. How did you lose your leg?

A. Car accident 10/4/92


Q. What happened that caused the car accident?

A. Driving by myself, eating pringles, hit a guardrail head on.  Careflighted to a trauma hospital with 5 feet of guardrail embedded in my left leg.


Q. How long were you in the hospital?

A. 1 1/2 months, taking 3 hours of physical and occupational therapy every day.


Q. When were you fitted with a prosthesis?

A. 4 months after my accident


Q. When were you up and walking again?

A. 6 months after my accident


Q. Do you wear your prosthesis or use crutches?

A. I wear my prosthesis all day and use crutches in the evenings


Q. How many prostheses do you have?

A. 2, working on a third


Q. What components does your prosthesis have?

A. Locking socket, hydrolic knee unit, high heeled foot, cosmetic covering


Q. When will you get another new prosthesis?

A. I am currently in the process of getting a new one.  I have been casted for a new suction socket, and will be receiving a rheo knee (computer), a flex foot high heeled foot and covering.


Q. Are you married?

A. Yes, happily.


Q. What is a devotee:

A. A person that is attracted to an amputee.


Q. Is your husband a devotee?

A. No


Q. Do you ever meet any of your members or fans?

A. I can't meet members or fans on a personal basis.  This is just a hobby,  I am sure  you understand.


Q.  How often do you update?

A. Every Thursday, with bonuses every now and then.


Q. Do you sell personal items?

A. Yes, email me at for more information


Q. Do you answer all emails personally?

A. Yes I do.  I usually respond to all emails within a week that they are received.


Q. Do you do custom photos or videos?

A. Yes but it depends on the content.  Email me and ask me!

Any other questions you may have that didn't get answered here can be directed to