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Home alone for Valentine's day, What a pity.  I thought to myself.  I hated being left home alone but unfortunately my husband was away on a business trip. While I was getting ready for a quiet dinner for one I looked at the lonely table I would be sitting at.

After my meal I figured I should take a quick shower before I settled in for the ni! ght.  I shuffled my way up the stairs to my bedroom to gather my outfit for the night, a pair of black yoga pants that showed my ass and my white tank top that barely covered my nipples. I grasped my towel and headed into the bathroom my thoughts still lingering in his absence on how silent the house could get. Waiting for the water to warm up, I pulled my long blonde hair out of my  tightly wound bun.  I ran my fingers through my thick long hair to pull out all the knots out as it fell back over my back. I slid the shower curtain back and stepped into the showers heat. The warm water felt so good on my body, the soapy bubbles are ran down my tits and  my stomach as I lathered up my long wet hair.

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