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"Seduction is always more singular

and sublime than sex"

In other words, the thrill of the sexual chase can be even more exciting than the lovemaking

for some people.  For others, seduction is an intrinsic part of the sexual process, not more important than, but equal to, the job of SEX.  Pursuit and seduction are the essence of  sexuality.  It's part of the sizzle.

Seduction is the indispensable open act to great SEX.  But it's pleasurable pursuit

that can stand on its own.

Seduction is a delicious game, more of the mind than of the body,

which has been well

been played by courtesans and famous lovers thoughout the centuries. 

These great seducers all had the charisma to alure almost anyone into their bed. 

Now not all

Seducers were attractive or handsome although they had an ora about themselves

that could make anyone they came in contact with weak in the knees.

One who is intlligent, well rounded, and has a lot of character about themselves

will be able to captivate anyone.

With this in mind I want you to follow me into my secret place and allow me to captivate you

with beauty, intelligence and a sparkle that will dazzle your eyes.

With each update I will make sure I leave you with something more to always come back to

and hope that we will be able to have many hot encounters together.

                         Love, Lacey Grant