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Let's get you started by earning a $100.00 Bonus!

There is absolutely no cost to you whatsoever to have a page on SC. In fact, once your site is live, You will receive $100.00 bonus! You will also earn money from people joining your page and purchasing your videos. You get a base pay of 50% of the total sales of your site and videos. We occasionally do contest that will allow you to earn higher percentages or bonus payments. The take home pay for the models usually ranges between $200 and $1,500 per month, with a much higher possible. We have numerous hard working models earning several thousand a month. The more you update, post videos and answer your fan email, the more you will earn. We process model payments each month on or before the 3rd business day of the new month.


1) All photos will be licensed exclusively to Southern Charms. The photos submitted to Southern Charms cannot appear on any other website.
2) Your photos must have a minimum resolution of 1200 pixels.
3) You must receive a minimum of 5 free, and 10 full nudity pay photos for each update. It is recommended you send more (40-45) as this also increases your earnings. We do not accept any masking or blurring on the photos.
4) Text for your pages along with bio information can be submitted via email to
5) You must send us 3 sets of photos to begin the initial start up of your page.
5) You must hold your ID next to your face when completing the model release, and the submitted ID must be high quality and very clear.

Once we receive your 3 sets of pictures, releases and other information, we will begin building your site. You will need to send a new set of pictures at least every 2 weeks so we can update your site a minimum of 2 times a month. Much more is preferred and also increases your earnings. You retain ownership of your images and videos, and we will remove at your request.


Please download the information on this page, please read it carefully.
BOTH forms, Model Release and 2257 Form, will need to be submitted before we can begin creating your page.
Screen names must be unique.
Go here and type in the screen name you were inquiring about:
Your screen name may not exceed 16 characters including spaces.
Screen names can not contain any punctuation, numbers, or special characters. Screen Names can not start with A or O
Complete the short form and submit it Online.

You may also email the form to

You may also snail mail the form to:
Photo Exchange BBS
P.O. Box 3388
Oxford, AL 36203

After receiving the above information we will begin to build your page. You may continue to follow the rest of the directions below to help expedite your page going live.

1. Send bio information like this page to (

2. Send the email address to post on the page to Note that if you do not provide an email address to be used on your page, we will use the one that you are writing to us from.

3. Add text for each page if you prefer, or if you don't send text, we will put up some standard text and you can change it later. PLEASE send all of this information to Be sure to put NEW GIRL IN THE SUBJECT LINE WITH YOUR SCREEN NAME IN IT. This will prevent the photos from being deleted or lost. Please do not use MS Word to create your text. Please use Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for Mac, we can not accept text completed in MS Word.


You may try our web based uploader:

OR Submit photos and videos via FTP: or are free download if you would like to use it. For Mac and PC users, we recommend Cyberduck. For iPhone or iPad users, try iTransfer from the App Store.
There are many FTP clients available, find one that you like.

SFTP Host / Server is:
Secure FTP Port 22
Username: newgirls
Password: new1029

You may get a message about TRUSTING the server on your first time connecting. Just affirm / Always Trust. The FTP server is Upload only, you nor anyone else can view/download your photos or videos.

Tips for using FTP

Once you are logged in you will need to create a folder for yourself. Make sure you put your SCREEN NAME as the folder name.
Click to go inside YOUR directory that you just and create 3 folders in FTP. Inside those folders you will need to create subfolders called "Free" and "Pay." You will upload your photos there accordingly.


Once you have uploaded your photos to FTP, You will need to send an email to letting us know that your photos are there. Make sure to include your screen name in the subject line and Legal name in the body of the email notification. If you do not send us an email address, we can not build your site.

Please fill out the Artist Release as well as 2257 Compliance Form completely. YOUR PAGE CANNOT BE POSTED UNTIL WE RECEIVE BOTH OF THESE FORMS AlONG WITH YOUR IDs. This means make sure you specify your screen name in the releases, Fill in all boxes accordingly, and type in your name in the E-Sign field if you plan to email the forms. Please follow the directions above about sending in your photos very carefully or this can delay your page being built.

If you plan on having a guest in your pictures, they must fill out a Guest Release as well as 2257 Compliance Form. If your pictures contain a guest, and we do not have both forms for that person or persons, your pictures containing them cannot be posted.

1) Please submit pictures you want used as your thumbnail like,

2) Main Logo, the main picture that appears at the top of your site

3) The background or background color

Send all to:

If you do not submit these pictures along with specifying the color you would like your text to appear in, we will use the default template for your site. Once your page goes live, you may submit change requests to us.

It will make it much easier to sort out your information if you put the screen name you wish to use in the subject line followed by the information you are sending in. For Example: "Siren Bio", "Fantasia photo sets uploaded", "Kayla email address", etc.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Please send all replies to this email as well as all content for your site to We do ask that you please be patient when waiting for a response. We receive dozens of applications and inquiries every day so it may take some time to respond, but we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

One final note that we can not stress enough, after you submit your first three updates, please send an email to telling us that they have been submitted.

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