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 I have been asked a few questions since my site went live. I'll be adding questions and answers, everyonce in a while, when I get really good questions. My goal with this is for you to get to know more about me so if there's anything you'd like to know about me feel free to E-mail  me anytime and I'll get back to you with an honest answer!

How did you decide on the name Realiti?

I am a regular "girl next door" with a normal life, probably much like most of you. When I decided to do this, I wanted you to get to know the real me. The things you see in my photos are a real part of my life. It's just the wild and crazy part of my life that my hubby and I have decided to share with you. We have alot of fun with it.You won't see me putting on a smile to do a set of pictures wearing something, doing something (or someone..LOL), or in a place that I don't like, I'm not into, or I'm not having a ton of fun with.....everything you see here will be....REALITI


Are you married?

Yes, I am very happily married and have been for 10 years. We are a very open-minded couple and do everything together!


What is your fetish?

 I have many as you'll see, but the one thing that really, really does it for me is feet. I love to have my feet pampered, my toes sucked, and my soles massaged and licked. I love it so much that I've dedicated one day every week to foot fetish updates. Every Friday is foot fetish Friday!!


Do you smoke?

Yes, I smoke Marlboro Lights, about a pack a day!


Are you ticklish?

Yes,  VERY!!! My feet, my sides, and my lower back are the most ticklish but if you do it right I'm ticklish everywhere!