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Shugar N Texas Sweet Brandy (SC2)

Next Date Auction is:

Auction Bid Dates: May1-May20th

The Date: The winner of the date will get an evening out in Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas. We will have a nice dinner and then go to a gentleman's or swinger's club or where the date prefers The date will finish off at the winners motel room for a photo and/or video session if possible. The winner has the option to suggest the type of photo session they wish to see if possible. And/or, the winner will be able to watch a photo shoot, direct the photo shoot or at my discretion, the winner maybe even allowed to participate in the photo session. Participation of sex is not guaranteed. My husband will accompany and act as chaperone/security during the date and will be the photographer for the photo shoot. This is non-negotiable.

Time for the Date: The date must take place on any weekend before May 22.

Location: Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas

Rules of Auction:

1. Participants of the Win-A-Date Auction is limited to men, women or couples (male and female) that are 21 years of age or older. Proof of age is required to be furnished prior to awarding the winner the date via e-mail or regular mail. A copy of the winners ID must be produced again at the time of the date for verification. If the winner is allowed to participate in the photo session with me with my approval, they will have to sign model release forms. The date starts after 6pm and ends at Midnight.

2. Bids must be e-mailed to  She will e-mail each bidder the current bid each time there is an increase in the bid. The winner of the auction will be notified by e-mail. All bids are confidential and no information will be given to anyone other than the bidder. The winner then must pay/deposit the first half of the winning bid amount within 5 days of the auction ending date. If the winner fails to pay the first half of the payment within the 5 day deadline, the runner-up will become the winning bid and the winner of the date. I will contact the winner of the auction via e-mail outlining payment methods. The balance of the bid will be paid at the time of the date by cash or money order. Or paid in full when the winner is notified that they have won the auction.

NOTE: When placing your bid, copy and paste the following text in the email with your bid:

"I have read all of the rules and guidelines of the Win-A-Date Auction. Under no circumstances am I to expect more than what is outlined in the rules and guidelines of the Win-A-date Auction. I affirm that I am 21 years of age or older."

3. The winner of the auction will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses to and from Dallas/Ft. Worth. Winner will also pick up the tab for dinner drinks, and cover charges on the night of the date.

4. If for some reason a conflict, misunderstanding or disagreement occurs, I have the right to correct this error and to straighten it out to the best of my ability. The person that wins the date is in full agreement with the outlined rules stated above and will abide by them. If the person winning the date cancels it for any reason, he or she will forfeit their deposit. No refunds will be given. If I have to cancel the date, a full refund of the winning bidders deposit will be completely refunded.

Note: For your information, the auction will be fair and unbiased towards anyone. The highest bidder of the auction wins the date. Minimum bid to start the auction is $600. I will not show favoritism, nor deny anyone the opportunity to participate. The auction is also open to non-members of my site. I do have the right to disallow a person or couple from participating in the auction if they break a rule or act in a way that they try to confront me for sexual advances or anything pertaining to sexual activity. During the date, if a person or couple attempts to take an advantage or makes improper advances, the date is immediately terminated. It's your date and we will have fun, If I feel an attraction to go beyond and have a sexual encounter that will be my determination to do so. There will be no refund on their bid.

Prizes: In addition to the date and the photo shoot, the winner will also receive a 3-month membership to my site, and an autographed photo. Prior to the date, the winner can send me any type of clothing to wear for the date, as long as it is presentable in public.

If you have any questions regarding the Win-A-Date Auction, please email Sweet Brandy at for details.