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Hello again. Well my husband has always had a fantasy of me being away on a business trip and ending up in bed with somebody that I either work with or meet while away. Well, his fantasy is about to become reality. I have an old friend that was a contact at a clients office. He no longer works there but we always had a flirty relationship so when I found out I was going to be visiting the client I emailed him to say I would be in the area. My husband encouraged me to start flirting again so I did and one thing led to another and now my friend wants me for dessert after dinner with the client. I told him we can be each other's dessert. This will be the first time I am ever doing anything without my husband and my friend has no idea how naighty I can be. I am so excited. This is all going to happen on Tuesday the 15th. I will let you all know how it goes afterwards. XOXO Sweet Jeannine