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Wild Teacher's Contest

A new winner will be picked each month.   This contest is MEMBERS ONLY.

 The June 01, 2008 winner is  Clark from Oakland, CA

The next winner will be picked on July 1st! 

 ALERT:    In order to win, you MUST email me at,  and say "ENTER ME!".    You only have to do this once, and then you will be automatically entered for the life of your membership. 

Here's how I run the contest:  Everyone who enters will be given a number. I will pick a number, and email the winner!  I will post the winning members first name, and basic location

Do I need to be a member to win?   Yes.  

Winning member will receive his choice of the following:

Teachers video cd.



The CD is full of video clips, that are not on Southern Charms. 

Panties or pantyhose can be unworn, lightly worn, or really worn.  I vacuum-seal my clothing items, in a thick sealer bag, so they are just as scented as when I slip them off.     I then wrap the item in tissue paper, tie it in a ribbon, and package it in a discreet shipping package.   

Shipping is free.   GOOD LUCK!