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We are happy you are interested in Southern Charms

You can have a page on Southern Charms just like all the others at no cost what so ever to you. You will need to submit 3 GREAT quality photos to us for approval. These photos are only used to evaluate the quality of the photos that you will be submitting. If you are approved then we will send you all the necessary information that you will need if you wish to considering being a Charm.

After we have reviewed your photos the photos will be deleted. We will under no circumstance post your photos anywhere at all. We will send you a notification after your photos have been received to let you know whether the quality of the photos will meet our standards. You will receive an email stating whether your photos will be approved or declined.

The photos MUST be taken of the model over the age of 18.

Helpful hints on photos.

1. Do not crop your photos.
2. Do not alter them in an editing program. We want to see the true quality of the camera you will be using.
3. We do not accept any models that will have photos smaller than 1200 on the long side. Make sure you send them in that size minimum for review.
4. Most modern mobile phones like the IPhone work just fine for your photos. We have some Charms running their entire site from just their phone.

Be sure to send your photos from a valid, working email address, because we will respond to you telling you why your photos have been accepted or declined.

Also put in the email your potential screen name you would like to use. We will not accept any screen names that are already listed on SC. Make sure you choose a screen name that is unique.

Send your 3 photos submission by email Clicking Here

In that email, please include a list any other websites that you currently appear on.

After seeing the quality of the photos we will tell you all the information you will need to know about the percentage split and the average you can make by being on Southern Charms. We will send you the information you will need to know on how we build the pages and the design of the pages. We will also send you the required information on the model release. After we send this information, please do not think you are obligated to be a charm. We are only going through a screening process on the quality of photos, if you are not interested after we have sent you the info packet then all you need to do is simply delete the email and we will not contact you further.

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