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Journal CD's Meet Me Journal Journal
Welcome to my journal:

Many of you have written asking a variety of questions and others have written some wild and wonderful comments about how my photos have affected them. I wanted to share those experiences with you right here in my journal:


Wow, fall is definitely here in Nova Scotia now. I've gotten all my yard work done and it's getting too cold to ride my bike for my daily excercise. 

Judging by my email alot of my members are spending way more time indoors and in front of their computer monitor cause I"ve been getting some great sexy emails describing how they get themselves off with my membership videos and photos.

Adrian tells me he draps a towel over his big ol chair, puts my pictures in some kind of auto viewer and talks the screen saying what all he'd do to me as each photo appears. He says he always purs baby oil over his chest, balls and on his stiff cock and slowly strokes. He tries to prolong his orgasm and boasts that his record is 38 minutes of stroking before exploding and he almost always hits the screen from a couple of feet away.  I wrote back asking for a time lapse photo as proof LOL.

Now ERIC wrote and sent a short video of himself lying on his back, legs spread so he could see the computer screen. He said he had my dildo video on which shows my legs spread, my natural blonde cunt hairs exposed and my pussy being filled by my favourite dildo. Eric's video had the camera in front of his head so I could see down his chest with a clear view of his very thick 7 inch black cock as he stroked fast and furious. When he came it splattered over his chest and on his face. It's wild to see a guy himself a cum facial.

My favourite was from Manni. He sent a photo of him along with 3 other buddies standing in front of his big screen with one of  my video's playing. 

The guys were in like a horseshoe and according to his email, they all came at pretty much the same time shooting cum on each other! That's a huge compliment guys Thanks so much!!

I'd love to read and see how you enjoy yourself!


Sad to see summer gone here in Canada so soon. Weather wise it was not a great summer. Work and house wise, not so much fun either. I have a leak in my roof that needs money to fix, and a very dear friend passed away suddenly.

I'm fortunate to have good friends, such as Lance my neighbour and Linda who still visits every couple of weeks. She has a new 19 yr old admirer, Kayla. Both of them stayed over last weekend. It was fun having an all girls visit.

If you've read my journal entries before, you'll remember Linda is tall with nice perky, 34c breasts while her new admirer is the opposite. Kayla has a tight short frame. She's all of 5 feet with short black hair, carmel skinned complexion and as I discovered when we all slept in the same bed, her jet black pussy hairs are neatly trimmed into a heart shape. Her breasts, full and natural. Linda made Kayla dive for my pussy and bring me off while she and I passionately kissed then Kayla turned her attention to Linda. Once she had pleasured us both, Linda instructed her to stand over us and play with herself until she came. We got to see an amazing show. Kayla moans, twists, until she bursts this delicious spray and it's a gusher! I wish Linda had warned me cause I would have had new bedding standing by. As it was, we all showered together, made the bed and got our pussy's licked once more before we fell to sleep. I enjoyed Linda and her slave several more times before they left. Write me and I'll tell you more. 


If you read my journal entries below, you'll see that I've invited my neighbour Lance over to my place for a few private parties so he know's I'm an exhibitionist and love giving oral, seeing guys jack off and that I'm bi!

Lance is also done a video with me which you can download on SC Videos! Even more important, Lance is a very helpful neighbour.

We finally got a nice weekend so I asked Lance to help me clean up my front yard and what a work horse he was.

We spent most of Saturday at it until I finally had to call it quits! I told Lance we should take a shower and relaxe inside. I think the rack in his hand hit the ground as soon as I said "shower together"!!

I love Lance's cock. It's thick, stiff and he shoots an amazing amount of cum! In update #384, Lance took a whole bunch of pictures of me but we actually took them after we'd showered, fucked and cum at least twice. Once I'd stripped out of the outfit you'll see in update #384, Lance was hard again so naturally I had to jack him off for this third cum of the day. Don't you think that 3 orgasms is just reward for a days work?



Spring is almost here! I can't wait. The fun news this month is my Cuba trip. Check out my updates later this week. I snapped some G rated pics of my trip to share with you.

Linda pops in about every second weekend so we still get our pussy licking in. Paul needs a good fuck about once a week and I'm spring cleaning now so I'll have to get rid of lots of old Lingerie.

What's up with you?


Here we are in a brand new year and after 4 fun filled years on SC I'm still enjoying showing off plus now I'm getting to meet many more members so my sex life is really enhanced now.

We've had a weird winter in Nova Scotia so far. Very cold one day, warm the next, big snow storms followed by rain.  It's made travelling difficult so I'm grateful that my lovers don't mind braving the elements to come and visit me. Of course they get their just rewards.

I'm also grateful for the gifts that members send, the kind and kinky emails I get from all over the world and now that business has slowed down I'm even more grateful for the donations that members provide.

This past month I got to meet a lovely, kinky couple who have been using my members section as part of their foreplay since October. They started off by writing me after each photo set, telling me how I turned them on. Then we flirted on msn messenger for a few weeks and finally I got to meet them last weekend.

Talk about pent up sexual tension. You'll have join my members section to read all about that though.

Linda my tiny breasted galpal was away on business most of the month but I gave her a serious homecuming when she got back. I met her at the airport in a braless, see-through tight tank top. We kissed forever all the way home in the cab. So much so that the cab driver nearly went off the road twice.

I had her favorite bottle of wine chilling, candles surrounding the jaccuzzi and my bed where we talked and kissed and fondled for several hours before retiring to the bedroom. I missed her so much. Her first orgasm happened just as I slipped a big black cock dildo into her vagina while gently rubbing her clit with my thumb. My tongue gave her a second orgasm and she came again as I fucked her with my new strap on! We fell asleep after several hours of wonderful love making.

Linda was fast asleeps upstairs when Paul knocked on the door. I had completely forgotten that I promised him a footjob session as a reward for fixing my washer the other day. The man gets a serious hard on when he gets to see me naked except for a pair of boots.  Especially thigh high boots. Anyways, not to disappoint and since he's met Linda before I invited him in. There I was in the living room naked, lying on the couch legs spread wide apart playing with my pussy, Paul hovering over me jacking off his cock while I talked dirty to him and down comes Linda naked.

She stopped for a second at the hallway staring into the living room the slipped up beside Paul and whispered something into his ear. A second later a huge spurt of cum splashes on my boots, my pussy and all the way up to my titties. Linda smiled, turned and headed towards the kitchen. Paul colloapse in complete joy and I was curious as hell to learn what she said. join the members section to find out.




Oh how I do love xmas.  Paul came over with my Tree and helped me set it up. His reward was me in those sexxy red latex shoes that he got to cum all over! He got such a foot and shoe fetish and I do get wet watching a man play with himself! Later that same night Linda was over and we decorated the tree. That took several hours so our reward was wonderful xmas music, wine and each other's tongues. Linda's beautiful tiny breasts and completely shaven pussy always make me smile and I just want to kiss her all over, so I did. We eventually ended in 69 and both had a very relaxing time.

The every next day Danny dropped in with two shopping bags full of presents and his reward was a trip up to my bedroom where I immediately dropped to my knees because he gets the most excited by my oral skills.

With two more weeks to xmas, I just know it will be so much fun!

Well welcome to my latest journal entry. I finally organized my costume party a couple of weekend's ago! I invited Paul, Danny, Lance, my next door neighbour who's been flirting with me for over a year and Linda my latest galpal. The wine, beer, music and porno's were in abundance but the costumes were rather skimpy!! The guys wore masks and nothing else, Linda and I had costumes on. I wore the nurse outfit that you would see in update #337. Linda sported a trashy G-String, fishnet stay ups and push up bra!

Once everyone got comfy with each other, Paul got things started by bending me over and just inserting his penis in me quickly and quietly in the center of the living room!!! the rest of the guys formed a circle around me and begain playing with themselves because they know how much watching guys jack off really does turn me on! Linda and my neighbour sat quietly on the couch taking it all in! Paul has this amazing thick cock which I've written about many times but it bears repeating because of all the men I've had he is the perfect fit! On this night the naked audience was very effective on Paul as he came within minutes.

Lance was nice and hard but Danny wasn't there yet and Paul need to rest up. So I thought it time to introduce Linda to the guys by whispering in her ear that we both should strip out of our costumes. Well that was all she needed. Up she got, put on an Eniem cd and began a strip tease like a professional.

It was incredible to watch. By the time she was done the first song all the guys were hard. During the second song, I got up and tried copying here moves and towards the end we both were bouncing our pussy over a hard on. I picked Lance because he was suffering a case of blue balls and Linda sat on Danny because Paul already had his firt go!  My neighbour, Bill seemed content to just sit and watch all the action.

Before the 3rd song was over both the guys we were fucking, came so Linda and I stood up in the middle of the room and began kissing each other.  We did a hot lesbian scene for the guys and didn't stop even after all of them had cum in their laps!! The night went on til dawn. I learned a few things that night. The biggest surprise was that Linda didn't mind having a penis insid her but she wouldn't perform any oral. I also learned that my neighbour Bill was quite submissive.  After way too many beers he took me aside and asked to taken to my bedroom, spanked and bound and gagged.  I did. In fact I just left hime there, so it was fun to learn I had a potential slave in the making and finally I learned that all my lovers enjoy each other's company so I think our merry little gang will be reunited more often because I was extremely turned on by our little party!

By the time everyone left around 6am I rembered my neighbour Bill. Still tied to my bed with a gag in his mouth and sporting a huge erection! Before untieing him I told him he had to please me with his penis and I climbed on top of him cowgirl style until he shot a wonderfully huge load. then I turned him over, spanked his ass red and commanded him to go downstairs, clean up the party mess and then walk home naked. Not sure if he walked home naked or not cause I feel asleep in my bed but when I awoke and went downstairs, my whole place was neat and tidy! This has possiblities, I thought to myself!

The following week I was pre-occupied with work and grateful that no one came visiting. It gave me a chance to rest. In the middle of the week, Linda did call and invited me on a formal date. She wanted us to get to know each other's history better. I agreed.  She has a certian glow about her and we have chemistry together so I was excited to go.

Dinner was cozy.  I wore a short black cocktail dress, pantyhose and pearls. Linda had on a cool red blouse and skirt with a provatively but not slutty, slit up the side.  We shared our past, our plans for the future and really got to know one another. After dinner and Linda finishing a bottle of wine we decided to go dancing.  My fav club is a gay bar so off we went. We miggled, pranced around, both of us getting hit on by some very butch girls before hitting the dance floor.

I had to use the washroom and as girls do, we went together. First thing I noticed were a couple of transvestites powdering their noses. Their wigs wer a bit off so I offered to help. they loved chatting about make up tips.  Linda dragged me into her stall and proceeded to kiss and fondle my breasts, she said she had to have me. but I really needed to pee. "Go ahead hun, I'll watch" and smiling, Linda lifted my dress, pulled down my pantyhose and in fact tore them right off me. Next she slipped my undies down to my knees and spread my legs so she could have a clear view of my forceful stream. When I was done she had wiped me me while kissing me tenderly on the lips and whispered in my ear what a turn on that was. Oh my I thought she is a kinky little thing!

Not wanting to seem prudish I stayed while she peed and couldn't help notice she wasn't wearing any undies! Guy's, I know many people are into golden showers and potty things which is ok by me, I'm just wondering what you think of that? write me and let me know

Anyways, after our trip to the ladies room, Linda and I hit the dance floor for some serious dirty dancing. If you want to read all the naughty details though, You'll have to join my members section.

xo Barb



Welcome to my journal.  I guess some would call it a blog but I'm not very computer savvy so this is a close as I get.

My galpal Linda and I have been seeing quite a bit of ourselves lately. She even knows about my SC site. Sorry fellas she won't go in front of the camera but she has been taking most of my new pictures and videos for me much to the disappointment of Lance and Danny who usually have the honor!

Linda has taken to eating me out while I watch tv in my lazy boy chair.  dunno why but she regularly just drops to her knees in front of me, lifts up my dress or skirt, spreads my legs and begins licking me while I'm watching the tube.

Danny dropped by once while Linda was in the middle of getting me off. He's an old friend and has a key. He just let himself in, heard the moans and tippy toed to the living room and began watching. Linda couldn't see him of course since she was buried in my lap but I did.  I just smiled, lifted up my top and began playing with my breasts. Danny, being the dirty old man that he is stayed, unzipped his fly and released his growing penis. What a scene. Linda going down on me while I watched Danny getting himself off. He did and quietly left.

After I enjoyed a wonderful orgasm I had to make an excuse to mop up the floor before Linda noticed all that white jizz !


Well thanks to all who wrote to say they actually read and enjoy my journal.

Sept was an amazing and busy month for me. Work kept me too busy but I was fortunate to spend enough quality time with several gentleman to help ease the stress. In fact I'm seeing a woman that I met at a dance.  We were there with a respective dates, got to chatting at a table, went to powder our noises and she hit on me. usually I'm the forward one but this time, Linda just came right out and said she was bi, thought I was every sexy and wanted to make love to me.

Well you can imagine how much flirting we did the rest of the night. We danced together a few time, even a slow dance which caused concern for her date. She told me her man had no idea, while I explained that all my men understand I am bi, independent minded and if I wanted to bring home another partner that's what we would be doing. Most guys I know don't object to 2 women in bed with them.

Linda and I arranged to pick her up after she said good night to her date and we brought her back to my man's house.

After a bottle of wine, Linda did a strip tease for us both and then helped me out of my dress. She's a lovely tall brunette with the tiniest of breasts, amazing  legs and totally shaved pussy. Her lanky legs were smooth as silk, her erect nipples stood out several inches and her should length hair flew as she danced around.  Slowly she decended between my thighs and with my  date watching from across the room, she brought me to an amazing orgasm.

the night lasted several hours and you can read all about it in my members section.  You'll certianly be hearing more about Linda in the future.



Wow, it's October already! In fact I'm making plans to host a Costume party at my place. This one will be a first for me. I'm only inviting my lovers. There are 3 gentleman in town who I date, hang out or I guess some would say are "friends with Benefits". Plus I know of two more guys from out of town that would want to attend. Just imagine me with 5 guys who know my body very well and each have their own special skills. I'm excited already.

I'm also curious to know whether anyone reads my journal or if they just hang out on the Photo page. So if you are reading this, email me now at and I will send back a 1 minute video that I know you will enjoy!!





Wow, it's been since July that I've updated my journal. Well believe it or not August was all work and hardly any play except when I did my photosets. My photographer and I almost always get each other other which is our reward for posing and snapping over a couple hundred pictures.

Dancing was the order of the day in August. I was lucky enough to be invited to several parties and I danced till the band packed up. The last party I actually danced into the arms of the singer, then into his car, then into his house.  We're still dating so I won't go into all the hot details, I'll just say when he hums I cum!!!

Sept is almost over and as I write this it is actually the last official day of summer. In honor of the end of summer I'm typing this on my laptop on my deck, topless because I know my neighbour can see from his bathroom window and it really turns me on to think that' he's up there jerking off.



July turned into an exciting month.  There was lots of sex which I'll get into in a sec, my business kept me very busy and everytime I check my SC site email I got such an ego boost. You need to know that I honestly enjoy reading and writing back to everyone, whether their just fans or members.

Of course when a member writes I got into great detail and we tend to end up teasing each other to climax either by email, messenger or webcam!

Anyways, a special Thanks to Bill who wrote "Just looking at you updates on Southern charms, and loving them. You are a very classy, sexy lady. Kepp up the great work. It keeps me up LOL."

Here's my favorite of the month from Dave " have enjoyed looking in on your pictures now and again - for a very long time.  I always think you are such a beautiful woman - with many qualities that just shine thru. I particularly like the latest update - #337 - and I think the main reason is that you don't look 'surprised'!  These pictures look so much more relaxed, calm and - I guess comfortable might be the word.  Natural.  You look like you 'expected' a visitor... it is amazing how much more 'welcoming' and, well, comfortable, you look in these pics. Some of us guys - well, me anyway - like to think that he creates a happy, calm and comfortable response in any woman - the opposite of control, intimidation or even seeing a woman doing something that she doesn't 'want' to do.  The world is full of people (mainly women) who are forced to do things for economic reasons or und! er intimidation - and it is really important to some of us to think you are just plain happy and relaxed at what you are doing.  I hope you are. You do it so well.  Best wishes - and thanks for adding some happiness to our lives. Dave"

Wow, I'm so humbled.

Alot of guys write describing how they jack themselves off which I keep telling everyone is a serious turn on for me to watch. In July I was lucky enough to have a man visit me just about every day or night and lucky me, I got to watch them or help them get off. For those of you who are counting, yes that works out to 31 sexual encounters, not 31 guys LOL. You can read all about in the members section. xo Barb




Welcome to my journal where I keep track of all the fun adventures I've been involved with.

During June things were actually a bit quiet. No unexpected happenings except for my email ritual and an evening on the beach.

My SC site keeps me busy answering emails and I check daily then respond to my members requests but when a fan writes for the first time I usually leave those until Saturday mornings. Early in June, on a rainy Saturday morning, I put on a see-through nightie just to keep the chill off and settled in bed with my laptop to answer emails. For some reason I read through a string of emails all describing what each fan wanted to do with me.

After 4 years on SC I've enjoyed just about every man's wet dream from the kinky, naughty to the romantic but there were three in a row that described whisking me away as their vacation companion then treating me to a variety of sexual treats.  Josh's email had us in Texas, on a secluded ranch being nudists the whole time. He imagined us bareback riding, swimming in the river and on the porch at sun set in the swing. Josh's dream was to eat my pussy at ever opportunity.  He wanted only to make me cum as often as I desired on a daily basis.

Peter K wrote that he wanted us on cruise ship connecting with a group of swingers and having sex with all of the passengers and finally Kaleb went into great detail about how he would invite me to join him in California so he could worship me daily.

Each email was quite descriptive so it wasn't long before I had reached into my night stand for my favourite toy and inserted it into me, turning and massaging myself until I exploded several and I do mean several because I lost count of how many times these emails got me off.  I can tell that once I'd finished responding, the clock on the wall said 2pm and I started at 10am!

Now you know I truly love reading your emails.


Hi Sexxy;

In my last entry I asked for emails from anyone who reads my journal and I was pleasantly surprised when I recieved about 20 emails that month.

I guess that means you want me to continue. Let me see where did I leave off. Ah, Februrary March and April was spent working hard and hardly playing.

Danny and Paul are still my main men. Danny and I spent a wonderful weekend in a downtown hotel where we pampered each other. You'll see photos and a video in the members section from that. Paul was in town twice each month so we enjoyed each other's company. He's gotten over his fetish to jack off onto different objects and now he's into having me in the reverse cowgirl position and lifting up just as he cums so we both get to see his spurts dripping off of my lips and back down onto him. It's actually quite a turn on!

Back in April, I received a fan email from a woman in Maine which is quite close to me here in Nova Scotia. Cherry and her man have been visiting my site off and on for about a year and she wrote that both of them were scheduled to visit a near by town in May and was curious whether I met with fans. Well I wrote back to explain that I do meet with MEMBERS whenever possible so they both quickly signed up and I was excited to learn they would be in my town towards the end of May. Cherry and her man Ian invited me to their hotel room where we spent a couple of hours and went through a couple bottles of wine getting acquainted. Cherry is a wonderfully warm and funny big beautiful black woman and Ian could be a stand in for Denzel Washington.

They had business in town for the whole week so made plans to see each other next night and I promised Ian he could take photos of me wearing something special. Cherry and I visited about 4 different sex shops early the next evening and rushed back to their hotel room. She enjoyed dressing and undressing me as we decided which of the 5 outfits I should tease Ian in. In fact you'll see this sexxy, frilly lingerie piece in a future update.

Needless to say it didn't take Ian long to snap over a 100 photos as I slipped out of this outfit.  Cherry noticed that Ian was getting very excited at which point I was curious myself so I unzipped him, freed his growing member and asked Cherry for permission to taste her man. Not only did she give me permission but she started directing me. Before the night was over I had Ian in very position I could think of. We reached climax several times and when he was spent, Cherry shyly asked if she could have a taste of me. Well we girls rolled and dived and pleasured each other for over an hour at which point Ian was stiff again and entered his wife doggystyle as she buried her face between my thighs. Just before I dozed off, I noticed it was 3am on the alarm clock and when I awoke both Ian and Cherry had gone to their meetings and left me to lounge around their hotel room.

In the course of that week. Cherry, Ian and I had several encounters and we now correspond weekly.  Our last time together was spent ramming a double headed dildo into each other as Ian stood over us poking his wonderfully stiff 9 inch black cock in our mouths. He Shot an awesome load all over Cherry's voluputous 44dd breasts and then slumped onto the bed to watch she and I bring each other off. Then all 3 of us cuddled together for a glorious hour before I dressed, kissed both of them passionately and left them to make love.

I only hope more members make it to Nova Scotia this summer!


update 321

How have you all been my lovely's? I'm thinking this journal is as close to a blog and I'll every come. I do enjoy sitting at the puter when I have a few spare moments to reflect on my adventures and the hundreds of horny men I've met through SC.

As I write this, there's a terrible wind and snowstorm going outside my house here in Nova Scotia. Damm this winter is hanging on.

If you notice in the previous journal entry I asked for emails from anyone who reads my little entries and you what?  Not a single response!

I'll try once again, if you do read these entries and you do want me to continue you will have to dash off an email right now.


Wow.  It's been awhile since I've updated my journal. I am actually curious whether anyone reads this so if you do, take a sec and write me

Mostly I keep track of my sexual adventures here in the journal saving the very dirty details for the members section. Maybe you would rather learn different things about me here so let me know that to.

Just in case you are still interested in my sex life only here's what happened in January.

Paul and I went shopping twice and even though it was dead of winter, he was so horny after watching me in the dressing rooms that I gave him a blowjob in the car, in the parking lot.

Paul has taken to enjoying jerking off on things. Who am I to judge right. He likes to have me pat his bum from behind him as he shots his load into glasses, on the mirrors and his favorite is blasting my tv screen with his sperm while watching one of my videos. We've needed lots of windex lately.

Danny still drops by about once a month with a wonderful sexxy gift that he enjoys having me model for and then it's right to doggystyle or a muff dive. He has an expert tongue so I eagerly await his visits. In January Danny had me twice.

I've also aquired two new vibrators each one responds differently and when you become a member you'll see that.

All in all, it was a pretty tame month with just 4 encounters but it's the quality right!






update 296;

Members have been asking me to update them about how often and where I've been having sex lately so I thought I'd just put a list together here in my journal.

Now I'll have to go back about a month though. My last girl/girl fun was in the store I wrote about in update 279.

My good friends, Paul, Blair and Danny have dropped by several times. That's where most of my photo sets come from.

So let's see, Paul has screwed me at least once every week for the past couple of months, Blair likes to have handjobs and then go down on me which he's done about 3 times this month and Danny who lives out of town did me doggystyle on my sundeck just last week.

I'm guessing that 9 wonderful sexual encounters in 4 weeks. How was your month?



In my last entry, I told you all about my fun shopping experience.  Well I went back to that shop several times, In fact my swimsuit from this photo set is from that shop. The main reason I've gone back is because of the service. Mandy is the clerk who unabashidly helped me out until we were both topless the last time.  Well since then, Mandy has introduced me to her stores private warehouse where we muff dove behind cardboard boxes and lay on bubble wrap. I've spent a hellva lot of money on new clothes but every visit has satisfied my bi desires.


Bad girl T-Shirt in hand, I slipped into the changing room and just for fun, left the curtian opened a inch or two.

The clerk noticed right away and quiet tapped on the frame just as I was un doing the last button on my blouse.  She was mid-40's, very slim with a cute short hair cute, tiny waist accented by her one piece dress and lacy v-neckline. "Excuse me hun, I'll just pull this to. I'm right outside if you need anything".

Smiling, she did peek in which was my cue to say, well thanks and in fact, I can't seem to get this tag off the collar to try this thing on.

With that, she slipped into the changing room with me and offered assistance. This cute thing was just my type so I thought I would test the waters, while she was fiddling with the shirt, I let my blouse drop to the floor, un-snapped my bra leaving my breasts within inches of her smiling face.

Unphased, the clerk smiled and offered to help me slip into the T-shirt. We were facing each other as she pulled the Bad Girl T down over my face and slowly covering my now erect nipples. " I enjoy showing off a bit so I like it when my nipples are visable through the material, what do you think? I asked in a soft whispery voice. "You have an amazing form. It's not everyone who is comfortable with their bodies to expose so much but I do like it. It really says you are a free spirit." With that my new found friend kept staring at my boobs and tugging the T-shirt down. "You would would like even better in this than me hun because your cute small breasts would be so very seductive." Here, try it on.

She didn't hesitate and let her one piece dress fall to the floor exposing  her braless, 34a cup breasts and cute french cut white panties. As I pulled of the T-Shirt and handed it to her, it was my turn to stare. We both smiled as she quickly pulled the top on and faced the mirror. "See I told you" it's a much more attractive look for you.  Your nipples mesh nicely with the material. It looks so femine" " Do you really think?" "Well of course I do" " Hum, well this is exciting. I'm Celeste by the way and you?.. Barb hun. It's so nice to meet another woman who enjoy's being this close." We both laughed and as I helped her remove the T shirt we stood topless, inches apart. It was moment frozen in time until I leaned in and kissed Celeste for the first of many times. To learn more about my adventures with Celeste check the comments in update #275.


As you can see in the free section photos I'm playing with several different pillow hearts. One of my lovers (Paul) and I went shopping for special Valentine's Day props and we found these in a tiny novelty shop at the back end of a mall we were at. Paul was VERY horny and he kept pinching and grabbing like a little school boy which frankly guys, is rude and a turn off for me. That point was made clear to Paul and I guess from the tone of my voice he must have had his feelings hurt because he began pouting also like a little school boy. Well, after a half hour of his droppy face I decided that I may have been a bit too snappy so while we were in this little store I decided to lift up my little red dress and expose my red thong panties for him. Well I wasn't really thinking cause I didn't notice that the wall behind Paul was in fact a full length window onto the mall hallway and of course no sooner had I lifted my skirt than a younger couple walked by, stopped and both the! girl and guy started to clap drawing even more attention to my little butt show.


Well at long last I've met a very sultry lady who has as wild an imagination as I do! Shelley loves sild scarfs on her wrist and ankles and a very specail tongue lashing. We met online, went for coffee and shared our sexual history til we couldn't take the verbal foreplay any longer.

Want to read about the rest of our encounter then become a member!


Paul had called just after my photog friend and I finished update 236. I hadn't seen Paul since my tour of his house so I was excited to learn what he had been up to. It didn't take long to realize Paul was fishing for an invitation to come over and have a tour of my body all over again! Well I was still aroused from the photo shoot and thought why not! Right? We only live once!

He was naked at the door! I laughed, I just couldn't help myself. Needles to say we didn't make it past the kitchen table.

And how was your week?

update #231

I met Paul at a flea market. He's a notorius flirt. Usually guys like that are all talk and no action so I put him to the test. he kept staring at my boobs which, for me at least is more that ok, so I flashed him! Right there in the lettuce aisle. A quick pull up of my top and bra and there they were for anyone who was looking to see. Paul was definitely looking. "Do you my tits meet with your approval?" I asked scarcastically.  Most guys run at this point but not Paul.

Twenty minutes later I was in his house getting the tour. I always bring my cam along, just for you guys, and told him about my SC site. Without hesitation, he volunteered to take the photos you see in update #231. But then we got serious. I was nakid, he got nakid and we proceeded to use a different position in every room. To learn what happens next, become a member hun.


The heat OMG the heat. We're just not used to it up here in Canada. In fact it was too hot to take pictures or naked at all so Blair, my very best long time lover decided we should head for a movie because it was air-conditioned.  I haven't been in a movie in the middle of the afternoon for ages. The movie sucked but we were chillin until boredom set in.  Interesting thing about movies in the middle of the afternoon, hardly anyone was there and we were in the middle back row so I decided to have a little fun.  Wearing a short skirt with no panties (because of the heat) and a tub top, I unzipped Blair, pulled out manly member and slowly rubbed him to attention. Then with all eyes on the screen, I mounted him.

Now to find out just what happened next you'll need to become a member!!!!



Update 217:

My, My how time flies. Danny, a widower whom I hadn't seen for months gave me a call (update #173) Danny would be in town and had hoped to spend sometime together plus he had been shopping.  Danny had found an "I dream of Jeannie" type of outfit for me and asked I would use my magic wand on him since it had been what like seemed forever since we both enjoyed each other.

When you join the member's section you'll understand why my wand is magic but just to tease you a little, after we took these photos, Danny and I both got completely naked, he lay down and spread wide for me and as I slowly, ever so slowly gave him oral pleasure I inserted my magic wand into Danny who soon experienced THE MOST intense sensation of his life. I joked that I should have had a stop watch because he convulsed and ejaculated for what seemed like minutes.  He was so pleased we went shopping together after that and then returned home to repeat this pleasurable experience twice more.



This photo set is a result of a member's request but it has added special meaning for me because Bill my special banker friend "journal entry 173" took them.  In fact I spent a wonderful week with Bill who has been on vacation.  Usually I only get to spend time with him on the occassional weekend because he has so many obligations.

Our first night together was magical! Bill is such a caring lover her spent a wonderful 30 minutes between my thighs until I was in a complete state of relaxation.  Then he dribbled hot wax  all over me for my customized brazilian bikini wax and finally entered me as we spooned.  I drifted off to sleep with his manhood firmly implanted deep within me.

The next day we did brunch, shopped, napped and took the photos for update 210 and that night the photos for update 211. Now my members will get to see me plying Bill with my special dildo while giving him a hand job that results in a gusher!! He just exploded and we caught it all on the camera.

Only members get to read about what else we did!




I have to say that getting sexxy emails from both fans and members really makes my day.  Here's a few excerpts that I especially enjoyed;

Would love to see you in the woods, ok even a patio...fabulous body Show me more!"

"Thanks for posting the photos -Great legs - would luv to see more. drea

"oh my sweet goodness! these are spectacular! what a terrific outfit! so incredibly sexy, I'm going to pull my cock out right now and jack in your honor.

damn, you are the best ever. " Jack

I must admit, I love your pics. I would love to see more pics of you exposing your muff!  I must say for someone who's 40 something, you have a great body, that manages to still turn on a young guy of 23.

UPDATE #201;

I didn't count but I think my 200th edition brought in almost 200 emails. Many of them were the usual "great tits" and "hot ass" comments but a surprising number were focused on my legs and thighs and shoes. It's always exciting for me to explore a man's or woman's fetish and a number of emails did focus on the exciting arousals gained from seeing a sexxy pair of legs wearing "hooker boots" A little trash can be fun in your life. Spice it up so to speak.

What's your fetish?


This edition of my journal actually is a result of the advice I gave a very good friend and lover who asked if I would help him explore a few sexual activities that he had never done before. As you know from reading my journal and enjoying my photos that sex is always meant to be fun for me and I'm certianly not shy. In my members section I go into great details about our adventure together but for this entry just be aware that this Scorpio went beyond the pale, almost into a trace and emplored me to give him more, go deeper, until his orgasm was all consuming. 

This edition also features a Bonus set of photos of pics taken by my photograph friend who joined me and another lover as we romped and played with outfits, lighting, oral adventures and mutal mastburation.  There is a great joy in watching a partner about to climax at the same time you do. Explore this with me in the members section! xo Barb


Last week I recieved a couple of email questions regarding the best way to approach an aquaintance about a sexual encounter.

Jude, a 39 year divorced guy has a "best friend" who happens to be an unattached woman from his former place of employment. Jude wrote to say he's in a bit of a dry spell and doesn't want his manhood to shirvel up. Fortunately for Jude he says his friend is a Gemini. The Eros factor for Gemini's tend to mean they are sexually curious and interested. They often are quite knowledgable in sexual matters. Jude just needs to be up front and introduce an adventure that would capture a Gemini's imaganation. Gemini's also tend to be voyeur's so Jude, get your mind prepared for some public sex!



Since I started offering free advice, your emails have been interesting and flattering. Megan wrote

"well what i wanted to talk about is the older i get the more desires i have for women,older women mostly but any women too.
I always look at your pics bBarb and fantasize about us being together oneday.How wonderul and hot it would be.
I am ok with feeling this way,I know you are born the way you are,i just don't know about my family and friends if they ever found how i felt,i wonder how they would react.Should i for now just keep it  secret or risk telling all of them or maybe just a lmited few?
I wasn't expecting an aswer cause i am sure you get lots of mail but since u did i would really love to stay in touch.
I never knew e-mailing anyone could be exciting as e-mailing you now *smiles*"

Well Megan, First I do answer all emails personally and second all fantasies are fine.  I'd keep this on to yourself for now.

My second email came from Kirk "How do I get my wife to do the things she won't do sexually? I'm wanting more from our sexual relationship and all I get is a weekly missionary position."

Well Kirk, it starts by communicating and you should start by finding out something she wants to do but is afraid to ask for.


Having a relationship problem? Maybe you are feeling guilty about a sexual need? Not sure how to keep off those 10 lbs? Write me for FREE UN-PROFESSIONAL but sound advice and we'll all learn and grow together.


I can't believe another month has gone by. So much has happened.  I've moved into my new place and found out my good friend Ruth has fallen in love with a younger woman and is going away. Plus all my close friends decided to visit me in the span of two days. When you join my members section you'll read all about how I ended up having sex with 4 guys in one day! Not all together mind you. It just happened that I saw each of them in the span of 24 hours. Members get all the juicy details so sign up now.


It had been a crazy week last week. Ruth my wonderful girlfriend was away and Blair my special banker friend was too busy to see me. I guess that's why I did some extra email flirting with a gentleman who had found my site and said he would be visiting my city the next day. I got him to invite me for coffee. Danny is a tall, slender widower who claims he doesn't surf the net often but just enjoyed my outfits especially my panty and pantyhose collection.

We had a wonderful time chatting for over an hour in this quiet coffee shop inside a mall. As my conversation kept circling back to the photos of me in panties I was getting the sense Danny had more than a passing interest in my undies. Finally I just asked, " do you like to wear panties yourself Danny?" I've never seen anyone blush so much so fast but his positive answer came back in a hushed yes! Well I'd known a few men who admired women's undergarments before and not being one to judge I suggested we do a little panty shopping.

Danny was like a kid in a candy store. We inspected every rack and selected on about 9 different pairs plus pantyhose and I invited Danny back home to model for me. He was timid at first and I think that was part of his thrill.  It made me happy to witness someone enjoying his fetish so much. With each pair he tried on his penis grew stiffer in fact it got to the point where the frilly satin panties would not completely conceal his manhood. "How do you like to give yourself pleasure when you are wearing Danny?" "Oh, I'm too embarrased to say Barb" "Now, hun don't be, we're practically naked now, you've seen all my website photos and you know sex is meant to be fun! so just tell me!" Danny whispered into my ear that he enjoyed a good handjob with his cock wrapped in panties.

This was a first for me and I have to say because he enjoyed it so much, it was actually fun to watch his entire body melt to the floor once his orgasm overwhelmed him.  We rested together, on the floor for a few minutes and I invited Danny to be my personal panty shopper anytime!


Wow, it's hard to believe it's been a month since my last entry where I described my first date with Blair! Let's see, what's happened since?

Blair and I have been going out steadily since. He seems comfortable with my relationship with Ruth so things are moving along. Three weeks ago after making out naked in my backyard, we've spent a few nights at his place.  The most memorable was the time we made love til 3am and then I asked him to reveal some of his favorite sexual fantasies and experiences. It was no surprise to learn that a girl,girl threesome was high on his list!

Last weekend Ruth and I went to the local gay bar and danced, up a storm and a sexual appetite. Ruth enjoys hearing about my love making with Blair so while she was between my thighs that night I told her about his fantasies and in particular his desire to be sandwiched between two women.

Ruth and I know each other's bodies so well that she hit my g-spot just then and brought me to orgasm. As she smiled and climbed up my tummy and rested her head on my breasts, she said we should make Blair's dream come true this weekend.

Become a member and you will learn how that went!


Wow guys I had an official date. It seems like forever but I guess it had been just over a month since my last one. Actually I was picked up in the grocery store.  I guess you just never know do you?  Well anyways, he is a handsome 30 something bank manager. We were crossing in the aisles several times til he finally swung along side me and started making small talk which lead to a coffee which lead to an afternoon at the beach!

We got along really well that day and parted with just a kiss on the cheek. This past week he's been calling every night and last night I invited him over.

His name is Blair and he wore a pair of baggy shorts and a muscle shirt while I had on just a wrap to cover myself.  We laid out in my backyard watching the sun set and catching up on the usually 2nd date likes and dislikes and of course the conversation naturally moved to the topic of sex. Blair was amazed that I was bisexual and Ruth (who was in the house) was more than just a roomate.

Guys I have to say that I do rather enjoy teasing by letting my wrap come unwrapped exposing my tanned body. Blair was a bit shy at first but he finally leaned over for a kiss and that's when I let my fingers slip into his shorts and found him nice and hard.

Members get to hear all the naughty details but I'll let you know that we did make love at sunset on my lounge chair with Ruth staring out the window at us!


Well in my last entry I told you about my first date with an airline pilot. Wild car sex. Our second date was even more daring. We had been re-living our car sex trist via cell phones for about two weeks and basically turning each conversation into phone sex which normally I find boring but we kept talking about more sex in public places so it was getting to be quite a turn on.

Our second date was last Saturday. A beautifully warm summer's day. We strolled a few public gardens' enjoyed lunch on a patio deck and walked along our cities harbourfront. The harbour walkway meandors into a huge park with lots of seculed knooks and hiding places so we took advantage of the cover and went down on each other in two seperate spots. I think I'm enjoying the great outdoors like never before.

Update# 153.

A few weeks ago I replied to an online personal ad from a local divorced guy who said he was an airline pilot. We exchanged photos ( I sent a few topless one's) and began flirting online. Finally he sent a full body photo showing off his very sexy smile, all over tan and the most incredible penis I'd seen. It was only 5 inches in length but oh so thick!

We agreed to meet for coffee at a local mall. That way we both  could exit gracefully if things didn't work out. The instant we met and shook hands I felt a connection. He was so engaging and a very attentive listener which honestly guys is very rare among the male species. We talked about our backgrounds, families, goals and finally as I crossed my legs ever so slowly to reveal I had no panties, he changed the subject to sex, one night stands, public sex and kinky sex, he wasn't shy and for some woman would have been considered too forward but he as turning me on and he knew it!

We exchanged a few stories from our past and neither of us spared any details. It was so freshing to enocounter a very domaint man.

After an hour of this verbal flirting we headed out of the mall to his car both of us feeling the sexual tension but niether of us suggesting how to act on it.

In my members section I share the wild car sex we had on this first date! Imagine me hiking my skirt up to expose myself completely to my pilot date. To learn more join me.


For the past month there hasn't been a man in my life except for my last encounter with Bill which I talked about from update #142.

Last week my girlfriend Ruth and I visited a costume place and walked away with some accessories to make a cowgirl outfit. When we got home Ruth had me strip and try on the outfit you see in the photos from #152. She thought it would make a nice photo set but needed a little something extra, like a cowboy! We kissed and fondled each other as we talked about what would turn Ruth on. Ruth enjoys seeing me with a naked man even though she has no interest in partaking herself. She says that watching me suck on a rigid penis sends shivers though her and we hadn't had a 3some in so long she actually missed it.

After we enjoyed each other for a good 30 minutes and each climaxed listening to all this sex talk I called up Bill and invited him over.

Join the members section to learn how Ruth posed us for the cowboy/cowgirl set and how Ruth helped me for the first time with our old friend.


These pics were taken by both my girlfriend Ruth and an old friend of mine Bill. Bill and I had just finished up in the hot tub ( update #140) when Ruth came home.  She must have noticed my sheepish expression because she went straight for the camera and looked at the photos Bill had taken. Her eyes lit up when she found the pics of me giving Bill a soapy hand  job. Ruth turned to me and smiled "So baby, you didn't get to enjoy yourself yet have you?" Well No I said, poor Bill here looked like he was about to explode after taking the pictures and I felt responsible so we'd just gotten to take care of him. " Well Barbie, let's concentrate on you now." Ruth put a new memory card in the camera and we followed her downstairs to my bedroom. She went directly to my nightstand and pulled out one of my dildo's. "Bill you'll have to wait your turn, just sit on this chair and watch. Barb can be very sensual when she masturbates and I'm going to capture her orgasm in the camera." Well given the state I was in and having an audience now, I didn't need anymore prompting. Ruth snapped away all the while coaxing me along, whispering softly to me.

My members will get to see all the photos that Ruth took plus a detailed explaination of what Ruth and I did once she put the camera down.

Join me now to find out the rest of the story.



It's been a few weeks since returning from vacation and I was going through my wardrobe looking for something sexy to put on and take off for all my SC fans and members when their was a knock on my door.

Bill is an old friend (learn more about him in my update 130 entry)who just returned to town this year.  Ruth and I had a wonderful day and evening with him a few months ago and we've spoken on the phone but I hadn't seen him since our last romp.

I invited him and asked for his assistance. He picked out the outfit you see me in update 140 in fact I asked him to take the photos. You know it's almost universal.  Every guy who takes my pictures gets a nice stiff one. Bill was no exception. We moved to the hot tub and both got naked. I just got so involved massaging his member that I forgot he was still taking pictures. In the member's section theirs  a bonus set of all those pics. You get to see me giving him a hand job and their's a great shot of his final explosion.

We were drinking tea when Ruth came home.  She opened a bottle of wine and Bill stayed the night but that's a story for another entry.


Actually photo's taken in update 135 and 136 and 137 are all from my vacation in Cuba. Winter has been brutal here in N.S. and I just needed to get some sun. Travelling solo can be fun and this was no exception. While I missed Ruth, more than you can imagine, I did enjoy just soaking up the sun and the resort for a couple of days.

During my visit I did flirt alot with my cabin boy, but more about him later. There were these two very nice gentlemen from England that I chatted up on my third day.  Having mellowed out and gotten comfortable with them, the next day I decided to let them use my camera and take these photos. At first they were taken aback by my forward and liberal ways, but hey, it's been my experience most men enjoy watching a woman get naked, especially in public.

The resort had a mix of guests from mature couples to families so we picked our spots carefully. Even so it wasn't long before I noticed my new found friends were bulging in all the right places.  We would take some photos, take a break for a drink and chat getting to know each other, the off to another spot for more photos. Naturally I was enjoying all their attention and I must admit to enjoying flirting and teasing them. That night I decided they deserved a reward for all the HARD work so after dinner I invited both of them to my room for a nightcap. Both were surprised and excited.  To learn just how excited you'll have to become a member and catch up on this story in the members section of update #136!


Last week one of my faithful members asked me to count the number of sexual encounter's I enjoy in the course of a month! I thought you might enjoy the list.  As you know I am bi so the nature of these encounters varies. Frankly I don't think the past month has been typical because my friend Ruth and I have been exploring more than I remember I usually do but here goes.

Jan week 4:

Monday- two orgasms in front of my mirror in the morning by masturbation. One orgasm after a photo shoot with my photographer friend. He went down on me.

Thursday- Ruth and I ate each other out and played with vibrators in a private club.

Friday- Ruth and I played with each other's clitty on the dance floor of a local club, I flashed 5 gay guys, Ruth mooned them. We necked and flashed our cab driver.

Jan week 3

Monday- one quick orgasm in the shower by masturbation. one quick doggiestyle session with my long time x-boyfriend at his place.

Tuesday- one quick doggiestyle session with my long time x-boyfriend at my place.

Friday- two orgasms in front of my mirror with my vibrator.

Jan week 2

Monday- Several orgasm with Ruth who stayed overnight

Tuesday- Several orgasm with Ruth in the shower in the morning

Jan week 1

Thursday- Ruth, myself and old friend. I gave Ruth an oral orgasm while being taken doggiestyle by my friends hard 8 inches.  Then I got to give him relief by giving him a blowjob as Ruth was giving me an oral orgasm. Then he just stood me up and had his way with me while Ruth spread her legs and played with herself as she watched us.

And how was your month?


If you are a regular reader of my journal you know by now that  I am bi-sexual, and found that out some time ago, and making it with another woman is very nice.Especially with my current close girlfriend Ruth. Ruth is not bi, she is only into women.  Or so she lead me to believe.


Well, although I had made it with other women, I always had desires for threesomes, a man, and me, and another woman. For those who haven’t tried this yet, you will discover the dynamics have to be just right in order for everyone to enjoy a 3some.    I was out shopping with Ruth, when we ran into Bill. I hadn't seen him for ages. he is the same age as me and we used to be intimate with each other quite a lot, and then we sort of drifted apart.

    We were both pleased to see each other, so after introducing Ruth we went into this little coffee bar for a drink and a chat.    "Where do you live now?" I asked, for he had moved out of town 2 years earlier.    "I've moved back," he said. "I live just around the corner from you. I've only been back a few days, and I was meaning to look you up."    I stared at him across the table, and then picked up my cup. he looked Bill had been working out and sporting a tan which made his lovely smile even more noticieable. Just looking at him reminded me of the times  and positons experienced and thinking about that made the juices cream up inside me.

    "Perhaps we could get together again sometime?" I suggested.

    "That would be nice," he said, he nodded and then he smiled. "I remember our times together and think of you often," he went on. "I loved
going down on you!  Ruth nearly choked on her coffee! “ BILL! I see you are as straight forward as ever! Glancing at me Ruth noticed I was blushing which is a rare occasion for me.    "I know, and But come around and see me, Barb," she said. "Come round and we'll
have a threesome.”  Bill Smiled with a twinkle in  his eye.    "You always did sa! y what y ou were thinking, Bill," I said.    "No point in beating around the bush," he replied. "look, here's my new address, come around this evening. We’ll see I replied. Shaking hands Bill whispered something to Ruth and left us.

“Wow Barb.  That’s quite the guy!”   "He is the best lover I’ve ever had Ruth.” That sort of slipped out I said, and stirred some sugar into my coffee. "Not only has he got this huge tool, but he really does know how to use it."

    The thought of a threesome that very evening was making me very wet indeed, so wet that I thought my panties would be a real mess when I got home.

    I was feeling really horny thinking about what was going to happen that night ..... I just didn’t know how to approach Ruth about Bill, but the thought was
making me wet as anything, and so I thought I had to do something about it.    I left my clothes in a heap on the bedroom floor, and joined Ruth on my bed. My large, firm breasts were heaving up and down, and my inch long nipples were as hard as they could possibly be.    Ruth snickered and  reached down with her right hand and slowly pushed two of her fingers all the way up inside me. Of course, I was so worked up, that as soon as her fingers started to go up there inside I had a screaming orgasm.

   “Thanks baby, I really needed that” and leaning over to kiss Ruth, I pushed two of my fingers into her only to discover how wet she was.

“Oh my what’s gotten you all excited?” “ You want Bill again don’t you?” Her voice was more timid that ever so I reassured Ruth that the only part of the relationship with Bill that was perfect was the sex. As my fingers explored Ruth’s inner walls, twisting them stretching her till her clitty produced multiple orgasms, I told what a great lover Bill is.  Ruth started to pant out loud, and then as I worked my stiff fingers in and out, volumes of juice began wetting my entire hand.  The feel of my fingers up there inside Ruth was a real big turn on, and my juices were flowing nice and freely once again.
   After her body feel limb from her climax, I removed my fingers  and licked them dry. God, I loved the taste of Ruth. Leaning over me she said “Baby tonite, Let’s make Bill’s wish come true!”


If you want to learn who my threesome with Ruth and Bill turned out, you’ll have to become a member!


update for 128

We did it! Down to the hottest gay club in town for the female impersonators show! Ruth wore a sparkly skirt dress from the flapper era complete with very low cut plunging neck line and now bra because she promised me several wardrobe malfunctions!
I went wearing a traditional tight fitting black cocktail dress and no panties.  It barely covered my tush so I knew when I danced everyone around me would see it rise!

Off we went and had a blast. The party got started around 11pm with several entertainers and wow, those guys looked more like women than we did. The crowd was a great mix of flaming gay guys, handsome well suited guys and of course women into women wearing evening gowns to next to nothing! What a party. Ruth and Danced, fondled each other and at the stroke of midnight,kissed in public. It was very liberating.

The shocker of the night was spotting a good friend that I had once dated. Ken was roaming the crowd solo as best I could determine. He looked much better than I remembered so Ruth and I danced in his direction making sure he spotted us. I think it was the lights dancing on my exposed tush that caught his eye but it could have been the sight of both of Ruth's breasts dangling out of her dress! I waved and moved over to him, shouting above the music, 'what are you doing here?" He actually blushed and said for the show and anything I can find! Suddenly I got a rush deep down in between my thighs and reached for his zipper. Then I grabbed Ruth's hand and guided it into Ken's crotch. Yelling and  smiling I said Ruth, met an old friend of mine, Ruth this is Ken.

i knew she would be impressed because Ken is about 7 inches before he becomes erect and Ruth had told me how she loves the feel of phalcide penises. She went with the flow and kept stroking Ken from inside his trousers and smiling said, "Hi Ken, glad I could shake it for you"

Ken had a smirk on his face the whole time we tried to talk but the music was too loud so I suggested we go down to the next level.  This bar has a quieter, darker "conversation" area.  As we discovered, that night it was more a public groping area. We walked slowly past a variety of couples, enjoying the show. Ken & Ruth lingered as he saw two women fondling each other on a pile of cushions. The neon lighting covered their half nude bodies with a funky glow creating a very sexy scene.

We found a corner with two stools which Ken and Ruth sat on while I dropped myself into Ruth's lap. We chatted for about 20 minutes learning that Ken often visits here to satisfy his curiousity plus he likes watching the lesbians play. Ruth leaned into me and whispered that we should take Ken home and play with him.

If you join my members section, you'll get to learn what happened back home that night with the 3 of us!

update 127

Well as my last entry mentioned Ruth and I really hit it off and spent the night at my place. We curled up in bed both of us totally naked and just cuddled, fondled and kissed til we feel asleep.  The next we spent together biking, swiming and talking.  We spent a sold 24 hours together just becoming familar with each other's lives.  It was wonderful just girl talk, no pressures, no ego's to worry about.  Just before we called it a night we had a great chat about where sex fits in ours. Ruth is a little ambeviant about sex. That surprised me but when I told her how important if was for me she said fine, no problem and stripped off my panties, dove between my thighs and brought me to a wonderful climax. Later that night in the hot tub, we kissed and fondled each others breasts and she slipped her fingers gently into me for yet another orgasm.  Not to be outdone, once we were in bed, I returned the favor. Everything seemed so wonderful and natural. Ruth left early that morning.  She lives about 2 hours away but we made plans for New Years Eve.  We're going to a club that features drag queens!

Last Friday I attended a very nice and semi formal xmas party. My date ended up cancelling on my but since I love to dance I went anyway.

Strange as it may sound, as soon as I walked into the room which was filled with over 100 people, I spotted Ruth. It was difficult since she bore a striking resemblance to me! Yes I'm talking close enough to be my sister. Super Weird.  As I approached her we stared at each other. Making a long story short, unless my father was in the North at some point we were in no way related.

As the night progressed we found all the things we had in common very amusing and I'm afraid I monoplized her time the entire night until I got up the nerve to ask if she wanted to come back to my place to talk more.  she did. We were up until 3am so I invited her to sleep over.  I only have one bed.  I sleep in the nude, and sho does Ruth.

Next installment of my jounral will provide more details.

Update 120

After this photo session where my photog friend took over 100 pics (most are in the members section guys) both of us were quite randy! so much so in fact that I just continued spreading myself in front of the mirro and slipping fingers into me while I told my good friend to play with himself and watch me.  We have great masterbating sessions after most photo sessions but this one was particularily moist and sweaty. After getting off together we shared the shower. Much to my surprise he got another erection! Men! What must I do!


Imagine me going over a month without someone naughty to play with.  My very good friend who stayed for an entire weekend has been gone that long and honestly I've been so busy with work that I've not even go out. Only your emails have put me in the mood.  They are great fun to read. Even the kinky one's.  I've gotten emails from guys who like to show me pictures of themselves dressed in women's clothes, playing with them selves, guys showing off their cute butts and even a few couples who long to have me in their bed. It's all wild and for me it's all fun so don't be shy, share your fantasies with your Barbie.


After nearly 2 months since his last visit.  In fact you can read about our last encounter from my journals #96 update.
This visit was expected so we planned the whole weekend. First by request, the two of us in my jacuzzi. Him, naked, me just T-Shirt.  His own private Wet-T-Shirt contest followed by a sponge bath blowjob.  Then we moved into the living room where I stripped and mounted him on the couch. Next we had a wonderful light snack and proceeded to my bedroom where we made love slowly for at least an hour. AFter some beauty rest we got out the digital cameras and recorded my oral techinque for my members before we did it the old fashioned way. And that was just day one!


Since my trip to the Florida Bash believe it or not, I haven't had a sexual encounter!  It's been nearly a month! Wow talk about feast or famine!

As a consequence I've been ending my days with a nice little session with one of my toys. Lying naked on my bed surrounded by images of myself in the wall mirror, I spread my legs, insert my toy and think about the last fun experience with Moon Aynjl and her sweet tasting lips or Dean who licked me to orgasm in 2 minutes flat or my very good friend who only visits every few months but never leaves my bed for the entire weekend. Umm I am overdue for a weekend session with him. While I do get a total relaxing sensation, guys I have to tell you my toys are no subsitute for the real thing.

Whew! I've been home for a couple of weeks since the Fort Lauderdale SC Bash and finally am rested enough to think about wanting sex again!

As you can see from the most recent updates I spent quite a bit of time with some very horny women. Not that I keep count but I went muff diving probably 7 times, gave more than a dozen blowjobs, was pumped by at least 4 great thick cocks and enjoyed the experienced tongues of 2 masterful men and that was all in 3 nights and 4 days.

Join the members section and you will get 5 bonus sets called Dean's fantasy! Dean walked around with a plastic strap on dong. Myself and Izzy gave a very animated oral sex lesson on the pool patio then Dean and I went up to his room where he made love to me for a solid hour and I do mean made love!

Of course my room Moon Anjl and I got very close.  We'd orginally met in New York last month and really hit it off.

Then there were the husbands and fans that showed their appreciation. If you have been dropping into my site but not yet joined now is the best time. I still have plenty of wild and revealing photos from that SC Bash and I'm getting ready for another trip in October. I'll either be going to Dallas Texas or Montreal.  I haven't decided yet and you can help me decide by answering my poll on my Yahoo group.

Just above the free photo section is a link to join my free yahoo group. Sign up today.

Now since I honestly haven't had a good roll in the hay in nearly 3 weeks, my next journal entry will talk about how me and my trusty vibrator get along.


Last month I tried an auction on my site for the first time and I was really pleasantly surprised. Many other Charms hold auctions for dates with their members whenever they visit different towns so I decided to try it. The only problem was with my schedule.  I had to change the dates a few times which caused a couple of guys some disappointment as their schedule prevented them from bidding.

Once all that was settled three fans sent in the  bids for a date with me. While no promises were made for sex, you should know me from reading my journal that being a free bi spirit and exhibitionist means anything would be possible. The idea was to have guys bid and the highest bidder would enjoy my company for a night. Dr. D. was the winner and we arranged to meet in the lobby of my hotel. I was travelling with a good friend of mine and we had busy day because the entire afternoon was taken up by a photo shoot with my new friend Moon from SC. After an hour of posing and getting naked with another woman my senses were bursting and I dove in between Moon's thighs and didn't come up for air until her entire body quivered. Fortunately she did the same for me and bringing each other to orgasm just became part of the shoot.

I have to say that once I begin having orgasm I get greedy and want more. Moon must have tickled my fancy at least 5 or 7 times. After 3 hours we filled our memory sticks, had a nice long lingering kiss and promised to meet again. With all that excitement my good friend was in need of attention so for the next 30 minutes I concentrated on his needs. He enjoys doing it doggy style in front of our hotel window which was great fun. Having him inside me while watching the bustle of New York City on the streets below.

A quick shower and blowjob and we headed down to the lobby to meet up with DR.D. Believe me he didn't disappoint. It's just too bad he wouldn't sign the release papers for a photo shoot. Tall and well built, and packing. We did dinner, dancing and he took me to a strip club where he bought me a lap dance.  Next journal entry I'll give you all those details.



I awoke late Friday morning around to find the sunlight gently
radiating into my bedroom.  The glow that illuminated the room inspired
me to have my morning glass of juice while sitting in my sunroom.

Stretched out in a comfy chaisse lounge, I felt the rays of
sun bathe my naked body in a glorious warmth.  Looking up at the door

He came in with a very sexxxy Harley Hat and muscle shirt.

His appearance left me breathless, he was exceptionally handsome and
masculine.  My last encounter was nearly a month ago and I was
very restless and starved for sex.  Seeing my long time friend just appear out of

nowhere made me crave the endless hours of lovemaking that we enjoyed so long ago.

His skin was bronzed by the sun, his hair was shoulder length and pulled back into a ponytail. It was the blackest of black that I had ever seen.  He was built well,
his arms and legs were muscular and looked very powerful.  The tight
tan shorts he wore framed a rounded, tight ass, and a bulge up front
that made me stir. Only then did I realize I was completely naked.

As my fans and members know My breasts are c-cup, and very high on my chest. 

I wondered outloud, "why have you always been so intrigued with my cleavage,

" as I turned sideways to see my flattened belly and rounded ass. 

They composed perfection against my strong, toned legs and thighs. 

I adjusted my thighs in such a way as to expose my blonde pubic hair that was
 beginning to glisten with the moistness that had begun to
seep from deep within me.

My old friend replied “What’s not to enjoy!”

"Hello hun, I’m pleasantly surprised to see you.” He was looking

deep into my eyes, and I felt the energy begin to build between us. 

His strong large hands slipped around my naked waist and gathered me

Up into his thigh and we kissed as though he was never gone.

I looked up at him pulling back slightly exposing my bare breasts. 

He was watching me, his eyes alive with pleasure. 

I let my lips form a soft smile as I returned his
steady gaze.  Our gaze on each other was firm as he let me down easy and with

A smile saide “ is the bedroom where it always was?” 

I watched his ass as it swayed slightly with each pace he took and I felt myself
become very aroused.  My nipples became rigidly hard as he disappeared into my



Now guys.  The rest of this story is soooooo steamy I’ve posted it in my members section.


Update #95

My New York City trip is fast approaching and I think I'm just about ready to go. I've packed mostly undies and just one dress, one casual outfit because my good friend and I will shop for sexy things once I get there. He does enjoy seeing me in thongs so all my undies are thongs or g-strings. Naturally we are bringing the camera along and I even hope to hook up with a few other SC girls for a photoshoot if our schedules permit.

Summer is slow in coming and in fact I am just getting over a cold but my spirits have been lifted because I have tickets to see Cher right here in our little town in Nova Scotia.  It's billed as her farewell tour which I thought had already taken place but she must be saying goodbye to the world one town at  a time!

It's been almost a month now since my last sexual adventure. Members get to see what happened in update#95. A good friend of mine visited for a few days and this update captured our last frolic in bed. Suffice to say he didn't disappoint. He is so much fun to watch when he has an orgasm and if you've been reading all my journal entries you know how much I get turned on watching my lovers ejaculate. Members get to see it all including my reaction to his last deposit!



These past few weeks have been hectic for a number of reasons. My girlfriend BJ has been partying almost nightly with new friends and we've been seeing less and less of each other.  Our age difference is the cause of the strain mostly.  There is an all-girl group that puts on old fashioned Burlesque strip tease shows as a fund-raiser. Most of them are BJ's age and all of them swing our way. BJ's decided to create an act and has been spending her nights with the girls leaving us little time together.

An old friend of mine came to town for a visit (updates 89 and 92) and stayed a few days. He and I have been physical very time he comes to town.  I just love how much he gets turned on by taking pics and we enjoy shopping together, going out and catching up on each other's lives.  Unfortunately BJ tried to reach me each time my friend and I were out so she just dropped in unannounced and caught us. Well, specifically with my mouthfull in the bedroom.

I'll spare you guys all the trash talk and cut to the chase. BJ went on a man rant and split.

On top of all this, I've been trying to organize a trip to New York City to catch up with another dear friend and I also thought it would be a cool thing to offer a date to my fans and members. My "meet me" page has generated great response but unfortunately I've had to change the timing of the trip a couple of time now which I'm sure has the guys who want to meet me, just a little frustrated as it as me.

So to re-cap, I've probably lost BJ who was great fun both in bed and out, business has created some travel frustrations and I've no one to hook up with this week to release all this pent up frustration!

Update #90.

Haven't had to chance to bring everyone up to date about my relationship with BJ, my teammate and lover from the all-girls basketball team I was on during the winter.  BJ never wears a bra which can be fun at the best of times.  She encourages me to feel her up in public.  Sometimes I think she's more an exhibitionist than I am.

We were driving to my place a few days ago.  The weather was warm, unusally so for this time of year here in Nova Scotia. While at a stop sign, BJ noticed a bunch of guys staring at her. She poked me and said check this out as I pulled away from the corner she flashed her boobs at the boys. We could hear whistles fading in the distance as we sped off. At my age I'm way past all that, well almost but she keeps me smiling. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent picking out all the pics for update #90 and talking about picking up some guys together this weekend. Maybe even a married couple to party with. Now that the weather has turned warmer so has BJ's sexual appetite. If we get into anything exciting I'll share the best of it with you all right here.

It's been a month since I've been back from my great trip to Palm Springs. BJ, (update#77 and 73) and I have had a couple of tension filled debates which is normal for any relationship, although mine are often unique.  While I was away she hung around with a couple and told me it lead to a 3some during a night of drinking.  It's not the sex that I have a problem ( in fact I grilled her for the juice details) it's the drinkng and rec drugs that concern me. Funny part is we always kiss and make up. Last night while I was tonguing her sweet young thang, she whispered every intimate detail of her 3some experience. OMG! what a turn on it was for me. I can't wait for her next adventure.

Update #84

Whenever I travel I am constantly looking for a hot and classy strip club. Our trip to Palm Springs did not disappoint. My lover and I had already enjoy several orgasms that day.  Perhaps having sex so often just makes you want more, I'm not sure but I was especially turned on this night.

Of course photo update ideas are always on my mind so when my companion dared me to do a photo strip outside the club before we went in, I was all for it.

Little did I think that my sex red panties would attract a crowd when the guys could see it all inside but by the time I was topless and about to pull my panties down, there were 13 or 15 guys hanging around. When you check out the members pics you will see me smiling quite a bit more on the pics where my panties are down around my ankles.  That's because my mobile audience began applauding.

To learn what happened when we went inside including how much I enjoyed a personal lap dance you'll have to check out the members section.


This is my first entry in the journal since my California trip. My lover and I spent an incredible 7 days in Palm Springs and L.A. When you join the members section check out update #79 a bonus set and #80 because those pictures captured just one of the most amazing experiences.

I have to keep this entry short but you need to know that we found a little corner on one of the Spa's patio's and placed a lounge chair into the nook. Each morning before our swim, I would stretch out and play with myself while my lover took pictures. A couple of times we even went down on each other. What makes it sooo amazing for me is that we were in plain view and were spotted by staff whole treated us as if it was perfectly natural for a couple to enjoy sex in the great outdoors.  Believe me when I say it was extremely enjoyable. As an Exhibitionist, I had an awesome time!

You have got to join the members section to see for yourself.

update #77

Billie Jean or BJ as I call her has been visiting me a couple times each week since our little romp after basketball last month.

We had a big snow storm recently and I was kinda down from being stuck in the house with a cold so Saturday night she convinced me to go dancing at a club for gay's.  I wore the red top, short black skirt and garters that you see in update#77. BJ wore tight and I mean tight jeans and a see through white top. She never wears a bra.

The place wasn't very busy. We had the dancefloor pretty much to ourselves and occupied it for at least an hour non-stop.  I love to dance.

BJ got a little racy grinding her hips into my thighs and pressing her breasts against mind most of the night. We even necked. The whole experience was very liberating.

It was after 1am when we headed home. Well actually BJ's place was closer. 

I think I"ll leave the naughty details for my members section but suffice to say, I was exhausted so BJ poured me a bath then spread my legs and got me totally relaxed. Naturally, before I feel asleep I returned the favor. Guy's there's a lesson for you.  Not having much energy left, BJ had to straddle my body and position her sweet muff directly over my face.

All the details are in the members section guys!




This past weekend I got to play a little basketball.  There winter seems long this year so any excuse to get out for excerise is a good thing.

My friends and I (all girls) play at least once every couple of weeks for fun. I didn't think any of them knew of my bisexuality until this weekend. Most of the girls are in long term relationships with husbands or just divorced and on the hunt. Billie Jean was different. I didn't really notice it at first. I'd categorized

her as "teeny-bopper zone-trooper." She had a nice ass, and nice tits, (I always notice those). She was about 5'4" around 100lbs, slim

with a nice ass, medium large tits. One of the fun things I did always notice was that she never wore a bra. You would think that would be tough during a basketball game.  Tanned face and arms, sun? bleached blonde hair, blue eyes, straight even white teeth, and nice sexy lips.

During our game she would stand closer than normal. and she would look directly into my eyes and lick her lips, that little pink tongue appearing briefly between her teeth. I also couldn't help but notice that when she bent over, she would bend from the waist, showing off her tight ass just for me.

Now guys you need to appreciate that since the xmas holiday's my love life has been next to nil. Besides playing with my dildo and my photog friend after takng SC pics, things have been too quiet. Billy Jean was about to change all that.

After the game and yes guys, all us girls naked in the shower, she asked if she could catch a ride. Her place was only a few minutes away.  In the car she pressed her hand on my thigh and asked if I wanted to come up for some tea. How could I refuse.

The whole time we were sorting thing out in her kitchen she kept rubbing up against me, smiling staring into my eyes. Finally I asked " "Are you flirting with me Jean," I ask in a flat tone."Yeah, kinda." She grins again."You know I'm bi right? "That's OK she said. I kinda knew and it excites me"

"I'm gonna be right up front with you Jean. I don't have time for teeny bopper bullshit. I'm not some dyke  punk from your high school. Is that what this

is? Or do you wanna' get naked with me? Her smile falters slightly, but then comes back full force. "I'd basically like go down on you, I guess."

OK. Last chance to back out. I'm kinkier than you'd believe. I like to do all kinds of nasty things to little girls like you. You think you're up to that? If

you don't, say so now." "I like to do nasty things, try me." Now Billie Jean's nipples are hard as rocks and burst through her top.

"OK, I'll do just that, I'll try you. If you refuse me your ass is history. Got it?" "Got it." Using a firm vioce I told to "Take off your shirt."

"Right here?, but what if. my mom comes home? " she trails off as I cross my arms and glare at her."OK!" She pulls the shirt off over her head. Perfect tanned tits, grapefruit size, pink nips, hard as pencil erasers. She holds the shirt. I step to her. I grab her arm, turning her into me, my other hand slides into her hair, grasping and pulling her to me. She gasps as I lock my teeth against her neck. I pull her hair hard enough to hurt her, turning her 'til her back is to me, she now faces the mirror. I lock my teeth on the nape of her neck, gnawing, one hand still locked in her hair, the other holding her wrist. She paws at my face weakly and moans. Releasing her neck with my teeth I push her down over the sink. I release her hair, and grab her other hand. I lock both her hands in one of mine behind her back. She moans again, and her skin breaks into goose bumps as it touches the cold porcelain. I grab the waist of her track suit pants, and yank them and ! her panties, down her legs. The twin globes of that perfect ass,stretched tight by her position, are exposed. I force the pants to her knees.  She whimpers. "Lock your fingers." "I said lock your fingers." She does, freeing my other hand. I reach to the floor and retrieve her shirt,and quickly tie her wrists with it. I look in the mirror, her eyes are closed. I lift her head from the sink, and pull her upright against me. She takes the opportunity to rub both her hands against my twat through my pants. I run my hands down over her breasts, pinching her nipples. I claw my way down her stomach to her cunt.

I run the fingers of both hands across her crotch, roughly pulling the lips open. She's wet. All her muscles clench and she whines deep in her throat as I slip a finger into her. She's wet and ready. "um my you were waiting for it weren't you?" my fingers to her now dripping cunt. First I insert my thumb then remove it and replace it with three fingers. I lock my free hand in her hair again to hold her in place, as she is now thrusting her groin against my fingers as hard as she can. I force my thumb into her ass, feeling the sphincter resist at first, then give way. She strains up for a moment, wide eyed. I pump my fingers in and out again and she pushes back hard, taking the entire thumb in her ass. I stuff the last finger into her twat and she groans eep in her chest in response. I stand slightly to her side now as I thrust my hand into her, I can see her face in the mirror, her eyes are closed and her jaws work around the wad of her panties. I feel her cunt and ass s! tart to pulsate around my fingers, I claw the nails of my other hand down her back to her ass and as she cums I raise my hand and whip it down across her ass, first one side then the other. Her body convulses, my fingers feel the warmth of her fluids gushing and in seconds Billy Jean is limp on her momma's kitchen floor.

"You've never experienced an orgasms like that before have you darlin?" She leans back planting her head against my breasts." Umm Barbie, never like that.Teach me more. 

Well, guys we moved our antics to her room but I think i'll save the rest for another entry in my journal.


"Cum you little slut." I repeat over and over into her ear. Her pelvis is

gyrating so fast now I don't even need to move my hands. Her motion moves my

fingers in and out. She cums over and over as I spank her. When I stop her body

finally relaxes. I feel her cunt and asshole pulsate again around my fingers.





You may have noticed that I haven't written in my journal now for serveral weeks. Frankly after I returned from my European vacation with all those awesome photos and stories, my sex life took a nose dive. Work was extremely hectic catching up and by some quirk of fate, none of my boyfriend/lovers were available either. What got me threw each day was my toys and all my fan emails.

 Here's what Andrew  wrote recently which truly turned me on: "The thing I love most about your photos - apart from your boots - is the
great personal warmth that radiates from them. You are a wonderfully attractive woman, but what shows even more in your face is a love and
concern for people in general. You should be a nurse, or community worker, or something. Supermodels and the like just can't match that warmth. And
combined with sexy boots too!"

Isn't that sweet! You know I love the attention and enjoy a hot email. After reading and replying I usually spread my legs, slip in a finger or toy and read the hot ones over and over. 

Another thing that turns me on is getting custom video requests, here's the most recent that I am going to do; Jepguy wrote "  would like for you to start out dressed in a white button down shirt (unbuttoned), a white full slip, the pantyhose I am sending you, and your own white bra and panty. Please wear shoes (heels) during the video when possible. i would like the video to be done in your bathroom using the mirror to add those special angles that you do so well, and then move to the bedroom at the appropriate times. (just a hint: the test will conclude with a shower/bath test). Start the camera, open the packet, and the rest should work out from the survey inside! I am guessing (and hoping) it will take about 45 minutes from start to finish so I want you to take your time with each item and “test”....Umm can you imagine how much fun I can have on video with a new pair of white bra, panties and a shower stall?

Update #70 photos are result of those emails. Finally, about a week ago I hooked up with one of my long time friends, we had dinner, got a hotelroom and I brought along copies of my favorite emails from you guys which he read while taking pictures of me rolling around nude in bed.

In the members section, you'll see how your emails got to me.  By the way my friend got me that night and morning to!




My travelling companion and photographer of my European vacation thought we should experience a true Swingers Club while in Hamburg. So We did.

This club had three levels with several rooms on each.  The first floor is mostly for conversation, drinking and eating. The second floor had one large room and several private rooms. I'll tell you more about the third floor in a minute.  We spent some time on the first floor chatting and seeking out friendly faces.

Oneof the things that struck me most was the variety of sizes, ages and shapes of everyone. As we toured each room it became very comfortable seeing all sorts of naked bodies, in fact it wasn't long before I was waltzing around in the nude. Everyone was very polite always asking what our interests were and then asking for permission to join in.

While we were in the large social room on the second floor we met Stacy.  She and I just hit it off instantly. We danced, kissed and caressed in this room with 20 or more other people. My travelling companion found a wonderful couple who asked him to join them and he disappeared into one of the private rooms leaving Stacy all to myself.  We wandered upstairs where things really got wild. 

The 3rd floor was one big open space with several rising levels, lots and lots of futon's pillows and blankets. There were several of those hanging swings where a persons legs are slipped into stirrups so their legs are spread for easy access.  The first thing I noticed was how they were always in use.

Stacy guided me through the maze of naked bodies in varous states of lovemaking until we found a spot between 3 other women who were fondling each other and diving for pleasure.

I can't tell you how long we were up stairs or how many orgasms I had or even by whom.  That night I must have enjoyed 7 or 8 partners and explored every inch of Stacy's body. Once while Stacy had her tongue buried in me, a very young stud whispered in her ear then began doing her doggystyle, what a view.  Nearly exhausted she guided me back down stairs for something to eat and drink.  That's where I caught up with my friend and he invited Stacy to join us the next night which she gratefully accepted.

You get to see the results of that night in update# 61. If  you ever get an opportunity to check out a swing club, do yourself the favor of a life time and just do it.




These photos are just a few of a number of times I got all dressed up and then began flashing in public places. My friend gets very aroused whenever I do that. You'll notice my new hair style and these amazing leather boots.  I hope you like these boots because I wore them almost all of the time and that means they are in just about every photo set from my European vacation.

I got them in a small shop in Prague. What a fantastic city. On this occassion we'd just come back to our hotel from a hard day's shopping.

keep visiting my website because update #61 is from the day we got into a real swingers club!

Update #56

My work required a few days in Boston so I made arrangements to hook up with a very dear friend of mine who insisted on taking me to Europe with him.  We travel so well together. I was really looking forward to it. After two solid working days in Boston I picked up my friend at the airport, drove back to my hotel room and give him a proper welcome, several times.  Then we went out for a great dinner and some dancing. We toured old Boston in a horse drawn carriage and checked out a few clubs.  Didn't get back to our hotel until around 3am.

That's when I decided to get a little naughty and started flashing him in the hallway and even the lobby. These photos are from my exhibitionist escapades that night. When you join the members section, you'll be able to learn how both of us ended up naked in the hallway outside my hotel room.


Well it's been almost a month since I had a date and two weeks since I had the chance to do the nasty if you know what I mean! Work has kept me busy, my fan mail from SC really increased this month and planning for a trip to Europe in November has left with me with very personal play time!

Last week a nice older gentleman invited me to dinner. Needing a break I jumped at the chance to get out of the house and spend time with him. First as always, deciding what to wear was the challenge.  The black skirt you see in Update#52 was too long so it was off to the tailor.

I thought you might like to hear about the tailor where I sometimes take my skirts to be shortened.  I have a hard time finding a selection of skirts in clothing stores as short as I like to wear them so in the past I have been taking them to same tailor forever.  It's a father son run family busines who do great work and the son and I have had this flirting thing going on for quitea few year now.

When I got there, the son was all smile. I showed him the skirt I needed altered. We  agreed I would have to try it on to determine the proper length. 

I changed into it in a small dressing room he had.  When I came out he remarked how nice I looked in it.  The tailor had a small platform in front of a mirror that he used when he was taking up the cuffs on men's trousers and he suggested that I should get up on it so the tailor wouldn't have to bend so far.
The tailor is pretty short and when I stood on the platform in my heels his face was just a little above the hem of my skirt.  He had a really good view of my
long legs from where he stood. He asked me to show him how short I wanted it.  I said I wasn't sure and suggested that he slowly raise it as I watched myself in the mirror ahead.  He smiled and said that would probably work.  He moved around behind me and carefully grabbed each side.  He pulled
it up a couple of inches and asked me if that was okay.  I said to pull it up a little shorter. I was getting excited know I wasn't wearing any undies. I couldn't wait to s! ee his reaction. He pulled it up a little more and asked again. I knew from this angle he could now see the bottom of my ass cheeks through my pantyhose.

Just to be a tease and see his reaction, I said it still wasn't quite short enough for this special occassion I had in mind. He pulled it up slowly and kept going until my trimmed crotch peeked out from under the skirt. He could see it in the mirror and I saw him looking at it.  My bare ass was still right in front of his
face.  I said I would hold the skirt at this length if he wanted to look at the skirt from the front to see what he thought. I held it up as he walked around in front of me to look.  I could see his hard-on as he looked at my well trimmed bush through my pantyhose.  I asked him what he thought of it now and he said it was beautiful. After he got a good look I lowered the skirt down to where I really wanted it and said he should hem it there.  This was right below my ass cheeks.

With his bulging pants and more work to be done I really decided to push him to the limit but you'll have to join my members section learn what I did next.



Well finally! after nearly 3 weeks I had a hot adventure that know you guys will enjoy!. Garth, a very good and older friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in over a year called and invited me to lunch. Just for fun I put together the outfit you see in update#48. I thought the sweater was cute, the white top comfy and yet sheer plus the short red skirt, red garters and those shoes would send a message. I was right about that.

Garth works in a building supplies company that I actually was a cashier at many years ago. When I arrived I was told he was in the warehouse which gave me a chance to strut past some of the guys (and girls) I used to work with.

Whenever Garth sees me in public he's always being a smart ass and groping at me. When I found him in the warehouse this time was no different. He hugged me then made a move on my breasts.  This time, however, instead of pulling away as in the past, I  pressed myself back into him.  Garth, not one to miss a cue, immediately brought both hands up to cup  my breasts.  As he massaged my tits, I looked around and didn't see anyone so I continued to grind against his crotch.  Garth  spun me around and started to French kiss me as his hand made its way under my tight red skirt and smiled when he discovered that I wasn't wearing panties.  His eager finger found my  honey pot and he started fingering me right there in the warehouse! 

We became very passionate at this point and much to my surprise Garth was able to lift my shirt completely off, unsnapped  my bra, and then stepped back for a moment to enjoy the sight of  my round, naked tits.  Quickly, Garth began to suck and lick on them and put his finger back under my dress. When he pulled his head away and pushed down on my shoulders, I just knew what he wanted me to do, and  I didn't resist.  Falling to my knees,  I opened his zipper and let him guide his hard on  into my mouth.  He started to move back and forth, running his member over my tongue.  I was so excited, I even started cupping my own breasts.  As Garth got ready to shoot his load, he pulled out of my mouth and he shot his cum onto my boobs then stood back and watched it collect in my cleavage.  The moment that warm wet juice hit my nipple I had an orgasm. Another quick glance around maki! ng sure no one had seen us I searched for my bra but it was thrown way up onto a pile of lumber.  I had no choice but to slid my shirt over my cum covered breasts. Bard smiled and told me he'd get his car and meet me back at my place so we can continue! Just as he disappeared around the corner I realized my car was out front and I would have to walk through the store with my wet braless blouse.

My plight almost immediately became worse when the material stuck to my sticky chest like a second skin.  Blatantly stared at by the rest of the guys she I used to work, I took some pretty intense ribbing about my boobs, nooner's and request for quickies as I walked down each aisle on the way out!

When I arrived home Garth was standing outside my door with this huge grin, a bulge in his pants and his camera!

Think of me and my braless walk through the store when you are looking at the photo's in update# 48!




A few of my SC members enjoy writing stories that involve me.  Since I haven't had a date or a lover over in nearly 3 weeks I thought you might enjoy this fantasy story about me with another woman.  Special thanks to SouthernCharmFan!


Barb entered the club shortly after midnight. It was a bit earlier than her usual arrival time, but she was on the prowl. CBC wasn't telivising any decent games on "Hockey Night in Canada," so she saw no reason to stay home. She headed for her seat at the corner of the bar, where she could scope out the action and spot potential prey. She was wearing a new outfit that accentuated her figure and knew every eye in the place was on her. The neon purple leather mini skirt barely came to mid-thigh and the matching bandeau top showed off her nicely-shaped breasts and ultra-sexy shoulders. The black heels accentuated her shapely legs. The outfit gave off the perfect glow under the fluorescent lights in the club, and made her bronze skin glimmer. The thick, gold belly chain around her narrow waist was the perfect accent.

       "Hey sweet cheeks," the bartender greeted Barb as he poured her an iced tea. "You're early."

  &nbs! p;    "Well, it's been a while since I found a new toy, too long in fact," Barb said. "Anything good on the menu tonight?"

       "Actually, there is something I think you'll be interested in," the bartender said. "She's sitting over there in the corner. Showed up about an hour ago, alone. Never saw her before."

       "Well, well, well," Barb replied as she stole a glance at the beautiful creature sitting by herself in the booth. "I might just have to take that goddess home with me and eat her for breakfast."

       "Breakfast?" the bartender laughed. "Honey, there's no way you could hold out that long."

       Barb gave a hearty laugh.

       "You know me too well, Bryan, too well," she said. "So, what is she drinking?"

       "A raspberry! margarita, but I gave it a few extra shots of tequila," Bryan replied . "So I don't think she's feeling any pain right now."

       "You're too good to me," Barb said as she leaned over the bar and gave Bryan a kiss on the cheek. "I just wish I could change your mind and make you use that 10-inch weapon on me. You wouldn't regret it."

       "Honey, I've heard too many stories about you," Bryan shot back. "If I was ever even going to consider changing teams, you wouldn't be my first choice. I'm afraid you'd hurt me."

       "That's half the fun," Barb said. "Pour her another stiff one and I'll deliver it myself. I'm feeling frisky tonight."

       Barb picked up the drink off the bar and headed for the mystery woman in the booth. The closer she got, the more intoxicating the woman's beauty became. Her name was Brit and she had a lilting Jamaican accent that almost melted Barb's ears the first time ! she heard it. Brit's beautiful ebony skin gave off the most exotic contrast to her liquid silver, skin tight pvc dress. Her closely-cropped hair made her look a little like Halle Berry.

       "Can I buy you a drink?" Brit asked.

       "Looks like you already have," Brit said. "And I never refuse an offer from a pretty lady."

       "Well, that certainly doesn't leave much to the imagination, now does it?" Barb said.

       "Depends on what you want to imagine," Brit said, a devilish grin creeping across her ruby lips.

       The two women made small talk for about half an hour. They moved closer and closer to each other until Barb's left leg and Brit's right leg were pressed against each other from thigh to the knee. Both could feel the beat of the music pulsing through the floor and table! , but neither really wanted to get up and dance. Being out on the floo r wouldn't be as intimate, and neither wanted to share the moment with others.

       "Look, I'm not into wasting time," Brit said when their drinks were empty. "Let's just figure out which one of us lives the closest and get down to business."

       "Aren't you the pushy one," Barb laughed as she leaned over and kissed Brit. She always got a kick out of it when the woman she was seducing pretended to be in charge. She usually went along with the game just for grins.

       "Follow me," Barb said quickly as she slipped out of the booth. "I only live a few blocks away."

       As they stood up to leave, Barb noticed that Brit was at least six feet tall. She could feel the moisture running down the inside of her thighs as she watched the Amazon queen stand up and walk away. The two women hurried to the valet parking desk, jumped i! n their respective vehicles and sped off. A few minutes later, they were in the driveway of Barb's condo. She hit the automatic garage door opener and motioned for Brit to drive in, too. Her neighbors were already nosy enough about her less than ordinary lifestyle, she didn't need any busybodies asking about unfamiliar cars in her driveway.

       Barb opened the door leading from the garage into the house. It was located at the end of a hallway with two bedrooms to the right and a bathroom straight ahead. To the left, the hallway led to the kitchen, dining room, study, family room and master bedroom suite. She let Brit walk in first. The hallway was a bit dark, and Barb was surprised when Brit suddenly turned around, pushed her against the wall and began kissing her hard.

       "Take off your clothes," Brit said in a commanding voice.

       "No," Barb replied. "! You first."

       Brit quickly r eached under Barb's dress with her left hand and grabbed Barb's cunt lips between her thumb and forefinger. It wasn't painful, but it did sting a little. Of course, that only served to excite Barb more. Barb was a very confident woman and never felt intimidated by men or other women. But Brit was different. She towered over Barb and her broad shoulders and nicely defined arms belied her athletic background and the fact she continued to work out.

       "Don't ever say no to me," Brit said forcefully in Barb's ear. "Now take off your clothes."

       She let go of Barb and stepped back, slowly licking her fingers. Barb unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. She then pulled her bandeau top down to her slim waist and let it fall, too. Naturally, she wasn't wearing any underwear. She didn't even own any. She stood there frozen against the wall, clad in nothing but her heels and belly chain. She! felt quite vulnerable as her juices continued to flow down her thighs.

       "My, my, you're a wet little slut," Brit said as she dipped her left hand back down to Barb's crotch. Brit placed her right hand against Barb's chest, just below her neck, and pushed her back against the wall. She leaned in and began licking Barb's lips, moving back and forth, but not allowing her to kiss her back.

       She inserted two slender, long fingers inside her and quickly found her g-spot. She continued rubbing back and forth as Barb started gyrating her hips. Brit then put her thumb firmly against Barb's clit and started pushing. It was too much to take.

       "Harder," Barb moaned. "Please .... push ... harder." She couldn't believe she was saying please.

       "Do you want to cum?" Brit breathed heavily in Barb's ear.

 &nb! sp;     "Yes, YES!" Barb replied.

 &nb sp;     "Do I excite you?" Brit asked.

       "God, yes," Barb sighed.

       Brit continued applying just enough pressure to keep Barb on the verge of orgasm, but knew exactly how to move to avoid letting Barb cum.

       "Do you think you deserve to cum?" Brit asked as she began lightly slapping Barb's breasts. "Look at those hard little nipples. You're such a whore, aren't you?"

       A few grunts were all Barb could manage. She had lost even the ability to form words as she teetered between ecstasy and pain. She wanted to badly to cum but Brit wouldn't let her.

       "You know, I don't think I want my little slut to cum just yet," Brit said as she withdrew her fingers from Barb's cunt. "You're going to have to earn that."

       B! arb was dumbfounded. She slid down the wall and fell to her knees. Her mind was spinning. This had never happened to her before. She was the one who picked up her prey at the bar, took them home and screwed them to her content, then dismissed them when she grew bored. The tables had severely turned. Brit was the one who had picked up Barb and was now toying with her for her own pleasure. Part of Barb was pissed, but another part was wildly excited. She never thought she had a submissive side to her, but it was obviously about to be exposed.

       "Crawl to me." Brit's voice snapped Barb from her daydream. She looked up to see Brit at the end of the hallway. She had removed her dress and was standing with her hands on her hips.
       "Crawl to me, my little pussycat," Brit said.

       Barb crawled seductively toward Brit. When ! she reached Brit's feet, she rubbed her cheek against the standing wom an's lower leg.

       "I'll be a good kitty for you," Barb purred.

       "Shut the XX up," Brit said as she bent down and yelled in Barb's face. "Crawl to the bed and lie face down on it until I get there."

       Barb was laying face down on the black satin sheets of her king size bed, but wasn't sure why she was doing it. No one ever bossed her around when it came to sex. She turned toward the door at the sound of Brit entering and her eyes grew wide as saucers. Brit was still naked and in her heels, but now she also wore elbow-length black leather gloves and the most enormous strap-on dildo Barb had ever seen. A mix of anxiety, trepidation and animal lust gripped her insides.

       Brit walked to the bed and straddled Barb from behind. She bent down, moved aside the hair from Barb's neck and began kissing and licking her ba! ck. She then started slapping Barb's ass with the massive rubber cock.

       "I always keep a bag of toys in the trunk of my car, just in case I find a bitch to amuse me," Brit said. "Now get that piece of meat up in the air for me."

       Barb's cheeks grew red with anger, but raised up on her knees and elbows as instructed. Despite the size of the dildo, it was not difficult for Brit to shove it into Barb's dripping wet cunt. It was so large it touched every nerve ending inside Barb at the same time, front, back and sides. Brit then did something totally amazing that Barb had never experienced before. Instead of sliding in and out like a guy would do, Brit grabbed Barb's waist and began guiding her pelvis in a circular motion in rhythm with her own. The dildo was so long it kept constant pressure against Barb's g-spot.

       The powerful grip of Brit's hands ! on Barb's waist turned the area on either side of her hips into erogen ous zones. She could feel the heat from Brit's strong hands against her, pushing her belly chain into her skin just hard enough to create a mildly painful, yet pleasurable sensation. It was obvious who was in control. Barb had already given up any hope of regaining the upper hand tonight. If any other woman, or man for that matter, had tried to dominate her like Brit was doing, she would have started kicking ass and taking names. But with Brit it was different. The combination of her Carmel-colored skin, accent and unparalleled confidence had an almost hypnotic effect on Barb.

       Brit slapped Barb on the ass and brought her back to reality. "Answer me when I ask you a question."

       "What?" Barb managed to say between gasps for breath.

       "I asked if you if you thought you deserved to cum yet," Brit said.


       "Yes, what?" Brit asked as she slapped Barb's ass, harder this time.

       "Yes, please," Barb answered.

       Brit reached in front of Barb and jammed a small, hand-held vibrator against her clit. Time stood still for Barb as jolts of electricity arced from her clit to her mind and back again. Her field of vision went totally blind as the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced washed over her body. Just as the first orgasm was starting to subside, Brit took the vibrator and pushed it up against the opening of Barb's asshole.

       The second orgasm was too much for Barb's body to handle. She raised up off her elbows and arched her back as a guttural moan turned into a scream. She passed out and began falling forward toward the bed's headboard when Brit caught her in mid air and gently lowered her down onto the ! pillows.

       She opened her ey es to see Brit sitting up next to her.

       "How long was I out," Barb asked as she scooted up and propped herself against the pillows next to Brit.

       "About 10 minutes," Brit replied.

      Barb started to roll over onto Brit, ready to get the first taste of her Amazon lover.

       "Slow down there, blondy," Brit said as she pushed Barb back down into the pillows. "Let's get some rest. You're going to need all your energy tomorrow to deal with me."

       As the two women drifted off to sleep, their arms and legs entwined, Barb couldn't help but wonder what the next day would bring. All she knew for sure was, she would not be taken two days in a row, especially in her own bed.

Update#44 shows off the dress I wore for my date with the guy I met in the bookstore.  His name is Jason, he's 29 (at least that's what he told me) and works for an IT company.  We went to a nearby hotel for dinner and dancing then he wanted to take me to a few clubs I'd never heard of.

We danced to some rap band and each time he kept pulling up my dress and smiling at me.  He was dying to find out whether I wore any undies or not as he had requested. As we walked through the parking lot towards hi car, my back was to him so I flipped up my dress to show I was wearing a full body length mesh stocking with no undies.  My bare ass was exposed for him to enjoy.  Unfortunately I didn't look over my shoulder before lifting my skirt and didn't realize there was a group of guys and girls just behind him.  They yelled and applauded so I did the shimy and kept walking toward his car with my butt out there for all to enjoy.  Jason was extremely turned on which excited me since he is so much younger than I.

Back at his place I had to decide whether to give him what he wanted or play coy since it was only the 1st official date. He poured himself a glass of wine and got me a nice cold glass of Ice Tea. I sat across from him in a big cozy chair slowly angling my legs in such a way for him to look up my dress if wanted to and gaze at my crotch covered only by the mesh stocking.

What do you think I decided to do?


After my work out (update42) My photographer friend wanted to pick out my dress for my date with the young stud I met in the bookstore but before we did that he said we needed a photo set so he grabbed the digital camera and just snapped away taking pictures of the white top and jeans I had on from grocery shopping(update #43).  We thought everyone would enjoy seeing me in just plain ol street clothes. While he was snapping away he kept asking what I thought would happen on my date and why this self-assured young guy insisted on me not wearing any undies!

As he snapped away his questions got more provactive and the bulge in his pants grew. I gave him candid answers and suggested hi keep taking pictures while I ran a tub.  He asked if I would go all the way with this guy on the first date. I said yes.  He wanted to know details so I told my friend to hop into the tub with me and I'll show him! When you join the members section check out update#43 and  you'll get to see how I handled his member. My photographer friend actually prefers a handjob or blowjob to almost anything else so I started with that while talking about what I would do with my young stud on this date.  Once I took matters into my own hands and got a firm grip on things with my lips, we moved into the bedroom where I demonstrated how I take care of things on top. You see it all in the members section and update#43.

It felt great to release all my tension and anxiety with my photographer friend so I could relax and pick out the nicest dress for my date...without panties of course!


Update #42.

When you read my journal, you learn how I meet a very self-assured young man in a bookstore. Well, the story didn't end their.  He followed me out to the street and asked for a date.  I was with my good friend who takes my pics but this didn't seem to bother him.  Anyway after spending some time with him I agreed and we made plans to go out.  I even gave him my number.  Well he called and after some idle chit-chat he asked me dancing but had one favor. No undies!

This update shows you how hard I worked out for this date and what I wore.  If you want to know what happened on my first date! You'll have to read my journal.

Update #41

This little red dress just did something to me when I put it on and my friend insisted he take some photos before we went out. The pics in update #41 are the one's he took. Unfortunately he was too nervous to take more once we got downtown.  Our first stop was an old bookstore with a fairly secluded second story. This was an older building with  a very high ceiling. Most of the walls are bookcases. They have on of those old  up and down  rolling ladders which I climbed up much to my friends shock.  It didn't take long before a couple of guys kept passing by the ladder and looking way up then smiling.

One clever guy took a seat in a near by leather chair and watched me. Looking up at an angle, I knew he could just make out the lace tops of of my hose and no doubt a very clear view of my undies. You know every girl loves an audience so I reached high for the next shelf and of couse my skirt lifted. The hem at the  back crept up to show an inch of my panty covered tush. I could have climbed higher and shown less but he was cute and deserved a reward for being smart enough to think of using the chair.

What goes up does eventually come down and when I passed by my admirer I just smiled as he said thank you.


This is a very special and wonderful outfit. One of my members sent me 100% silk stocking, this amazing garter and very, very sexy white lace thong.

As soon as it arrived in the mail I just had to try them all on.  In fact I spent the day wearing them and consistanly checking myself in the mirror.  Of course I also called my favorite guy over to take these pictures.

My living room has a very comfortable couch.  You may have seen me using it in previous updates? Well anyway. It wasn't long before we were both on the couch. 

In the members section I go into graphic detail about just how hot it was to have him feel my silky stockings and work his way to my inner thighs.

We spent the afternoon on that couch and you must know, I owe some fabulous orgasms to my very special member TJK. Thanks hun for such an inspiring outfit!




Take a close look at the sequined bra I'm wearing in photo update #34.  No imagine me on the dance floor of a club wearing that and just the pink skirt.  After the photo shoot my photog friend and I went to a club dance which lasted til about 2am.  I love dancing.  Sometimes it gets me into a bit of trouble because guys will dance with me and then expect more.  They don't understand that sometime a girl just wants to dance.  Well this was one of those nights but it was sooo hot that I took off my blouse and just danced in this bra and skirt.  Naturally skirts rise up when dancing.  Naturally flashes of my pink undies attracted many guys.  Can you blame them?  When the night was over I had 30 business cards, sore feet and sweaty undies!

Update #32;

After my run I was trying to cool down but my good friend just kept teasing me to flash him my undies.  He's a bit of a panty lover.  We had some good fun in the backyard and then slipped into the kitchen.

What happened next was quite spontaneous so there aren't any photos.  Now keep in mind my friend is just that, a friend we've never had a sexual encounter in the past. At most I've chuckled at his chubby whenever he wants to take some photos but this time we was quite different. 

Once inside he put the camera down, approached me from behind and began to run his fingers along the in seam of my shorts.

I protested (slightly) but his fingers kept walking right into my inner thigh where he proceeded to relax me better than anyone I've ever known!

In just minutes I was was quivering and totally relaxed.  He just made it to the top of my best friends list and now I must find a way to reward him.  Any suggestions?


It's so much fun learning how my members react to each photo update.  Michael wrote this great fantasy all because my photos inspired him!!

You wanted to know what happened when I entered the members area???:)
After I had seen the first picīs, I got a hard on and was getting horny more and more with every
new picture set. You can believe me, itīs not happening very often, but I had to take off my trousers
and started stroking myself. Your supersexy body and your outstanding smile was really too much
for me and I was cuming so hard while looking at the picture where you are kneeling on a chair
with the white stockings on. Maybe you can imagine what I was dreaming of while looking at the pic?;)
I had to clean my keyboard and my PC-screen afterwards, but that was OK:)
Iīve told you that I have a weakness for your supersexy feet and I have a fantasy that would
blow of my mind if it would be reality. I was fantasizing to sit with you in a nice restaurant by
candle light. You were wearing a long red evening dress with a slit on the right side, tan nylon
stockings and black sling pumps.! You were looking incredible sexy and you noticed that I was
turned on so much by your looks. You were sitting with your back to the other couples in the
restaurant so no one could see what was happening on my side of the table. I noticed a very horny
look in your eyes and you told me, that your shoes would kill you. At the same moment, I saw that
the table cloth on my side was moving and your nylon covered feet started teasing my legs. Your
tongue was slightly moving over your red lipstick covered lips and I was getting harder with
every second. Your right foot was moving  slowly up and down between my legs. While you were
doing this, you said to me:" I think we should leave, my feet  are really in need of a massage. What do
you think?"

Well Michael I love to play footsies and it's even more exciting in public.


The photos taken for this set are from my last vacation.  I spend a marvelous time in Las Vegas and San Francisco with JACK.   He took all these photos including the ones in the members section where he watched and patiently photographed me as I pleasured myself with a brand new toy we had picked up shopping. Here's what Jack wrote to me when he sent in the photos.

"As promised here are our vacation digital snaps.  You look radiant as always ah, but it ain't nothing like the real thing.  you are the most beautiful girl it has EVER been my pleasure to know.

love, jack .



A good friend of mine, Don shared his desires with me and I thought you would enjoy them to.! His story is about being watched while we make out.  Just so everyone knows, I am an exhibitionist so that's the part of this story that really turned me one. Maybe next time Don write's it will turn into a 4some!

Hello once again Barb! It’s time for another fantasy! This one also has that "neighbor" theme, but as usual has that little twist to it. I do hope that you like this fantasy and as always I look forward to your special comments. It is always great to hear from you Barb! So until next time . . .

Many hugs and wet kisses just for you!



I live next door to a very nice older couple. They must be in their late 50s or early 60s. They are friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. Betty is a wonderful cook and invites me over to dinner several times a month. Walt is the handyman type and whenever something goes wrong at my house he is usually able to help me get things fixed and back to normal. Betty says I need a wife to look after me so she is always trying to set me up with someone. The latest candidate was her niece Barb. It was last Friday night and Betty invited me over to dinner, but she didn’t mention Barb to me. She wanted it to be a surprise.

I wandered over to their house about 7:00 looking forward to one of Betty’s delicious home cooked meals. Walt met me at the door and when I walked in I could smell that wonderful odor emanating from the kitchen. Betty came around the corner to say hello and with her was this gorgeous woman. I caught on quickly as she introduced her niece Barb. Walt told Barb and I to sit on the couch and get acquainted while he and Betty finished up with the meal. As we sat on the couch and chatted we found out that we had quite a lot in common.

"Dinner is ready" Betty called out from the kitchen. We all sat down at the table and enjoyed the old-fashioned country style cooking that Betty was famous for.  After we were finished with dinner Betty suggested that we watch a movie she had rented earlier that day. It was one of those romantic comedies. Boy meets girl and they eventually fall in love. Betty isn’t very subtle sometimes! Barb and I just looked at other and smiled.  As we all sat and watched the movie suddenly I realized that Barb and I were holding hands. We glanced over at Walt and Betty and they were both sound asleep! It must have been past their bedtime! We looked in each other's eyes, smiled and slowly our lips came together. We exchanged our first kiss. It was so nice and romantic. We began to neck right there on the couch while our hosts were sleeping away. I can only imagine how the movie ended because Barb and I were making our own romantic movie so to speak.

Barb stood and took me by the hand leading me down the hall to the guest bedroom. We stepped inside and Barb closed the door behind us. We sat on the side of the bed and continued with our deep wet kisses. Our tongues were dancing together as our passions rose to a fever pitch. I reached over and began to unbutton Barb’s blouse and she began to unbutton my shirt. We continued kissing and removing our clothes until were totally naked. I looked at Barb and she was so sexy. Her skin was soft and silky and her hair was lustrous. She had wonderful breasts and she was simply radiant. I took her in my arms and held her close as we kissed again. Her warm skin felt so good pressed against mine. Her breasts pressed into my chest. I kissed her gently on the neck, the shoulders. Laying her down on the bed I worked my way down to her nipples. They were full and erect as she was getting aroused. I licked and sucked on each nipple giving each one a gentle nibble. Barb moaned, as her nip! ples were very sensitive at that moment. I licked and kissed my way down to her belly button. I paused for a moment teasing her cute little belly button with my tongue. On down I went as Barb spread her legs wide inviting me to continue. I caressed and kissed the inside of her thighs brushing gently against her and teasing her. She was already quite wet and her lips had swollen and opened up. I began to gently lick and nibble on those beautiful lips. Sliding my hands under her I raised her hips slightly to get better access. She crossed her legs on my back as I licked probed her sweet cunt with my tongue. I looked up and Barb was rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Her clit had begun to slightly peak out from under it’s hood and my tongue flicked at it ever so lightly. It wasn’t long before Barb began to have an orgasm. Her legs started to shake and she cried out as the orgasm hit. I lapped up the delicious sweet nectar that flowed from her cunt. We both sat up ! and kissed deeply and Barb could taste her sweet juices on my lips. As we kissed, her hand reached down and she took me in her hand. I was pretty well erect at the time and Barb dropped down to her knees on the floor and kissed the head of my cock. She ran her tongue around and around the head then up and down the shaft. God, it felt so good! She wrapped her lips around the head and slowly started to slide her lips up and down my cock. Her mouth was so wet and warm and felt so wonderful. She held my balls loosely in her hand and gently rolled them back and forth. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t take any more and Barb took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it up and down. After a few strokes I started to cum. My hot cum spewed out onto Barb’s face and lips. She opened her mouth allowing a couple of streams to land on her tongue. She was so fantastic! As my orgasm subsided she took my cock and licked off the remaining cum. She ran her tongue around her lips and with her fingers wiped the cum off her face before sticking her fingers betwee! n her lips and licking them off too. We held each other close and kissed again. This time I could taste my cum on her lips.

Barb was so beautiful and sexy and it wasn’t long before I was aroused, erect and ready to go again. I lay back on the bed as Barb positioned herself over me. Taking my hard cock in her hand she guided it toward her waiting cunt and lowered herself onto me. She was so tight, wet and warm! She began to rock back and forth on my cock. I looked up at her as she looked down at me. We both smiled and her eyes sparkled. Barb then began to rise up and down on my cock. My hips were soon in perfect rhythm with her as we made love. Her breasts were bouncing slightly up and down as she rode my cock. I reached up and held her breasts in my hands gently pinching and tweaking her nipples with my fingers. Barb squealed with delight as she flicked at her clit with her finger. She began to have her second orgasm and I could feel her cunt gripping my cock even harder. Before her orgasm subsided I came again. I emptied my balls shooting cum deep inside of Barb. She fell forward onto me an! d we embraced kissing each other passionately. Barb rolled off me and we lay together on the bed sexually and physically exhausted.

I glanced over at the bedroom door and it was open! Walt and Betty stood in the doorway! They had not been asleep! They had been watching us the whole time! They were standing there smiling and both were naked as jaybirds! Betty’s dark nipples were huge and her skin was flushed. It was obvious she was very aroused. Walt’s cock was hard as a rock and pointing at us! Who would have guessed that this gentle older couple were voyeurs! Barb and I had been putting on a show for these two the whole time!