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Meet Me
Here's a sample of what some members have written after we've gotten together in the flesh!

DAN wrote;

To tell you the truth. You've no idea how much I enjoyed you company
 above what come naturally. You were the personification of the one
 that got away or the one that one looks for but never found. Your
 intellect and beauty were astounding and your life style impeccable.
 You were a lady with ideas and the wisdom to know where and how to
get to where you wanted to be. Bravo to you and I should have told
 you this sooner but it was and is an honor to know you and I don't
want to lose touch with you regardless.

PAUL wrote;

Thank you for the picture taking session. My breath got short
and memory served me well. I will also admit that the beauty of your
presence, the essence of your fragrance my eyes begged to see more of
you. Memory can be a very hurtful thing. And how I do remember the
sheer beauty of lace covered breast and a feel of you that felt tight
around me. No I don't exaggerate or embellish. I give to you in
return what you gave to me only in words. You didn't attempt to
fabricate which I truly appreciated. So my truth is that I want to
see you in all of your splendor and might I say that your eyes are
still as bright as ever. I do miss the sight and smell of you.

I do travel for any gentleman member so write me.