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Please email me with video/photo set requests before sending payment.

I will let you know if I can make the video/photo set you are requesting.
The video will be put on a DVD, emailed or sent thru chat

Custom Video $10.00 per minute (5 minute minimum order).

All videos are OF ME ALONE.
Depending on what you want me to do, and/or
the length of video, will depend on the final price. I will not do some things,
so send an email with request before paying, to make sure I agree to do them.

Custom Photos = $4 per photo (10 minimum)

Send Payment to:

You can pay with an online payment option that is free to send money,
and discreet (I get full amount). I do not have a PO Box,
so can not accept money orders/checks/cash. Photos or videos can be
emailed, sent thru instant messenger or mailed to you on a CD/DVD.

~~~~~~Important Please Read~~~~~~

After payment is received there will be no changes made & no refunds.

You also must read & agree to the following:


1. I am at least 18-21 years of age whicheveris the legal definition of
adult in my juri! sdiction
. The material I am requesting is for my ownpersonal use and will not to be viewed by minors or anyone else.

2. I am not a Law Enforcement Agent of any kind, ! a US Postal Official, or
another, attempting to obtain any evidence for the prosecution of any
individual /entity or Corporation or for the purpose! of entrapment.

3. I agree that the material that I'm ordering is not obscene or offensive
to me, that I enjoy reading, listening to and watching sexually explicit
material. I am also certifying that the erotic and / or sexually explicit
material I'm ordering below is not illegal or considered obscene in my

4. I understand that this video and/or photos are protected by copyright laws and thatduplicati! on is unlawful.That none of this material will be duplicated for anyof any kind. I agree that if for ANY reason duplicate copies are traced back to me,

I AGREE to pay all Lawyer fees, detective fees, and will face criminal chargesand be sued to the fullest extent of the law. I hereby certifypenalty of perjury that all of the aforementioned is true and"I understand and 100% agree with THE TERMS OF THIS LEGALand agree to abide by this document and state that I am releasingand all obligation, liability or responsibility from Southern Charms,Webmasters Model(s)& its ISP from what I choose to do."

By ordering a custom video or photos, you have read the above and agree to all statements above.

Print Name:_____________________

Date signed__________________________
I agree to the above, sign name:_____________________