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Webcam through Skype: $50 for 15 minutes, $100 for 30 minutes, $150 for 45 minutes.

Custom Photos:$3 a photo (10 photos minimum). Emailed, put on CD, or sent thru chat.

Be my Photographer: $600 - Which includes a public date for a meal or coffee, and you get to photograph me for an update. I may let you be in a few photos with me, if we get along well and it is something you want to do. I will have a chaperone/friend with me when I meet you. The photos will be done at your hotel room (Orange County, CA) and consist of at least a 1 hour minimum photo shoot.

You will be required to sign a guest release if you will be in any photos, and a photographer release to take the photos if you want me to post on my site. There is no sex involved in this date, and you are paying for the photo shoot. The guest and photographer releases are done online, and I do not have to see your private information. I will require an ID to make sure you are of legal age. This is only available to gentlemen 30 and older. All travel expenses you acquire are your responsibility. 50% deposit is required when booking the photo shoot, and can be paid online (ask me how). The rest will be paid when we meet in person.

Email me with all inquiries and questions: I do not sell dirty/soiled items, exception being shoes have been worn and not washe! d.