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FAQ Page

Q: Where are you from?
A: Originally, I am from Oklahoma I now reside inCalifornia

Q: How often do you plan to update?
A: I plan on2 to3 times per month.

Q: What is you status?
A: Happily Married

Q: Who is your photographer?
A: My Husband

Q: What is the possibility of meeting you?
A:I am currently exploring the idea of meeting fans. Please see my "Meet Me" page.

Q: Do you smoke?
A: Never!

Q: Are you in the lifestyle?
A: No, but it is something I would love to try.

Q: Do you respond to fan mail (email)?
A: I personally answer all of my emails from both fans and members. One thing to remember, it may take some time for a response.

Q: What about custom videos and pictures, do you do them?
A: I like to show off my curves and talents, and I will just for you. So the answer is YES!

Q: Do you take photo shoot requests?
A: Definitely! I will consider all requests (within reason) from my members.

Q: Can I send you a gift to wear or use in an up coming photo shoot?
A: By all means, YES! If you buy something special for me, please make sure it is new and sealed in
the original wrapper/container and as a "THANK YOU" from me I will use/wear the gift in a photoshoot personally dedicated to you.


Please Email at: for my mailing address.