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Meet Me Page

Would you like to direct me in a special shoot?

Maybe be my PHOTOGRAPHER for the day?

Do you want to meet me and wine and dine me? Take me out for a play or concert?

 Have you fantasized about being in a PHOTO SHOOT with me?

Well, I'm happy to consider your request. Just write me and let me know what you'd like to do.

We can discuss the possibilities
ANY shoots will require a Southern Charms model release.

Any photos or videos you take will require a release from you that makes them mine for Southern Charms.
Upon request your face will be cropped out of any published materiel

There is NO promise of any sexual activity and ANY fee is ONLY for my time.

These Terms and Conditions apply:   NO EXCEPTIONS!
1. Email me your Name, City, State, and Age.

2. Email a minimum of 3 current Photos of yourself (face, full length clothed body shot, 1 nude with face).

3. Tell me why you would like to meet me or do a photo shoot.
4. Understand that if you are chosen all expenses for travel to the San Diego area, lodging, meals, entertainment would be at your own expense.

5. If chosen, advance completion of all age verification, copies of 2 forms of ID's, photography waivers, consent. and compliance forms would need to be completed and accepted at least four weeks prior to the meeting.

6. The entire meeting, photo opportunity etc. will be chaperoned for my safety. If the meeting is comfortable and agreeable, a possible staged photo shoot would be done. Being selected to do a photo shoot does not imply that any sexual contact will occur.
7. If you cancel our meeting any fee for my time is non-refundable. You may however reschedule for another time. All payments are negotiated prior to meeting.