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FAQ Page

Q. How old are You?
A. 51

Q. How long have you been doing this?
A. Since Oct. 99

Q. What kinds of things will I see in your member area?
A. Pantyhose gallore, smoking, girl/girl, girl/guy, threesomes, bj's,
     smoking bj's, toys, masturbation, balloons, softcore, hardcore,
     sex, feet pics, soft bondage, if I left out a fetish ask me it may be  
     there. (grin)

Q. Are you married?
A. Yes (Wolf is my wonderful hubby and photographer)

Q. Do you do interacial shoots?
A. I love you all but I just don't go there.

Q. Do you accept presents?
A. hehe I'm a woman aren't I? I love to be spoiled rotten.

Q. Do you really enjoy doing this?
A. Yes I love it. Considering how long I have been here I hope it   
     shows. (wink)

Q. Do You answer your mail or does someone else?
A. I do and sometimes it may take me a while but I answer all mail
    except rude or crude.

Q. Do you do live cam?
A. Yes I do cam on ifriends
 you can find out here if I am on live or archives at the moment.

Is there a question you would like me to answer? Just email me at I will be happy to. (wink)

Hugs & kisses