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Q:  Do you answer your own e-mails?  A:  Yes, I do and will respond with in the same week that it was received.  I will not repsond to offensive content.  Members will receive priority.

Q:  How many times a week will you be updating?  A:  I will be updating 2-3 times a week with exclusive Member's only bonus updates occasionally.  All 6 month members will receive a 10 minute free bonus video chat with me.

Q:  Are you married?  A:  Yes I am happily married-my husband is currently my photographer and enjoys sharing me with everyone.

Q:  Can I meet you?  A:  There is always that possibility, but I would prefer to get to know you online through here for awhile first so that if/when we do meet it won't be so awkward.  My husband will always be present. 

Q:  Do you smoke?  A: Yes Marlboro light shorts

Q:  Can I send you a sexy outfit or a toy to use in a future photo set?  A: Absolutely, I love receiving gifts of any kind.  Just make sure that they are in their original packaging and/or with the tags still attached.  I cannot accept used items for safety/hygiene purposes.

Q:  Do you do custom videos?  A:  Yes I do there will be info in the near future about how to get your copy of a custom video.

Q:  Do you have hardcore content?  A:  Yes, blow jobs, lingerie, stockings, heels, toys, facials, cum shots, anal toys, creampies and more to come.  We need a photographer, there will be a contest to find one in the future. 

Q: Why do you have an adult oriented website?  A:  I currently have a full time job and a part time job.  This website is my relaxation and fun time.  My husband and I are both very thrilled with the opportunity to make all my members HOT, HARD, AND HAPPY!!!  Besides I love showing off my body to everyone, expecially when I get caught!

Q:  Do you have a wish list?  A:  Yes I do.  Look on under

Thank you very much in advance for your generosity.  You can catch me on twitter @sexykarrina52 or e-mail me at