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Journal Page
Hello good people and welcome to my journal. You will get to know the real Karrina so much better.   My thoughts, desires, wishes, wants and maybe even a few fantasies.  So lets just start with today.  What a bad day it was.  Had a little fender bender, then I got a toothache.  But as I sat at my desk all I thought of was where I wanted to be.  Not tied down to a desk, but maybe tied down to my bed.  That is something that I have kinda always wanted to try out.  But only if I was being teased into submission.  I think it would be great to be blindfolded so that I did not know my source of pleasure.  Then as my body got all steamy hot and I ached for someone to enter my throbbing women-hood, there between my legs would cum a hot passionate lover.  Shoving his large stiff member deep inside my yearning moist sexiness, as we gave ourselves to each other we then both collapse in total exhaustion.  When we both ! feel completed he then rips off the blindfold to reveal himself.  The best part is he is a total stranger.  In my excitement I grab his growing manhood and take it deep in my throat pumping until he once again reaches orgasm flooding my face, and breasts with his warm sticky love juice.

Stay tuned, more to come.............

September 26, 2013 Today was a pretty good day. I was a very long day but a good one. The very best part of the day was to come home to surprise packages from one of my fans.  Thank you Kevin for the fabulous shoes I love both pair and will wear them like crazy, the ankle bracelet (which looks amazing) on my ankle, and of course the body stocking.  Everyone will get a chance to see all the things Kevin sent to me.  Now when I go out clubbing I will have new shoes to wear and I will look so hot in that body stocking.  I will be out there on that dance floor strutting my stuff and making all the cocks stiff while they watch me. 

Thanks again Kevin, I love everything you sent me.

Oct 3, 2013  WOW, I can't believe its October already.  Just a few weeks ago I was up at the nudist resort having my first experience at swinging.  I must say it was very exciting.  I was there camping for the weekend.  Every weekend there is a party/dance.  Then an after party, then an after the after party.  It pretty much goes on until dawn.  I was dressed in my favorite clubbing outfit.  You know the one.  I'm wearing it in pic set 11 & 12, my 2 part picture set.  I must say I was looking F-I-N-E.  Stockings, my CMCFM pumps and nothing on under.  The dance was in full swing when we arrived.  But that didn't stop all the guys from staring at me as I walked over to my table.  There is something about being the center of attention that I really like, not to mention it turns me on and makes me hot. 

I had only been sitting enjoying the music a short time when one of the guys came up and started a conversation with me.  Not your everyday type of conversation you play??  Not really knowing how to answer a question like that I said that depends on what kind of playing.  He replied only the best kind of playing.  Swinging.  Me being new to the "lifestyle" I had to tell him that I had not had the pleasure yet.  I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was getting turned on just talking to me.  He asked me if I liked to dance and of course I do.   The next slow song that came on he was right at my table requesting a dance.  As we embraced on the dance floor I could feel his bulge growing again.  Very soon into the song he started kissing my neck.  That lit a fire inside me.  Our lips touched and he began searching past my fire red lipstick, thrusting in and out with his hot tongue.  I was lost in the moment as he slid his hand down my back and to my ass.  He pulled up my skirt and massaged my tanned ass as we swayed to the music.  From there he caressed my breasts exposing them to everyone in the place.  He sucked and licked and stroked my breast making me ever hotter and hornier.  When I could stand it no longer he inched his way down to my aching pussy and I felt the coolness of his fingers as he started teasing my clit.  Over and over he played with my pussy, finger banging me and stroking my clit until all at once I burst free with one of the biggest orgasm I have ever had.  It's hard to say if it was the excitement of swinging for the first time in my life or if I was just one horney bitch.

I had such a great time on my first 3 some.  I can't wait to tell you.  They wanted to meet me and see how things would go.  Being new to the lifestyle I was anxious to jump right in.  We spent a little time getting to know each other and then the fun started.  Mr. A ate my pussy licking and teasing me clit for over an hour.  When I could hold back no more, I squirted all over his face.  He licked up every drop, then mounted me and fucked my married pussy for over an hour.  That's when my husband joined in.  He had been pleasing Mr A's wife, I could tell by her moaning and groaning that she was satisfied.  I started sucking off Mr. A and then gave some attention to my husband.  I must say sucking 2 cocks at the same time is a real turn on.  My pussy was again aching for a rock hard cock to pound me good.  We moved from the bedroom to the kitchen.  Mr A. thrust his throbbing hard cock deep inside me while I deep throated my husband.  Mr. A's wife was watching the whole thing and again that turned me on like crazy.  She was also taking pictures too.  I fucked and sucked for 2 hours cuming over and over.  When I sucked off one cock the other one was ready and waiting.  They took turns with me pounding me hard until we all were exhausted.  I can't remember a time where I had more fun, now this is what life should be like.  Fucking and sucking until everyone is well spent.


November has always been my favorite month of the year.  Mostly because my birthday is in November and because I have 5 paid holidays off in the month.  I'm sitting here thinking about what I want to do for my upcoming anniversary.  I will be starting my 25th year as a married woman, it's hard to believe that it took me so long to share myself and my husband with others.  I'm thinking something like maybe go to the swing club and get fucked by as many as I can find.  Suck me some cock, I'm hoping to find me a nice 9 or 10 incher.  Then when I'm taking a break I will watch my hubby putting it to someone and maybe even join in with them.  The best part is we also celebrate my birthday at the same time.  It doesn't really matter that my birthday is the week before.  Sleep in a little in the morning and see if I can find me a good morning stiffy.  Then a little shopping, a good dinner and off to meet our swing f! riends that live in the next state.  We will play the rest of the day and most of the night until we are all exhausted.  Now that's my idea of a great birthday/anniversary celebration.  Just remember everybody....I LOVE getting gifts.  Of all kinds.


Hello everybody. I'm so happy you stopped by to visit. I'd like to let you know that my second video has been posted. You will see me masterbate myself to full on ecstasy. And my purple toy is the highlight of the day. Check out the video and let me know what you think. I am so looking forward to my next one. It would be great if you would send me any suggestions that you have. I know someone out there would love to see me performing their every desire. 


December already.  I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted.  I have been really busy with my site and making my members happy.  I posted a new video and have had real good success with that.  I will be making a new video very soon.  I also have been looking for more people to shoot with.  I sure hope I can find a great place to take pics.  I will be doing a set for the upcoming holiday very soon and I', excited about that.  I have been playing a lot with my swinger friends and looking for places to take pics.  I would like all my members to e-mail me and let me know if you have any ideas for new picture sets.  I do have a few ideas and I'm really excited to get them done just for all my favorite members/fans.  There is one thing that I love to do and its making all my members/fans hard, horny, and happy.

As the year is closing out I reflect back on everything that has happened this year.  My website went live in July and boy have I been busy.  Most of the summer I spent at the nudist campground and that was a blast.  I met so many great people and soon along with my husband  became a swinger.  Went to my first swing club and soon after had my first threesome.  Met a great couple and have fun with them on a regular basis.  Went to a hotel party and had someone eating out my kitty while I sucked off another guy and watched my hubby putting it to one of the girls.  Came real close to my first female encounter and as the new year approaches am looking forward to pursuing that adventure.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a Happy Horny New Year!!!!

Hugs and Kisses.....Karrina

January just flew by and it's already February.  I spent lots of time snowed in having some fun with my photo shoots.  All that snow really put a cramp in my playtime.  I did make it to the swing club once and had a great time.  Lots of big juicy cocks for me to suck.  Participated in a wet t-shirt contest and that was a blast.  The judges didn't know what to think of my pierced 38DD's.  Me and the other girls had lots of fun playing with each others tits during the contest.  One of them even sucked a little on my big TaTa's.  Got some pointers on pole dancing too.  I got so wet watching the girls up there dancing.  Still waiting on my first f/f experience. 

February the month of LOVE!!! I want all the loving I can get. Who is ready to make my dreams cum true? I will take all cummers. Just jump on board the Karrina train. Take me to wonderful ecstasies. I will give you everything you are waiting for!!! Your pleasures are my enjoyment.

March is almost over and I can say that it's going out like a lion.  Spent the weekend partying with a 28 year old stud, one of our swinging couple friends and the hubby.  Wow what a blast that was, hours and hours of fucking, sucking and squirting.  Everyone was having such a good time we didn't want it to end.  We got up the next day and did it all over again, or should I say did each other all over again.  I am so ready for spring to get here.  We are busy getting the camper ready for set up at the nudist resort.  Fun in the sun is exactly what I need after a long, cold, snowy winter. I hope you are all looking forward to many pics of me outside this year.  I love being in the sun and playing in the water. 

If you haven't heard all my members get a free live video chat with me.  I just completed one with a long time member and we both had a great time.  After you join my site just sent me an email and I will! get your video chat set up.  I love having fun with my members.

Hugs and Kisses Karrina

Wow, I've been so busy.  Had a couple of firsts, my first house party and my first college boy.  That was such a blast.  When I didn't have one in my kitty, I had one in my mouth and in my hand.  As soon as one guy "got off", another one jumped in for his turn.  Around and around we went for about 5 hours.  Then we took a pizza break and went right back to having great sex.  I'm still waiting for the day when I can get some pics of one of these great parties. 

We bought a camper, one that was featured in pic set 34, 37 and the upcoming 100.  Now when the weather finally gets warm we will be going to the nudist resort for naked fun in the sun.  The swinging lifestyle is fantastic and I have met many great friends and some good lovers.  I can spend the weekend dancing, drinking and having a great time with my friends.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a meet a new couple.  I had so much fun.  I even got to experience my first f/f.  Daddy went with me and it was so much fun.  I got to see Daddy fucking the girl while she was eating my pussy and then I leaned back and sucked the guys cock.  A four-some, everybody should have as much fun as I did.  Now I just need to have e some fun with more people.  I'm looking forward to my first gang bang. 

Also I am wanting to get aa photographer/model to do some picture sets and videos.  If you can take pics of me that would be great too.

This girls has been really busy. Wow what a weekend, Daddy and I played with a new couple and spent the whole weekend twisted up together with them. Daddy and I met this couple at the campground. I had me some young strange.  They are both 28 and a mixed race couple. She is a fine beautiful sweet African American hottie and he is a well hung white guy. Her nice firm B cup breast were so soft and just the right mouthful for me.  We started with a little 69, me and her just eating, licking and sucking until we both screamed together while we came. Then off to take care of our Daddys. I sucked her man while she sucked mine. Daddy told me I did a great job.  Then we took a little break and went to the pool to play in the water.  Splashing around and teasing each other and having so much fun.  It was then time to get ready for the dance.  Daddy and I went back with them to their RV and climbed on and ate her pussy while Daddy fucked me ! doggie.  Her man got so excited. When Daddy finished, Daddy told him he could jump right in and he took my used married pussy.  She looked so hot at the dance I couldn't wait to get her back to the camper and get me some more of her.  I got my chance soon enough.  After the dance we went to the after party and had a great time with new friends and old friends.  I got to take her right there in front of everyone at the party.  Daddy and I spent all weekend with them either in their RV or our camper with a few breaks for rest at the pool or at the dance.  I have been talking to her since then and they are planning on cumming up again this weekend.  I can't wait.

Camping at the clothing optional resort has been so much fun this summer.  Daddy and I have met many sexy people.  We have spent the whole summer camping there every weekend.  But the best part is we have been playing with all kinds of people.  I got my pussy ate out by a friend that we met there.  She is a beautiful girl and she really know how to eat pussy.  I can't wait until she cums back to camp so I can eat her pussy.  I've been told that I'm a real good pussy eater too.  She has nice firm breasts and I can't wait to get my lips on her lips and her titties. 

A couple of weekends ago we met a truck driver that stopped off at camp to check it out.   To my surprise Daddy told him to met us at the camper.  Daddy said I could suck his cock.  And you all know how much I love to suck cock.  I couldn't wait to rip his clothes off and put my lips around his nice thick cock.  I sucked his c! ock and un my tongue up and down his cock and balls.  It wasn't long before I tasted his precum and then I was loving it as he was squirming and writhing as I plunged my mouth balls deep down my throat.  I love the feeling of a cock deep in my throat while I'm sucking and sucking.  His cock was throbbing as I moved up and down on his bulging member.   When he exploded I took his cum all down my throat, I love the taste of cum, yummy!  I sucked that cock clean and proceeded to suck him hard again.  Daddy said I did good.  Then I told that truck driver to "FUCK ME !!"  He climbed on my hot, wet pussy and pounded me good for about 45 minutes.  It was so exciting to me to have a stranger cum over so I could suck and fuck him.  Daddy is so good to me.  I can't wait until he brings over another stranger for me to fuck and suck.  Then I can show everybody what a good sub-slut I really am. 

This weeke! nd my hottie bi friend will be cumming to camp again.  I'! m gettin g excited just thinking about it.  We love to dance together playing with each other and then go back to the camper for some hot pussy sucking and eating.  It makes me wet just thinking about it.  Stay tuned in and find out what happens.

Summer is coming to a close quickly.  I have been busy meeting new people and having fun.  I got my first tattoo and ate my first pussy.  Every weekend has been spent camping at the clothing optional resort.  So much fun was had, I'm not sure where to start.  So I will just tell you about one of my favorites. 

In late August Daddy and I went up to the main building to take a shower.  Another camper was just finishing her shower.  When Daddy and I were done taking our shower she walked up and asked me if we'd like to play.  Immediately I said "yes".  Daddy and I took Cheri back to our camper. It took no time at for the 3 of us to jump into bed.  Cheri and I were busy making out.  She is a very good kisser.  I loved licking and nibbling on her firm titties.  Daddy was eating her pussy and she was squirming all over the bed.  I was still busy kissing her nice moist lips and wonderful titti! es.  Cheri came over and over.  When she could take no more Daddy started eating my pussy.  It was her turn to nibble on my titties.  She tenderly kissed my neck and down to my big 38DD's.  After I came multiple times we all took a smoke break.  Then it was time for Cheri and I to puff on something else.  Daddy just loved having 2 sexy ladies sucking his cock at the same time.  I love licking and sucking balls so while Cheri was sucking Daddy's cock, I was sucking his balls.  Then we traded and I had Daddy's cock deep in my throat while Cheri was sucking and licking his balls.  Daddy shot is huge load right down my throat.  Then of course I licked his cock clean.  All this licking and sucking just made everyone all hot and horny and no one wanted to stop.  With Cheri on her back Daddy started fucking her, he was really slamming her good.  I wanted to join in so while Daddy was fucking her, I was licking a! nd sucking on her clit.  OMG, she really started moaning.!   I could tell she was loving this.  She just kept saying you two make a great team.  Her pussy tasted really sweet too.   Once Daddy shot his load in her pussy, I right away got down and ate all of that yummy cum out of her pussy.  Then of course I went and sucked and licked Daddy's still hard cock clean again.  Everyone was well spent and exhausted.  After another smoke break and some replenishment of fluids we started all over again.  Cheri spent the night with us in our bed that night.  We didn't get much rest but we all had a great time.

The holidays are upon us.  I hosted Thanksgiving for a large group of friends and family.  One of Daddy's long time friends stopped over hours before the meal.  Not much was ready so I was cooking in the kitchen when he arrived.  It had been years since Daddy had seen Jared.  I was dressed up for the occasion in a long black dress with stockings and heels.  Daddy and Jared caught up and Jared asked Daddy about my collar.  Daddy told Jared to ask me what I am.  Like the good sub slut, I told Jared.  "I'm a cock sucking, cum loving sub slut".  Daddy told me to show Jared, so I lifted up my dress.  I wasn't wearing any panties for better access.  I bent over the table and asked Jared to fuck me.  Jared entered my pussy with his fine, hard 9" cock.  Daddy was watching and the harder he fucked me the wetter I got.  Then Daddy started fucking my mouth.  I love having a cock in my mouth and one in my pu! ssy.  Jared shot his load deep in me.  And of course being the good slut. I then sucked and licked Jared clean while Daddy fucked my ass.  Again, one in my mouth and one in my ass.  Love it!!!!  We were just finishing up when the family started showing up.  What a great way to kick off the holidays.


It's December and things are getting busy.  I'm looking forward to meeting new people and having lots of cock and pussy before the holiday.  We did meet a very fun couple.  It wasn't long before we were all naked and having a real good time.  I love it when there is 4 people on one bed.  I can reach over and grab me some titty while he eats my pussy.  And she can suck my titty while her hubby fucks me.  I love to watch Daddy fuck her and then I suck his cock clean.  This couple was so fun and now we talk to them everyday.  We can't wait to get with them again.  I'm gonna lick her clit while Daddy fucks her.  She is going to scream and squirt.  I can't wait to make out with her while the guys watch.  Maybe even get out the double headed dildo for us too.


12/22/14. With Christmas just a few days away I wanted to Thank all my great members and fans for everything you've given me.  

Friday Daddy took me to a bar to pick up some strange cock.  He choose the guy and I approached him dressed in all my sexiness.  After moments of flirting I slid my hand down his crotch and started rubbing his cock.  Daddy picked a good one for me.  It wasn't long before I could feel his cock growing as I kissed his lips and neck.  I whispered in his ear, "let's get out of here".  As we walked out of the bar I explained to him our proposal.  At first he was a little hesitant but all I had to do was grab his cock and he was ready.  I rode in his car while Daddy followed us to a hotel.  We already had a room booked so we went right in and got busy.  I peeled off his snug fitting jeans.  His cock was huge and throbbing already.  I couldn't wait to get his cock in my mou! th.  Down deep I took that fine cock in my mouth, all the way to the balls.  It was just a short time until I could taste his pre cum and knew he wasn't going to last a long time.  In and out, deeper and deeper as I ran my tongue all over his member.  When I knew he could stand no more I told him, now fuck my married pussy.  He climbed on me and started long slow, deep thrusts.  As he got faster, I told him to lie down, I wanted a ride.  Daddy asked me "what are you?". I screamed " a slut!" as I bounced on that hard, swollen cock.  I told Rick to cum for me baby!  Cum in my married pussy!!!  Faster and faster I bounced my ass up and down.  Then just before I thought he was ready, I told him to fuck me doggy.  When he shoved his thick cock in my married pussy, I said "no pound me hard, this slut wants a good fucking!!!". All I could do was scream over and over fuck me, fuck my married pussy!!!  He shot his big ! load deep inside me just as I reached orgasm and exploded in e! cstasy.  Then I sucked and licked his cock clean.

What a great pre-Christmas gift!!  Daddy knows what his slut likes.  After Rick left I thanked Daddy and he took back HIS married pussy.  I sucked his cock clean tasting both loads of cum.  Yummy!!!!

March 16, 2015

I think its time for us to have another house party.  But I didn't tell you about the last one we hosted.  It was just after Christmas last year.  2 of our favorite couples joined us.  We started with a little game of Jenga.  I love pulling the tile that said lick a pussy.  And even better when they told me that I really know how to eat pussy!!  It wasn't long before we were all on the floor in the living room fucking and sucking each other.  Then the daisy chain, that was so much fun.  I got to watch Daddy with 2 women at once and then he told me to take both the other guys on at once.  After a short rehydration break everybody jumped back in and played for hours.  I enjoyed eating out both women and once while I was being pounded by a big 10 inch cock.  I drained every cock that night.  When everyone was totally spent we all fell into a satisfied sleep together on the floor, me with many lo! ads of cum in me and on me.  What a great night!!!!


So after a yummy meal at one of our favorite restaurants Daddy, Dale, Charlotte and I went back to our place.  The sex was fantastic and everyone was ready to turn in for the night.  Daddy told me I was going home with Dale. Dale told Charlotte that she would stay with Daddy.  Luckily Dale lives close to us.  After a short ride to Dale's house I joined Dale in his marital bed.  Dale and I played until the wee hours of morning.  His cock was big and thick, just like Daddy.  I had no problem taking the whole thing deep in my throat.  Sucking and licking as I deep throated to the base then licking his balls with his throbbing cock in my throat.  I swallowed his huge load and sucked that cock clean.  Dale then climbed between my legs for a feast.  His hot tongue felt so good on my bulging clit.  It wasn't long til this slut squirted all over Dale.  I took his cock back in my mouth getting him hard all over again. &! nbsp;Dale rode me doggy style thrusting his cock slowly at first so I could enjoy his deep thrusts.  Then harder and faster deeper and deeper.  We both came so hard and long!!!  Dale and I fell asleep fast.  In the morning Dale took me home to Daddy.  As soon as I got home Daddy and I jumped right in bed.  Daddy took me like it was the first time all over again.  What a great experience!!!



Great start to vacation and camp week.  I'm so excited to be back in camp again.  Even though we are here almost every weekend, lol.  This week is special.  Lots of fun planned.  And by that I mean lots of people to meet and party with and of course LOTS & LOTS of cock and pussy for me.  Daddy has plans for this horny slut.  Keep watching for updates.

Kisses..... Karrina


Good morning, another fabulous weekend at my favorite place on earth, Happy Camp.  Daddy and I did meet lots of old friends and made some new hook ups with new one too.  This vacation has started out to be one of the best for this slut.  I've been a really good girl and Daddy is so proud of me.  He even let me eat some of the best tasting pussy I've ever had!!  Can't wait to get some more of that.