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Wow, the last contest was a real doozy.  Thanks to all of you who submitted entries.  You will see me posing in the winner's shoot in the near future. 

Now it's time for another contest.  This one will run for the next several months.  Do you have a special site where you would like me to do a shoot?  Or maybe you have a special motorcycle, airplane, boat, or vintage car that you would like me to use for one or several of my updates.  Send pictures of you posing in your "special location" to me.  You will also need to submit your location (Town, State or Province, Country!)  Contest is only open to members of my site!  We will select winners from the entries.  How many winners??  Depends on the number of entries!!.  (we will select at least one winner per month!)

My production team and I will travel to the winner's site and do the work at your location.  Obviously, we can't travel half way around the world, but we can seriously consider anywhere in North America.  Oh, and of course, we would let you help direct the shoot.  Send all entries to

I can't wait to hear from you.

Hugs, Susie Nips