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Phone sex, instruction, and chat.

I love talking on the phone.  I'm a Mistress who loves to instruct, and discipline.  I also indulge in phone sex, wild fantasy, and other hot topics.  Give me a idea of what you crave, and your teacher will make it happen.    Go ahead, you can admit your secret fantasies to me.  I'm easy to talk to. 

First timer?  No worries. Give me a hint about what you like, and I'll take full control.

Are you ready?  Let's go!   Click on the call button above.

My call button will let you know if I am available for chat.   If I am available, then follow Nightflirts instructions, and we'll be talking soon!   If I'm not available, you can ask to be notified when I am, or you can set up a appointment.    Email me anytime at


No jerks.  I love slutty talk, but if you are plain rude, then you will be GONE.

No children.  If I hear children in the background; I'll hang up.  Turn down your TV, because if I feel there is a child there, you are GONE.

No bestiality.

No death, rape, murder or asphyxiation. 

No under-age talk. You must be over 18, 21 in some states.  If you imply that you are younger, you are GONE.

For any of the above reasons I will IMMEDIATELY hang up.

**In general, I'm very OPEN-MINDED**

Email your teacher anytime, at