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Q. Will you do Custom Sets?

A. YES, see my 'Custom' button and email me!


Q. Will you do Custom Videos?

A. YES, I'd LOVE to make your video dream a reality!


Q. How quickly do you reply to email?

A. If I am at my PC I will answer within minutes OR as soon as I can. Failing that, if I have been away - I will definitely answer within 24 hours.

REMEMBER My Members will Always receive PRIORITY



Q. Can I send you a gift?

A. Wow.what a lovely idea! I would LOVE to receive tokens of your affection. You can send me anything you like and I will happily use it in a photo update, see my 'Gifts' page. OR have a look at my 'Wish List' and pick something from there.


Q. What if I can't afford a full Custom Set?

A. IF you become a Member for 3 months or more, I will take your requests and give you 10 bonus pics; these will only be available in the Member's Area.


REMEMBER My Members get 25% OFF Everything AND Custom Sets & Videos are for 'Your Eyes Only' so you can make Your Kinkiest Fantasy Cum True !


Q. How open minded are you?

A. Very little shocks me!  Always ASK - the worst that can happen is I'll say "No Thanks"


Q. Can I meet you?

A. Yes I'd Love to meet my Members and give me a shout if you're in Europe.


Q. Can I buy your Pussy Prints?

A. Yes, of course, I LOVE the idea of my 'Ass Art' adorning your wall.


IF you have ANY questions that are not answered here please feel free to email me.