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Hello and Welcome to my 'Wish List'


To be honest there are so many lovely, sexy and fun things in the world that I find it hard to even start this list!  But I'll give it a go!


All Vibraters / dildos are great fun..I do need ones that are super strong and I run out of batteries regularly..

But I have see ones that you actually fill with water or a liquid of your choice and you can simulate cum..I Love the feeling of being's a BIG turn on for me and I think a Dildo like this would definitely enhance my masturbating experience!


I long for larger breasts...I don't want surgery.but I am taking and always need more "Quick Bust" the natural Breast Enhancement supplement!  It is full of natural plant estrogens and I have to say..I think they are working!


Corsets are another HUGE turn on for me..and they look great in Photo Updates too! So I would LOVE ANY type of boned corset the sexier the better! I wear UK size 10


Lingerie is Always well received..lovely sheer fabrics are the best!


Leather is too sexy for words...I really want a fully boned Leather Corset and a Leather thong! Mmmmmmm Black leather is soooo sexy but Red would be equally as seductive!


I have a 'thing' for Boots as you may well know..It can be rather difficult for me to get boots long enough for my legs.and I am an EU size 43 / 44   (US 10 I think)


Shoes are great too, again if I can get them to fit me!  It is just sooo difficult being so tall..It's almost like some short-arse shoe manufacturer said."Hell you're 5'11" WHY do you need 6" Heels???"   Well I DO.I ADORE walking about and going out standing 6'4" + towering above most other women.and a lot of men too!


I Guess that is what empowers me to feel Dominant and of course I LOVE ALL Dominatrix Outfits..the tighter the better...I would absolutely LOVE a Black Latex Catsuit...Wow that would be something...!


Talking of Latex..Have you seen the Latex Vacuum Beds...this is where my 'switch' tendencies come in...I LOVE the idea of being completely 'helpless' and 'trapped' inside a vacuum bed..all the air is sucked out and the thin rubber is sucked into every crease and every curve is accentuated..It would blow my mind to be in a bed like that to feels hands exploring my body through the material...Every touch sending electric sparks up and down my torso...Oh wow!


Of course I LOVE watching porn and I really like the work of Willie anything like that would be a great gift too.


I have a lot of Fetishes and Fantasies..a big one for me is Ass Play..I Love Anal and I'm not afraid to admit it..I have my eye on some pretty amazing butt plugs. There is this one that inflates while it is inserted!  WOW I Adore that idea and I'd Love to experience it!


What else should I put here on my 'Wish List'..?


Things like cars?  Fine Wine, Champagne? Great Food!? I don't know, do they belong here?


One day I would love to have a Mercedes Sports convertible (the old style, poss.'70s)


I Love Chablis Premier Cru.


I Adore Bollinger NOT Moet.


I would eat Crab, Lobster and Langoustine all day long if I could!  All that zinc really feeds the libido..


Well Thanks for Looking! And if there is anything you think you can help me with email me on